Trade Show Marketing with Selfies

Trade Show Marketing with Selfies

It is an obvious fact that the selfie has now become a dominating trend in the world of social media, where we see Instagram and Facebook feeds filled with selfies and hashtags. Seeing the dominance of this particular trend, every exhibition company is now starting to notice and incorporate into their trade show strategies. Today, there are several trade shows where you can a selfie station in an exhibition stall designer, which is quite an effective marketing tactic to bring in more attendees. After all, who wouldn’t like a fun selfie session?

If you’re planning to use selfies for trade show marketing, here are some useful tips:

Get your staff together – Gather your selfie squad! This specialized staff features great smiles and enthusiasm to grab guests’ attention and get them to take a picture. They’re the ones in charge of making sure guests know the steps in the selfie process—you know if it’s more than just the snap-n-click type of selfie. The squad gathers excitement around the idea, ensuring that you achieve the initial marketing goal of your selfie strategy.

Provide the proper equipment – Whether it’s a logo, a hashtag, a frame, or another creative way to get your company’s name in the image, you’ve got to give your selfie-taker the physical necessities, even if it’s just the basics. Your selfie station should be easy to understand without much instruction, but it should also be fun. Give guests a good reason to have that photo saved on their phone or shared online. Make it funny, or sexy, or relevant: A mirror with a mustache that you can align under your nose? Hilarious! 

Have proper knowledge about all the legal stuff – According to the law, whoever takes the image has ownership of the picture. While it might seem excessive to have your selfie squad speak to the legal rights of your selfie-takers, a release form is never a bad idea, Rivals and competitors can use your selfie station with your brand and use it for bad (gossip in the public domain that you may not want to be shared). Be aware of these consequences—and make sure your guests know them, too.

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