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Your stall design is a reflection of your brand. Make sure you don’t put your time and money you invest in creating a booth for an  exhibition to go waste. Take time to come up with the best exhibition booth on the floor.

Great ideas for Pharma Stall Design

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Medical device and pharmaceutical exhibitions provide important opportunities to display the products and services to a highly targeted audience of key buyers. Taking full advantage of these opportunities requires having an pharma stall design that can properly represent your brand without breaking your budget.

These exhibitions introduce the latest medical equipment and products, allowing companies to showcase their most recent products and services. It also allows them to meet up with industry associates and customers, study the activities of rivals, and observe market opportunities in India.

Normally, medical exhibitions are noted for their concentration of specialists, who like to find the exact answer to their needs. That is why is important to implement a creative tactic that attracts many visitors to your stall. The following are great ideas for pharma stall design.

1. An attractive and well-designed stall

When it comes to design your pharma stall design, it is important to know the industry trends. It is well-known that the medical and healthcare industries are expected to build a clean stall design. Also, it is important to choose furniture with smooth lines, made using light colours to create a peaceful atmosphere. Moreover, it could be a good idea to play with different LED lights, which will attract many visitors to your space.

2. Your stall should be visible from different angles

As an exhibitor, you want attendees to visit your pharma stall design. So, a good way to stand out is by displaying the medical equipment with clear, eye-catching visuals and signage. Having vertical displays above your exhibit become instant attention grabbers from all around you. High-resolution, large-scale graphics can also be used. If your exhibition stall design is small, sightlines become important. Don’t block your signage with other elements. When making your banners and signs, choose your words carefully. Cramming a lot of information into a limited space is a way of ensuring your message will not be read. The same applies to a large expo stands space. Make the signs legible, keeping the focus on your product name and benefits. Required details like clinical trial results may be in smaller print, but be sure you are aware of all regulations as to how and where they must be displayed.

3. Demonstrate your product

For you to interest medical industry experts in your products, you are probably going to have to show them how it works. Demonstrating is so important to exhibition success that many exhibitors dedicate a substantial amount of booth space to them. Depending on the booth size you can have multiple areas for demonstrations. This is especially true if you are promoting more than one product at the show. Demonstration needs to be well-rehearsed, engaging, and short. Promote your product demonstrations signs, announcements, and the device itself. If the device moves, keep them in motion to attract attendees. Keep the focus on the benefits of your brand, and distribute brochures or product sheets to the attendees.

4. Choose the perfect location

Even if you have the biggest pharma stall design with the best decoration and technology, the effort would be nothing without a good location. That is why the spot you get has to be near hot spots, like cafes, restaurants areas or big signals. Situate where you are sure that every visitor is going to pass at least once during the visit.

5. The Stall Design supports our business objectives

When it comes to creating a winning show presence, integrating technology into your next pharma stall design could provide that much-needed ROI. This is why having technology like touch screens, video displays, kiosks, etc., can provide compelling, multi-sensory experiences for attendees.

6. Digital displays

The best way to catch a customer’s eye is with moving images. Digital displays and videos are a highly effective way to share information where time is limited. Many people prefer to learn about a product or service by watching a video than reading text. Technology is an absolute must for the modern-day exhibition stand, and a digital display is one of the easiest ways to tick this box. Use the digital screen to show your products, play video testimonials, give statistics or loop feed information, digital displays will help you say it visually. At all shows, pharmaceutical features are a great idea for your exhibition displays. Having a great pharmaceutical option for your exhibition stand is what will assist you push your product or service to clients. For more information contact us.

Happy Exhibiting!

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