Creating Memorable Brand Experiences
With Your Displays for Trade Shows

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Your trade show display/ exhibit rental/ exhibition booth design speak a lot about
your brand and the products that it offers. Do it right the first time.

Select an exhibit rental display that is in line with your brand language or customise a display design so that your customers do not feel any disconnect. This article explores some of the key points one should keep in mind while making the decision of selecting amongst the many options of displays for trade shows that are available in the US market.


Creating Memorable Brand Experiences With Your Displays
for Trade Shows

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Exhibiting at a convention is an amazing way to have face-to-face conversations with possible prospects and get more discernibility for your brand. On a crowded convention floor, however, it can be a tiring task to stand out from the competition. Here are some important points you should keep in mind when you select or design displays for trade shows, specifically in the US market.



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We provide you with quite 150 fair rental booth designs to settle on from including modular and customized, add-on feature integrated and fully customized booth designs.

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We help you convert the virtual image of your own booth design into reality for your exposition with our team of over 50 skilled professionals.

Best exhibition stand designs

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Our booth displays are reusable and affordable. you'll use an equivalent rental booth across the various trade shows.

Best exhibition stand designs

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Get meaningful and attractive brand graphics to feature value to your fair booth rentals.

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We build your booth displays at a production unit using leading-edge technology.

Best exhibition stand designs

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Digital is everything today, we assist you to build meaningful brand experience using technologies

Best exhibition stand designs

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Our on-ground experts provide you with complete support for the installation, monitoring, and dismantling of your booth rentals.

Best exhibition stand designs

Quality Execution Assured

Ideally, your marketing team would like to steer beyond any performance risk before the trade show. What quite quality assurance do you have to anticipate? At, we adopt a dual-stage demonstration policy. We do mockup of your display booth rentals first thenthe booth structure goes on site after thorough quality inspection for final execution.

Best exhibition stand designs

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Out transparency policy and our principals is to have fixed price for all, and also a constant practice to have complete control overhead assures you of having right value for your money, due to high volume of business we can offer better brice to each of our client

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1. Start By Establishing Your Goals for the Trade Show

A convention offers an ideal audience of people who are already absorbed in and maybe even actively looking for the products or services you have to propose. Even better, a large number of attendees at a customary convention lets you connect with many more potential leads than you would generally reach in a few days’ time. It will help to define why you want to participate at a particular trade fair. Is it to generate sales, it is to create brand awareness, is it to launch a new product or is it to promote an existing product line? All these questions might seem simple, but they will help you make decisions at the later stage and even help with defining a budget for the trade exhibition.

2. Make Strategic Decisions About Where to Exhibit

Exhibiting at a convention gives benefits that no other form of endorsing can offer. However, when choosing which conventions or other professional events to participate in, it’s crucial to keep your potential return on investment at the forefront of your planning. For example, you might be a pharmaceutical company that deals in products for HIV +ve patients. From the 1000 pharmaceutical conferernces that happen in the year you should choose the one that is most relevant for you, eg. AIDS Conference 2021. This will ensure that you put up displays at trade shows that are most important for your brand and you will also have better budgets if you focus on 3-4 trade shows annually rather than 12-15. 

3. Market Your Exhibit in Advance via Pre-Event Promotions

One of the best ways to enhance your brand at a convention is to let people know where you’ll be. In addition to posting announcements and updates on your website and social media accounts, you can send custom invitations to all of your contacts who are expected to be in attendance. Make sure to add your booth location and contact information. The easiest way to let people know that you will be present at a trade fair is to integrate it into all your employees’ email signatures. This way, everyone who ever gets an email from your company will know of your trade fair participations. You can even go 1 step ahead and add a photo of your display for the trade show so that they can recognise your booth the minute they see it, even from a distance.

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4. Research Your Typical Trade Show Audience

Like any other form of marketing, producing leads at an exhibition relies on a deep understanding of your audience. The first step in getting to know your audience is to explore the event itself. Know more about past and present themes, keynote speakers, conference sessions, and exhibitors. These specifics will give you an idea of who the event is aiming at and what types of attendees are participating. Many exhibitors attend the exhibition as visitors for years before the choose to become an exhibitor. This is one of the most effective ways of whetting the show to see if your target audience is interested in the show and if the show will work for your brand.

5. Train the Team that Handles Your Display for Trade Shows

The representatives who talk to visitors in your booth are the most impactful facet of your brand experience. First of all, staff members should symbolise your brand by wearing branded apparel and a name badge. Guests need to know whom to enquire for information. It’s vital to choose a team of people who can keep up an affable and enthusiastic conduct for hours at a time. Your manpower at the booth should be genuinely interested in the visitors needs and be able to on-the-spot customise a solution that will help the visitor. This is exactly why the person who handles your display for trade shows should be someone who is senior enough to make prompt decisions and knowledgeable enough to understand how your products can be the answers to the visitors’ questions.   

6. Design Your Exhibition Booth with Brand Experience In Mind

The aim of any booth design should be two-fold: you need to draw attention, and you need to provide a high-quality, memorable brand experience. While venues can win half the battle for visitors’ attention, you also need to integrate design elements that will make your exhibition booth design stand out. You also need to make sure that your brand is evident in all aspects of your trade show booth design. Display colours, logos, and images that symbolise your brand and leave a lasting impression on visitors.

You can also use technology to enhance your brand experience for customers. Tablets combined with noise-cancelling or noise-reducing headphones are a great way to provide digital slide shows, videos, games, and other content that will give users an opportunity to learn about your brand. 

With the information you garner from these sources, you can recognise what facets of your inclusive strategy and brand experience worked well, and what you can work on. By consistently fine-tuning your exhibit and steering each unique audience, you’ll be able to capitalise your return on investment and make an enduring impact on your potential customers. So next time you dwell on which is the perfect display for tradeshows, do keep all of the above points in mind.

Happy Exhibiting!


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