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7 Tips For Your Best Exhibition Stands

Exhibiting is one of the most effective marketing tactics for promoting your brand and products and services. It takes time, money, and resources, not to mention the fact that the day itself can be demanding. Exhibiting, on the other hand, maybe extremely productive and profitable if done right. The most important decision will be the design of your best exhibition stands. There’s a lot of pressure to get every detail of your booth just right so it stands out and makes a good first impression on potential clients. Here are a few best exhibition stands design recommendations to help you get the most attention.

  1. Determine your objectives

It’s critical to clarify your aims and reasons for displaying before you start developing anything, which could include sales generating, product launch, brand awareness, market research, or networking. For a more effective stand, different objectives necessitate diverse and best exhibition stands display designs. You might create a nice-looking stand, but if it doesn’t clearly communicate the capabilities of your products/services or the company’s image and values, you’ve wasted your time and money.

  1. Concentrate on your intended audience

After you’ve decided what you want to accomplish, the next logical step is to choose who you want to reach. Consider the types of people who will be attending the event and create the best exhibition stands that cater to their requirements and desires. Persona mapping is an excellent method for determining who your target audience is. When you know who your ideal customer is, you can make smarter design decisions, right down to the colours you should employ, ensuring that you attract the proper prospects.

  1. Incorporate graphics

People have a short attention span, which is exacerbated by the fact that they have several stands to visit during an exhibition. Images and graphics are more efficient techniques for quickly communicating a complicated message or idea. Keep your signs simple and well-crafted by using life-sized, high-quality photographs. Graphic design isn’t something you want to get wrong. Apart from conveying a message, it also serves as a professional representation of your company. Consider hiring an expert if graphic design isn’t your cup of tea. Make sure your graphics leave an impression and can be seen from afar.

  1. Avoid using a lot of text

To transmit crucial information on your stand, you’ll need to use text. Keep the material short and concise because no one will read long sentences, and jargon may be perplexing in and of itself. Use action verbs or a catchphrase that visitors will remember long after the exhibition is over. Make sure the type is large, clear, and legible from a distance. To avoid being blocked, the writing should be positioned anywhere on the top half of the stand.

  1. Make the most of the available space

Your exhibition stand should make the most of the area you’ve been given. Before the event, confirm the dimensions with the organisers so you know exactly what you’re dealing with. Concentrate on creating a display area with adequate room to move about and that is accessible to everyone, especially people with mobility issues. When entering, make sure there are no obstructions in the way, and keep meeting spaces at the back of the stand. Also, take advantage of the maximum head height and raise your stand for the best visibility.

  1. Make Use of Proper Lighting

For a variety of reasons,  the best exhibition stands require sufficient illumination. For starters, it increases the visibility of your booth from afar, enabling visitors to clearly examine displays and read text, and draws attention to the most significant features of your booth. Depending on the desired consequence, it can also be employed to create a specific ambience. Make sure your display is well-lit, and utilise LED strips or spotlights to draw attention to anything specific, such as a new product. Coloured lighting can also be used to create a distinct tone that sets you apart from other exhibitors.

  1. Make your display interactive

Including interactive activities at your booth is a great approach to getting people’s attention at an exhibition. It makes your booth more interactive and helps visitors to fully immerse themselves in your brand. Adding sound and graphics, providing refreshments, broadcasting live event updates such as online live marketing, and employing event technology such as VR headsets, video material, and AR are all wonderful methods to engage guests. Visitors that are engaged are more likely to linger at your booth longer and ask questions, providing you more opportunities to interact with them.


So, those were the bulk of the engagement concepts that may be incorporated into the design of your show stand. People enjoy interacting, so including interactive components in your exhibition design will help you create a memorable brand experience for your visitors. We’ve provided you with exhibition stand design ideas for your upcoming event. Do get in touch with us if you are planning to have an attractive booth display for your company.

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