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Tips for building a successful international stall design

As an international exhibitor, you will meet people from different languages and cultures, which will have an impact on your exhibition. Contacting the best exhibition stand builders is a part of the job. 

It is important to know that a brand that goes all out for a winning trade show booth design is more likely to meet and exceed its exhibition goals. That is because having a successful international stall design goes hand in hand with attracting more visitors and holding their attention for longer. Therefore, let us look at some of the tips for a successful international stall design.

  • Get There in Time

This may seem obvious, from getting a good parking space to timely installations, and ensuring unwanted materials and personal items are out of sight before the event begins.

It also allows you to locate the restrooms, refreshment counters, and practice your pitch and have a practice run. Use this time to acquaint yourself with the organizers, take a look at other exhibitors.

  • Use Videos and Animations

Using interesting video clips and computer animations can help you capture the focus of plenty of visitors. Display insightful slideshows, bespoke videos on displays, and enjoyable projections when promoting your brand. Interactive screens also can work wonders.

  • Be Hospitable 

Give people a warm welcome with things everyone can agree on. Having coffee or tea, plenty of comfortable seating and fresh-baked cookies can work.

Treat your exhibit as if it is your home. Give off a scent like home-baked cookies and people can’t help but feel welcome. Give your visitors a little bit of generosity and they might just give some back.

  • Deal with Empty and Negative Space

You don’t want your stall to be sparse, so utilize the benefits of leaving empty some space in your booth. Don’t clutter  it with furniture and inventory. When you have this extra space, you can ensure that the customer will remain comfortable when speaking with your representatives. 

  • Know the Surroundings of the Place

If possible, choose a location between trade booth displays with small displays. This will make your stand look outstanding even more from a distance and provide greater visibility. Also, be aware of any poles or columns that may cause sight problems. Remember also to check any variations in the height of the ceiling.

  • Make Use of Interactive Technology

Interactive tech is the best way to attract customers to your stall and engage them while explaining more about your products and services. 

There is a range of interactive technologies which you can bring to your booth: interactive screens with product information, digital games, displays with maps or statistics, VR, and so on. Many trades show these days also have their app, which you can use to send notifications about your product, special offers and events.

By creating an exhibition stall that innovative, on-brand, interactive and attractive space for your customers, you are sure to maximize your presence at the exhibition, promoting your business and eventually growing sales and revenue.

  • Study your Competitors

Another way to create an international stall design that stands out and wins awards is to analyze your competitors and try to outdo them. Knowing who you are competing with will give you and your design team a good idea of how to go about your design strategy. 

Look at the list of exhibitors at the event and research them. You can find out what your competitors did in previous exhibitions. It will help you to gauge the standards that can be expected at the upcoming event and create an exhibition stall design that is competitive. Or you can simply let your exhibition stall design agency do this work for you.

Experienced stall design agencies routinely perform a thorough competitor analysis to know how they can design unique exhibition stalls. Relying on such agencies can help you to build a stall design that doesn’t look like any other.

A business that is seeking to attract large numbers of visitors, or leads to their products or services to their exhibition stalls, must have a distinctive and inspiring international stall design. For more details about international exhibition ideas, contact us

Happy Exhibiting! 


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