How to Assemble a Strong Trade Show Event Team

How to Assemble a Strong Trade Show Event Team

It is the performance of the trade show team of your company that determines how much leads you to capture at the end, the total revenue you have collected from it, and how successful it really was. Trade show stand design teams often underperform at a trade show because of his management and underperforming trade show team members.

Here is how you can assemble a strong trade show stall design team:

  • Hiring the right people

While hiring the right kind of people, it will not just involve the ones who are talented or the ones with a much better than CV but the ones who are open to flexibility, adaptability and have problem-solving skills. Asking questions like  “Can you give an example of how you’ve handled a big change at work?”, “Have you worked an event that failed in some way? If so, how would you have done things differently?”. The way they will answer these questions will help you make up your mind about who really are the right ones for the job.

Hiring contractors and remote staff might be a smart move by you but what really matters is whether they can keep up with each other or not. The best way is to use technology. Using project management tools like Asana, G Suite, helps the teams to be connected.

  • Invest in Volunteers

Volunteers are absolutely essential to an event but there are times when they just don’t turn up. That’s why investing in them is very much required and making a strong team by taking the right kind of people and not just taking everyone or already making everyone feel important is how you are going to make it work.

Nothing feels better than creating a strong event team that will go the extra mile just for you and your brand. So do the necessary and make sure you get hold of the right people.

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