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9 – Ways To Drive Traffic to Your Trade Show Booth

The success of your trade show depends on how attractive  your trade show display companies make it for the attendees. Trade show display companies should ensure that they drive attendees to their booths by providing them with a combination of fun and fear of missing out on important aspects which they can achieve or learn by attending your trade show. Lets look at a few ways which will help you to drive traffic to your trade show booth.

  • Food or Refreshments Arrangement

In case you have an exhibit floor that can pose problems from the flow perspective, then you need to give a reason to the people to visit that area. Food or refreshments can be a good source. You can set up lunch or snacks on the lower level. 

  • Create Interest

You can add something to your floor which will make the attendees follow it. Like you can add giant footprints or a path to follow, the attendees will become curious about the direction in which the path takes them. You can show them the path and let people explore your trade booth.  Your sign board and wayfinding should be attractive and clear, few times attendees will not be aware of the fact that they have missed out on a particular part of the event. Trade show display companies should instill some creativity to guide the attendees in a right direction. 

  • Tickets To An Excursion

You can plan to arrange a special party or choose an interesting place for excursion that people will love to visit and will go out of their way to avail the tickets. Trade show display companies can plan to place a ticket booth in that area of your trade show booth where there is less traffic. Interested people will visit the place to avail tickets, you should ensure that all the attendees should know the whereabouts of the ticket counter. 

  • Use Your Most Popular Booth

If you already have a booth that everyone likes, this will be a great opportunity to drive traffic to your booth. Trade show display companies can use their creativity to make the show more appealing to the audience. Like they can give away the cutest stuffed animals or can have a fun prize wheel which will certainly attract the attention of the visitors. 

  • Host A Contest 

You can host a contest for the most creative booth or best giveaway. Your attendees can vote on their favorite booths. Ensure that your staff is directing them to view the whole floor or the multiple levels that you have, so as to make sure that you have the most accurate voting.

  • Move Registration

You can plan to place your table in the middle of your problem area. People generally form  Lines at the registration table and vendors will get a chance to  give people something to look at while they are waiting in a line for completing their registration formalities.

  • Create Fear of Missing Out on Social

Make sure you are sharing tons of images of the vendors. You will have to stage shots together with your staff lined up to talk to them, showing pics of fun things happening may be a good way to inspire people to see it out. You can even broadcast the same to survive socially. By doing this,you will be able to build interest within the area. After all, nobody wants to miss out on the fun. You need to  include your event hashtag and booth numbers whenever it is considered as appropriate for a quick reference.

  • Basics Are Important

Lack of vendor knowledge can prove to be a disadvantage for the success of your trade show booth. Venders should be aware of the effective skills of marketing. You should provide them with a few marketing tips and ideas, so that they will be able to get connected with the potential customers with ease. You can help them in scheduling meetings through your company’s app or reaching out to people in their target market. . 

  • Host a Book Signing

If you have got an outsized name as your keynote and a part of the activities involve a book signing, nobody said it had to be immediately after the keynote. You will host one on the show floor too, just confirm you have got adequate signage to urge people there and remind them on your event app, through text, or through an announcement.


Hosting a trade show is not enough, to make it more successful and drive traffic to your trade show booth, trade show booth companies should ensure the ways in which they can drive traffic to the trade show booth. Following the various tips and tricks provided your company can ensure that you increase the traffic to your trade show booth. 

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