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Come 2020, the year when the great world expo was scheduled to make the world spin faster, everything came to a standstill due to Covid-19. Coping, we set the new rules for conducting trade exhibitions, trade expos and new regulations for trade show stand design and build. This article explores how to have a safe exhibition booth design for your trade expos in 2021 


Conducting Trade Exhibitions and Events Safely in a Post Covid-19 World

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According to the dashboard of the World Health Organization, as on 15th  September 2020, there have been 29,155,581 confirmed cases of COVID-19, including 926,544 deaths, reported to WHO. The severity of the situation and its impact on the trade exhibitions industry, especially the trade show stand design and build companies, is not lost to us. However, like all things that mankind has overcome, this too shall pass. And even in case it doesn’t, we can definitely think of strategies to help us restart the wheels of commerce to once again have trade expos in 2021 flourishing.

This is a heartfelt message given out jointly by the Presidents of International Association of Convention Centres (AIPC), the International Congress and Convention Association (ICCA) and the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry (UFI)

“The COVID-19 pandemic has stopped our industry in its tracks. Our thoughts are with everyone affected by this, around the world. As societies and economies suffer from the fallout, we have a very important role to play for the recovery. Our industry builds and runs the market places and the meeting places of the world. We connect experts, sectors, and industries. We are the fastest of all fast tracks to drive the much-needed economic recoveries around the world. We can do that! Conventions, conferences, exhibitions, and trade shows are not generic “mass gatherings” – they are organised industry gatherings. We have shown time and again already that we can put health & safety measures in place to provide the right environment for people to meet.”



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Guidelines for Conducting Trade Expos in 2021 post Covid-19

Some of the smarter guidelines, to reboot the trade exhibitions industry as a whole that we have gleaned from our extensive research are as follows:

  • Follow authorities’ guidelines and ensure that you hire an experienced booth setup company who proactively wants to ensure safety of your and their staff at all times.
  • Prepare by a restart-team consisting of staff with multidisciplinary expertise. The task of the team is to look over the event path of the clients as precisely as possible and make it safe down to the last detail.
  • For instance, hygiene products and services, safety distances and effective communication will be reviewed. In order to ensure safety, entirely new ways will also be discussed.
  • Risk groups should have their own visiting hours in the beginning of the exhibition day if it is possible
  • To communicate digitally about visiting flows in real time and thus prevent rush times at events.
  • Preparation includes effective cooperation with restaurant, cleaning and other partners.
  • When activities start again, clients are informed about safety effectively, through several channels and well in advance. Preliminary information about preparations is even now updated continuously.
  • If we can regulate and control systematically the high touch point areas then this system can become the new norm for all event related activities.
  • Make sure that your exhibition booth design, may it be a simple exhibit rental option or a complex custom tradeshow booth, is compliant with social distancing norms, has a foot-handled sanitiser and has adequate masks in case some visitor is not carrying his/hers.
  • Ensure that your exhibition booth design layout has its discussion areas far from each other such that people are well spaced out. While this might not be possible in small 10×10 booth designs but you can ensure that you follow this for 20×20 booths and up.

A Case of the 1st Covid-19 Safe Trade Exhibition Space Globally

We can all also take some of the guidelines as followed by the First Covid Safe exhibition space in the world. Brussels expo has worked to become the 1st trade expo centre in the world that will resume operations keeping Covid-19 safety precautions in place.

The trade exhibition centre has planned to equip its sprawling 120,000 m2 space with germicidal air purifiers; this solution sees great applicability across events and exhibitions spaces worldwide.

An exceptional crisis calls for exceptional means: to counter the colossal deficit caused by the coronavirus crisis and enable the more than 80,000 people employed by the events sector to get back into the fray, brussels trade exhibition centre is rolling out a major initiative.

“We have decided to equip ALL our spaces with a new technology capable of killing pathogenic germs” explains, Denis Delforge, CEO Brussels Expo. “This decision underlines a real commitment to initiate the revival of the events sector which has been in the doldrums since 19 March, while ensuring optimal health conditions for our clients, exhibitors, visitors, suppliers, partners and employees. From the exhibition facilities and the concert venue Palais 12, to the meeting rooms, offices, access corridors, backstage facilities and toilets, ALL of Brussels Expo will as of June 2020 be equipped with UV-C purifiers which are very effective against pathogenic organisms, in particular viruses and other diseases of bacterial origin. UV-C purifiers are used to disinfect hospital rooms, operating theatres, ambulances, and public transport particularly against COVID-19. The purifiers ordered use a combination of technologies that make them suitable for use in the presence of the public: the UVC lamps are encased in TiO2-coated catalyst plates and generate germicidal irradiation through a photocatalytic oxidation reaction. This effective process eliminates pathogens, viruses and bacteria from the air and surfaces. This precaution is taken in addition to the required regulations for the sector (use of masks, disinfecting gel, limitation and organization of the flow of visitors, etc.)”

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Best exhibition stand designs
Best exhibition stand designs

By adopting this proactive measure, the Belgian market leader in terms of exhibition facilities is assuming the role of pioneer in its field to the full.  It is also in pole position for the announced reboot.

While Europe has always been in the forefront of the exhibitions industry globally, back home here in USA we are not lagging far behind. A lot of our tradeshow and convention centres have already started exhibitions and the Las Vegas Convention Centre where our company builds maximum booths has also followed heed and put in a number of precautions for safe trade shows post Covid-19.

If you are in two minds about your exhibition participation for the latter half of 2020 or beginning 2021, then do get in touch with our experts via the ‘Contact Us’ page and we can help put your troubles at ease.

Happy Exhibiting!



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