Smart Ways to Increase Attendee Visits to Your Booth

Smart Ways to Increase Attendee Visits to Your Booth

Very often, an exhibition company can find itself struggling with gaining proper ROI or attendee numbers, even though it has a strong exhibition stall designer  plan. This is because they forgot to implement smarter ideas to maximize their booth’s visibility and gain visitor numbers. ROI refers to return on investment, which simply put, means what are you getting back for the amount of money you’ve invested into the entire event. For most exhibitors, that is the number of leads generated during the event.

However, if you don’t incorporate smarter ideas, that can be difficult. Here are some smart ways to increase the attendee visits to your booth:

Engage More Senses than Visual Alone – When trade show attendees walk into the exhibit hall, they’re bombarded with a dizzying array of visuals.  Where do they turn to first? Capture their attention immediately and engage more of their senses such as smell, hearing, and touch.  By targeting more senses, your trade show booth has a higher chance of standing out among the crowd. In the morning, many people are still sleepy-eyed wandering the exhibit hall.  Give them a reason to visit your trade show booth by offering hot coffee. The smell of coffee wafting across the exhibit hall captures people’s attention, particularly when the line at Starbucks or the convention center’s food court is out the door.  Coffee can be a powerful way to engage people’s sense of smell, offer comfort and relief to weary show attendees, and spark up a conversation.

Invite Your Customers to a Happy Hour on the First Day – Everyone knows that if you want to increase traffic or increase sales, you need to prime the pump. In this case, that means inviting your customers to come to say hi.  Since they deal with you on a fairly frequent basis as it is, give them a reason to stop by and make your trade show booth look like it’s the spot to be. Host an open bar on the very first day.  As people pass by, they’ll see the alcohol, see the crowd, and wander right on up where you can scan their badge, hand them a cold drink and engage them in some low-pressure conversation. Customers will be grateful for the face time and the opportunity to voice any concerns or requests they have of your team and prospects will be impressed you have so many satisfied customers in your trade show booth. 

Your customers are your best way to show trade show attendees and target prospects why they need to stop by your trade show stall design.

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