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Exhibition company, stall design, stand design, stall fabrication, booth design

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We are an exhibition stand design agency in India that provides customized, portable and modular exhibition stands for exhibitions and conferences.

Exhibition company, stall design, stand design, stall fabrication, booth design

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As a one of best stand design companies in India, we have a client-centric approach for the exhibition stands and aim to deliver it with 100% customer satisfaction.

Exhibition company, stall design, stand design, stall fabrication, booth design

Top Corporate Event Management

Being one of the top exhibition stall design companies in India, we create a variety of exhibition stalls including customized stands, modular, and portable displays.

Facing difficulties while planning a corporate event is a common issue. Googling for answers, this is your one-stop destination. We bring you the top tips from corporate event management companies who have established themselves and succeeded in this branch.

Top Corporate Event Management tips

Exhibition company, stall design, stand design, stall fabrication, booth design

Corporate event management companies take good care of things and hence they reach that stature. Corporate event/exhibition management entails maximizing the value of each event by putting people together in memorable ways on behalf of a company.

From start to finish, Corporate event management planners take care of both the little and major information to ensure that the event provides the highest return on investment for their business.

The trick to any effective marketing strategy is to make the process repeatable so that campaign effectiveness can be consistently achieved. The procedure must be transformed into a modular strategy that can be used by future marketing campaigns. The same can be said for exhibitions and events.

Corporate event management companies put in a lot of effort to make their event come to life and make it successful. Also on strong days, corporate event preparation can be difficult due to the many partners, frequent transitions, and many factors ranging from catering to event sponsorship. Here are a few pointers from the top corporate event management companies about how to make any event a success that pays off.

1. Book the Venue for a Good Span of Time

Corporate event management company has backup venues and plans ahead of time to book the venue for a long time. Book a multi-year deal and lock in your location as soon as possible. It can not only make some of the theme choices easier and make it easier to get back vendors that worked out last time, but it can also save you money by ensuring the venue has a large amount of business upfront. The consistency in your venue is actually a positive when it comes to Corporate event management events. Most corporate event management companies have their venues set up and decided suitable to their clients’ needs. Having a pre-booked venue has a lot of plus points. Even if you were hit at the 11th hour, you are prepared and ready to go.

2. Include Effortless RSVP

RSVP is a very important factor while planning your event. To make the settings precise, any good event and exhibition company will have the RSVP ready about half a month or a month before the event. A corporate event management company would ensure that all the parts and parcels of the event are covered. People these days are busier than ever, so making things simple to RSVP is important as you’ll need a precise guest count to make spending decisions. Include one-click button calls-to-action in your newsletters, and include a pre-addressed and signed envelope if you’re mailing invites. If the use of cell phones grows, you may want to consider allowing people to text you a YES or NO as an answer.

3. Ensure Sponsor's Importance

An established Corporate event management company has a good and healthy relationship with its sponsors. Treat the advertisers as if they’re worth their weight in cash! In addition to receiving input during the presentation, send the sponsors a report detailing the influence they had at your event ahead of time. Help them track and gather leads at the show, demonstrate brand recognition development by disclosing any social media attention they received. Ask some show attendees for quotes about the sponsors and include them in the analysis report you give them, and share post-event survey responses that are important to the sponsors in the analysis report you send them.

4. Backup Plan

No party/event/exhibition ever goes as it is planned. It is a beginner’s move to expect everything to go as planned. No acknowledged corporate event management company would go heads first in their event without having a backup plan to deal with any backlogs. Reading between the lines and ensuring to consider all the criteria is a fair part of making the event come to life. Have a Plan B and C ready if you know there are chances of any contingencies. You’ll also have to resort to Plan B more often than not. Make a list of the event’s five most important elements. And, if something goes wrong with all of those factors, have a backup plan ahead of time about how you’ll adapt on the fly. Although the same case does not occur, it can help you relax and practise problem-solving easily.


Event planner jobs are projected to rise at an annual rate of 11% from 2016 to 2026, according to estimates from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Event planners continue to have a promising future in the job market, particularly as compared to the overall projected growth of 7%. That means now is an excellent time to increase your investment in your Corporate event management company. Walking down the path, these casualties will reduce and you will learn to minimize the damages and irregularities. So till then SOL’s seasoned analogists, suggests that you keep these key points in mind and work alongside them.

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