Exhibition Booth Design Ideas -Less is More

Why Exhibition Booth Design Ideas-Less is More

We always have this wrong perception that to design a perfect tradeshow, we need to incorporate many things, all at one at the trade show. However, designing also means making extra use of your space and to make it look bigger. So when you use a lot of stuff at a trade show booth, your booth automatically looks small and messy.

Here are some tips on how to design your booth perfectly:

  • Declutter the graphics

Designing your signage is the first and foremost thing to do while designing your booth design. So when you design that signage leaves a lot of space. Just use some graphics and write things that define your brand but nothing more than that, or else your signage won’t do much work for your brand.

  • Furnishing Choices

Your furnishing choices must be on the basis of your Stand design. When you have a small sized booth, make sure you are more selective and careful while designing your booth. The old “rule of thirds” often applies in these situations, whereby you limit the design elements to three areas, such as an information table, a product area, and your sales area.

  • Keep the Lighting simple

While designing you must be specific about the kind of lighting you want to employ at your trade show booth. Never even think of using both warm and cool lights at a single place. Remember, contrasting colours is the real deal here. Consider using bright colours to your booth to display products and also use strategic lighting to display highlights about your brand.

  • Hanging Structures at Your Exhibition Booth

Suspended objects is a great way of seeking the attention of people. Doing such things are unique and that’s why more people come to your booth and that’s when they connect to your brand and stay focused on your products.

Incorporating the minimalist design doesn’t mean that your trade show is eliminating key things from your trade show. It just means that you know what are the effective things you need at your booth and also giving extra space for suitable footing for visitors.

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