Pre Show- logistics

Guide for Pre-Show Logistics

Shipping and logistics are some of the most important aspects of a trade show and they hold huge financial implementations. While it is most likely that your exhibition stall designer will be taking care of most of it, some parts of your booth or maybe parts of your product must be shipped by you.

To help you out, here is our definitive guide to trade show logistics:

  • Determine the shipping method: The first thing you need to figure out is how to ship your items to the trade show venue. If it’s lightweight then it’s always recommended to ship it by yourself and save money. But if it contains delicate and fragile parts, it is important that you contact the professionals.
  • Carefully pick the carrier: If you have to hire a carrier, be extremely vigilant before actually picking one. Thoroughly interview them and verify any references they provide you. Always engage with multiple service providers and compare their backgrounds as well as their financial demands. Always clearly explain all the services you might need and tell the Exhibition stand contractors to quote accordingly so that you don’t get struck by surprise bills after the trade show. Also, always reach out to the Exhibition stall designer organizers to know if they have any official carrier for the event. They can save you a significant amount of money via discounts and other facilities.
  • Always go with advanced warehouse: Instead of shipping to the show floor directly, it is recommended to store your goods in an advanced warehouse first. It can save both your time and money and there will be very little to no chance of slip-ups during the final delivery to the show floor.

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