SECRET of the STATISTICS: Numbers to Know About Trade Shows

The Secret of the Statistics: Numbers to Know About Trade Shows

Exhibition events cover more than half of a company’s marketing strategies. Some companies plan for the exhibition events all year long and the truth is, it’s worth all their planning.

Booth design exhibitors usually have 3 aims when they participate in an exhibition:

  1. Brand awareness
  2. Lead generation to promote sales
  3. Relationship building

To win the trust of your customers, make new ones, and create awareness of your brand it’s advised you take part in exhibitions every quite often.

Here are some of the statistics that will show you why trade shows are important for your brand:

Exhibition events ROI is not only easy to evaluate but is often higher than other mediums. Established trade shows have the audience in place. Exhibiting in such trade shows with a true value proposition can do wonders for your sales.

According to sources, 99% of marketers said that they found a unique marketing value that they never found in any other marketing medium. It shows in terms of marketing how much of importance a tradeshow is for a brand.

81% of Booth design tradeshow attendees come to a tradeshow with buying authority. To sum it up, 81% of people are buyers in a tradeshow or so as studied by some sources.  This means you get a lot of opportunities to gain new customers and generate leads.

78% of trade show attendees travel more than 400 miles to attend an exhibition. This means if you are exhibiting in Europe, you get the international audience just by being in your own country. There’s just a no better way to make your brand international with the least of efforts.

An average attendee spends around 8.3 hours viewing exhibition booth stand at an exhibition. This means you get plenty of time to build a relationship of trust and promise with the attendees and turn them into one of your leads.

These are the numbers that speak for themselves. So if you are thinking to overlook the importance of a trade show, think again!

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