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20 Different Techniques to Make People Visit Your Exhibition Stand: a Stall Design Company India Guide

Exhibitions may be hectic and congested.

If your company is exhibiting, you only have a few chances to stand out from the crowd, make your booth really pop, and draw people in to see what you have to offer.

So why not venture a little further afield? Why not spice up your display with something creative and distinctive that encourages visitors to share their photos on Instagram?

We’ve come up with a few ideas – some traditional, some a little out there – that you might want to consider for your next conference, exhibition, or exhibition. Continue reading.
  1. Sweets

Exhibitions these days seem to resemble Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory more than anything else. Boiled sweets, hard mints, lollipops, pick ‘n’ mix… Sweets, on the other hand, are always a tremendous hit.

        2. Football on a table

Table football is one of the most popular games. It’s entertaining, competitive, and you won’t be chasing down errant balls all day.

        3. Beer 

This is self-evident: people love beer, and they love it much more if it’s free, even if the beer isn’t very good. On one occasion, I witnessed a beer-pouring robot, and the crowds were massive!

  1. Decorations that are on-brand and fun

Make some logo bunting, cover a feature wall with branded wallpaper, and decorate your stand with small details that demonstrate your brand identity and make it a desirable location to visit.

  1. Seasonal accents

Do you have a Halloween-themed event? To give your display a seasonal feel, add a creepy pumpkin and some novelty spider webs.

  1. Machines in arcades

These are usually reserved for snobby craft beer bars, but no one turns down the chance to network while playing Pac-Man or Streetfighter.

  1. Plants

Plants have been shown to have a favourable impact on one’s well-being. Including some on your stand (especially if they’re related to your business in some manner) may help visitors relax. Some of them are also attractive.

  1. T-shirt design

At events, there’s a lot of discussion regarding t-shirt printing. People appreciate the concept, and if you offer guests the opportunity to design their own custom-branded t-shirts for free, they’ll rush to your booth with zeal.

  1. “Fast networking”

Chairs, tables, five-minute conversations, business card exchanges, then turn around and do it all over again. In a matter of seconds, you can expand your network.

People will want to come to your meeting room if you create a sectioned off area with a few tables and chairs. A peaceful spot is often scarce at huge corporate events; make it simpler for your visitors.This is particularly important and is taken care of by your stall design company India.

  1. Simulator golf

These are frequently a hit. You get a virtual driving range setup with no balls, no clean-up, and no problems, just a sectioned-off area, a golf club-shaped controller, and a large screen. Allow visitors to compete with one another.

  1. Coffee

Bean juice will perk up your visitors. Pour the coffee with a beard and a checkered shirt for more realism.

  1. Screen for social media

People tweet, it’s displayed on a screen, and everyone can see your customers’ wacky antics as they pass by your booth.

  1. Tennis on the table

Keep a large stock of balls on your stand because you’ll lose a lot of them.

  1. Headset for virtual reality

Consider an entertaining virtual reality experience that allows visitors to explore or engage with a product in the virtual realm if you have enough space to allow movement and prevent mishaps.

  1. Charging stations for mobile devicesSo why not venture a little further afield? Why not spice up your display with something creative and distinctive that encourages visitors to share their photos on Instagram?

This is a definite winner. People, especially at corporate events, require constant access to their phones, and offering charging stations may ensure a consistent stream of people in need of a boost.

  1. Portable charger with a logo

Allow them to charge while on the go with some branded portable chargers.

  1. Product presentation that catches the eye

Come up with a unique and eye-catching manner to exhibit your products and services, incorporating creative placement and lighting. Arrange them as if your exhibition were a little museum, for this you need to opt for a best stall design company India.

  1. Showcases of products

Show off your items in live demos to make that eye-catching display even more engaging.

Produce flyers, brochures, and booklets with vibrant visuals and clear writing that describes what your company has to offer. There are few more effective techniques to communicate a message.

  1. Seating

Even after they realise you’re about to corner them with your sales pitch, you’d be surprised how much delegates enjoy a spot to sit.

  1. Refilling a water bottle

Throughout the day, replenish a water cooler so that people can fill up their bottles and earn some environmental points.


You must ensure that people come to your booth, and standing out from the crowd and providing genuine value to visitors will ensure that your product is exposed to a consistent stream of people. After all, if no one sees your booth, no one will see your goods or service.This depends on the type of stall design company India, you choose from. 
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