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Benefits of Portable Exhibition Stands

When exhibiting in Europe you will be faced with choosing between building a customized exhibition booth design or renting a modular and portable display to build your space. While customized booths have been preferred by exhibitors in the previous decade, this decade has been quite different. Modular booths are gaining prominence in Europe as brands and organizers are becoming eco-friendly and looking for a replacement for the traditional build and burn booth materials.

Portable trade show displays provide you with cost-efferent alternatives to custom-built exhibition stands. They are very versatile, easy to assemble, and transport, and allow you to have a strong presence at different shows with different space outlines. Let us discuss and outline each of the benefits that modular and portable exhibition stands have over their custom-built counterparts.

They are Affordable

Budget being the common constraint for medium and small-sized businesses, portable exhibition stands to help the company and saves a lot of money due to their reusability and low maintenance. These exhibition stands are lightweight and relatively small compared to custom exhibition stands. You can actually transport a small portable exhibition stand from one place to another in your car. Additionally, portable exhibition stands need not hire professionals to assemble because they can easily be installed and dismantled.

They Are Versatile

Portable exhibition stands and systems are made keeping various design permutations and combinations in mind. What this means is that with 1 kind of system you can explore 10-12 design possibilities. You can assemble them in several ways and that is why they have different looks. They can be used at conferences, executive seminars, product launches, and corporate meetings.

Saves Tour Time

Investing in a portable stand can save you a lot of your precious time. Once you purchase a portable exhibition stand, then you can easily integrate your display signage and graphics. Moreover, you can easily add more accessories like kiosks, light fixtures, monitors, and so on to your exhibition stand. Last but not least, portable exhibition stands can be installed within a few hours. With a portable exhibition stand, you can save not only time but also money. Therefore, you have more time to focus on other important things that need to be done before the start of the show.

Ideal for Small Booth

 If you realize that you will have few employees in the booth, then a large exhibition stand might look odd, so go for a small booth. Also, if the space is large, it will become hard for your staff to attend to all attendees. Portable displays can help end such issues. Their compact size is impeccable for small booths.


Another major advantage of you investing in a portable exhibition stand is that it is lightweight, which makes it easy to transport. Many show organizers charge a ferial charge which is for material handling of your booth structure. Your portable exhibition stand will ensure that this cost remains at a minimum due to its lightweight and compact nature. Their lightweight makes them easy to install and dismantle it with ease.

They are Reusable

You can change the graphics, which means the same stand can be used in various situations with a variety of graphics instead of going for a completely new setup. Reusable hence becomes an added advantage. Also with Europe installing SPI inspections for stand design portable displays and modular exhibition stands are the preferred choices for exhibitors. They are eco-friendly and hence are SPI compliant.

Offers a Wide Range of Display Options for Exhibition Stands

If you think investing in portable exhibition stands means having the same booth design for years at length then you are mistaken. You can innovate with your exhibition booth design as your exhibit is built to have many design possibilities within the same system. Custom trade show stands do not give this benefit as they are made for 1 space only. Therefore, you cannot use the same stand again. However, portable stands can be assembled in different floor plans to serve different occasions.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Portable Exhibition Stand

So, if you are considering using a portable display for your next exhibition in Europe then you should probably look into these 5 important points that can influence your purchase decision.

  1. The ease with which it can be packed or the compactness of the package
  2. Weight of the stand
  3. How easily the portable display can be re-assembled and dismantled.
  4. Quality of the hardware
  5. The Flexibility of the exhibition stand.

If you need assistance in selecting a portable exhibition stand or a modular display system then get in touch with us. We have an experienced team of events and exhibition personnel who have been part of this industry for over 30 years and who understand the functionality as well as aesthetics of exhibition booth designing across the globe.

Happy Exhibiting!


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