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Exhibition company, stall design, stand design, stall fabrication, booth design

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We are an exhibition stand design agency in India that provides customized, portable and modular exhibition stands for exhibitions and conferences.

Exhibition company, stall design, stand design, stall fabrication, booth design

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As a one of best stand design companies in India, we have a client-centric approach for the exhibition stands and aim to deliver it with 100% customer satisfaction.

Exhibition company, stall design, stand design, stall fabrication, booth design

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Being one of the top exhibition stall design companies in India, we create a variety of exhibition stalls including customized stands, modular, and portable displays.

Advantages of hiring a professional Stand Builder

1. Professionalism

Clients certainly trust those exhibits that look professional. You may be tempted to have your own staff members put up the exhibition booth to save money, but potential clients can see the difference between a properly built one and one built without professional expertise. Because of its overall appearance, a professional booth design appeals to clients more. A professional booth builder can arrange an exhibit such that certain businesses stand out more than others.

2. Time-saving

Hiring a professional stand builder can save you a lot of time and effort. They will handle all aspects of the stand building process, from the initial design to the final installation, leaving you free to focus on other aspects of your business

3. Installation and dismantling
Professional stand builders also handle the installation and dismantling of the stand, this means they will take care of the transportation, logistics, and set up of the stand, leaving you free to focus on other aspects of your business.

4. After-sales service

Professional stand builders also offer after-sales service, which means they will be on hand to offer support and assistance during the exhibition, and to handle any issues that may arise. They will also handle the dismantling of the stand, and ensure that all the materials are properly stored and transported.

5. Experience with different venues and events
Professional stand builders have experience working with different venues and events, which means they know the best practices for each one. This means they can also advise you on the best location for your stand, and how to make the most of the available space.

6. Networking

Professional stand builders have a network of suppliers and vendors that they work with, this means they can also help you with other aspects of your exhibition, such as signage, graphics, and audio-visual equipment.

7. Stress-free

Building an exhibition stand can be a stressful and time-consuming process, but hiring a professional stand builder can take the stress out of the process. They will handle all aspects of the stand building process, leaving you free to focus on other aspects of your business.

8. You have freedom to experiment

Hiring an exhibition agency gives you the flexibility to have unique designs and themes at every event you participate in.It also allows you to choose from a variety of possibilities. Hiring stands will also necessitate understanding how much space has been allocated to your stand. As a result, you can select the best exhibition stand for your company with original designs, compelling graphics, and appealing content without increasing your budget. These advantages can help you decide whether to rent or buy a expo show exhibit. You should look for a stand builder to consult for your expertise because they can advise you on the best approach to integrate your business goals with the exhibition stand.

9. Choose from several types of stands
You get to hire an exhibition booth and choose suitable designs for your brand. A single corner stand, two corner stands, an island stand, or row stands are all options. You can even personalize the exhibition banner design and design a specific configuration as per the stand design, making your exhibition stand unique. So unlike shell scheme stands offered by expo show organizers, which are normally cookie-cutter and generic. The rental stand provided by exhibition stand builders is far superior.

In conclusion, hiring a professional stand builder in India can be a smart decision for any business looking to create a successful exhibition stand. They bring a wealth of experience and expertise to the table, and can save you time and money while ensuring that your stand is visually appealing, functional, and compliant with the regulations of the venue. They also offer after-sales service and have experience working with different venues and events. So, it’s worth considering hiring a professional stand builder for your next exhibition in India.

Happy Exhibiting!


Exhibition shows are a great platform to showcase and promote your brand; and offerings to a diverse spectrum of audience. You will not only get to reach out to future customers’; but will also be able gain insights into prevalent and future trends.

To be able to do that and be successful, you will need an exhibition stand that makes an impact on the show audience and generates the right buzz around your brand. This is where you will require the help of a professional exhibition stand builder who designs, constructs, and assembles exhibition stands.


An exhibition stand builder refers to a source that provides assistance to design and build an exhibition stand, through a comprehensive array of services from designing to constructing, fabricating, installing, and dismantling the exhibition stand during exhibitions.

Hiring a professional stand builder will help you to earn a exhibition stand design and built with perfect artwork and finesse that suitably reflects your brand and company; attracts your target-audience; and generates quality leads.


To promote your business at exhibitions, you will require an exhibition stand. It will help you to reach out to potential customers’ and increase sales.

To create such an exhibition stand, you will require the expertise and knowhow of a professional stand builder with a strong budget to plan and promote your brand through an exhibition stand. This will especially come in handy if it is the first time you are taking part in exhibitions or are worried about how you would manage things or deciding whether to buy a stand or rent it.

A professional stand builder will take over all aspects of your stand design and built project along with arrangements that are cost-effective, and a good investment of your time.

With a professional stand builder, you will also get a source that is


First and foremost, it is important to look for an exhibition stand builder familiar with local market conditions.

Hiring an exhibition stand builder familiar with local conditions means you hire a source familiar with 


A local professional stand builder who speaks local languages with a local lingo, will be better able to converse with local dealers, suppliers, and facilitators; understand the rules and regulations of local exhibitions; fill-up exhibition-related forms; and finalize all the requisite requirements and arrangements in connection with the exhibition stand for the exhibition. 

If on the other hand, you hire any other stand builder who does not speak the local language and is not familiar with the local lingo, you may find it difficult to understand what the local person is saying or trying to convey. If the stand builder is not able to understand what the person is saying, then it can lead to delays and issues following which you could miss out on certain important information. Additionally, you may also find it difficult to explain to the local organizers what you are looking for or what you want; and provide them the appropriate details.


A stand builder needs to adhere to the local rules and regulations like health and safety laws pertaining to the construction of a temporary structure.

Hiring a local exhibition stand builder familiar with local and national rules and regulations of the country will ensure that you get a source that 

  • Understands the culture and etiquette of the local event organizers as well as vendors and suppliers. 
  • Possess a team well-acquainted with industry-specific concepts; and is in tune with the latest laws and legislations. 
  • Knows what is permitted and what is not in the exhibition and country.
  • Can with ease comply with the guidelines relating to approvals like custom approvals and so on.
  • Ensures collaterals sent from your place and region is processed in the right manner. This will help to guarantee a quick transit through customs and import processes.

Finally, when you hire a local professional exhibition stand builder, you get to hire a source that is familiar with everything local in different places in the country. Like for instance, exhibition halls across the country; and their location, size, accommodation capacity, accessibility to local vendors, logistical costs; and so on. 

You will also  get the benefit of inside knowledge and contacts as well which will give you access to authentic knowledge about the local conditions.


Hiring an exhibition stand builder located near the exhibition show venue is recommended. 

This will help you to 

  • Reduce the amount of distance required by your exhibition stand to travel to and fro the venue. 
  • Bring down the amount of travel to and from hotels; the best hotels are generally located near the exhibition venue. You will gain quick access to last-minute supplies; get emergency works done; find a place to eat out; and more. 
  • Quickly reach other major cities in the country. Most of the exhibition venues provide for swift access from one city to another. 

All of the above will greatly help to bring down environmental pollution and reduce your carbon footprint. It will also help you to maintain control on your logistics and transportation costs; and your overall expenses well within your budget.


When you invest your precious money and time to hire the best exhibition stand builder, make sure that the local professional stand builder is a full-service provider.

With a full-service provide stand builder, you get a source that can 

  • Provide the full-range of stand design and construction services under one single roof, that is, from exhibition planning to stand manufacture, installation and dismantling, transportation and storage, and so on,
  • Provide sound marketing strategy that is based on an understanding of the demographic of the exhibition show’s visitors; and the kind of audience that the exhibition venue and show are likely to attract. 
  • Design and build exhibition stands. Their proven skills and knowledge will produce an exhibition stand design that is attractive, unique, and cost-effective.
  • Install and maintain exhibition stands. Their vast experience, knowledge and skills make them well-equipped to install and maintain your exhibition stand, efficiently and effectively.
  • Provide other services related to exhibitions like security, catering, cleaning, and so on.
  • Leverage the latest of online Project Management Tools. It is important to have a source that knows how to use online project management tools that help to centrally store and manage information pertaining to customers, exhibition show, and venue; track design amendments and exhibition stand designs; provide approval and monitor group correspondence; etc; and avoid the loss or misplacement of precious information. 
  • Get customized solutions in line with your requirements. You will get the benefit of a customized stand that reflects your brand profile and portray your brand values.
  • Can offer production space/warehouse. It is important that the exhibition stand builder provides a convenient quality production space/warehouse space for storing your exhibition stand and other co-related items; and ensuring proper level of control over the stand manufacturing process. This will help you to better optimize your budget than your rival exhibitors.
  • Offer 24/7 Technical Support. During the exhibition, sudden issues can crop-up which can hamper your stand’s performance. To prevent such incidents, it is important that the exhibition stand builder provides 24/7 technical support with the capability to quickly attend to unforeseen issues, and act with discretion, and without hesitation.

Hiring an exhibition stand builder with a reputation for excellence will help you to get the best possible solutions, earn maximum possible benefits, and maintain a lid on your budget.


A local professional stand builder generally will have seasoned designers with wealth of expertise and specialized in creation of captivating stand designs. The designers will know first-hand the psychology of design as a result of which they will be able to incorporate elements that capture visitors’ attention; engage visitors; and convey your brand’s message to the visitors.

Blending creativity with strategic thinking, the designers will also be able to 

  • Conceptualize the stand booth that will not only deliver an immersive experience to the visitors but will fully resonate with your brand identity.
  • Tailor brand identity with precision. With their understanding of your brand’s ethos, objectives, and target audience, they will be able to project your brand’s uniqueness very well.
  • Craft bespoke stand design that authentically represents your brand’s profile and values; and stands out amidst the competition.


Hiring a local professional stand builder will be cost-effective in the long-term. They will have 

  • Strong relationship with local suppliers and vendors which will allow them to source materials at competitive rates. 
  • Sound experience in optimizing resource allocation and be able to minimize wastage that can lead to cost savings and efficiency as well.

Aside from the above, designing and constructing a stand from the start can take a lot of efforts and be time-consuming. When you hire a local professional stand builder, you get to hire the services of professionals who handle every aspect of your stand project from stand conceptualization to installation, and more; and produce in the end a stand with well-honed efficiency that achieves your goals without overspending.  

This will also leave you free with enough time to focus on your core business activities for the exhibition show; and save you time and reduce stress; thereby ensuring your approach to the exhibition is done with a clear mind and greater focus.


Professional stand builders will be attuned with the latest trends and concepts in stand design and construction. As a result of this, they will be abreast with trends in cutting-edge materials; lighting techniques; interactive technologies; and so on, all of which combine to enhance the visual appearance and appeal of your stand. This will set you apart from the competition at the exhibition show while being able to captivate visitors and providing them a memorable experience.


At exhibitions, space can be a problem at times. 

With a professional stand builder, you will get a source with the ability to maximize the usage of your allocated space.

Professional stand builders are known to excel in spatial optimizations, and crafting stand layouts that make the most out of the available space without in any way overwhelming the visitors. Ultimately, you will benefit from an exhibition stand that is well-designed to cater to the visitors’ expectations; and facilitate greater interaction thereby contributing to a positive visitor experience.


Professional stand builders are known to work fast and execute their tasks with precision and perfection. You will be kept updated about the progress of your stand project which will give you an understanding of when your project will be completed and delivered.  


The total process of designing and constructing an exhibition stand is complex and complicated. It will not only require huge investment of financial and human resources, but will also require a source that pays attention to every detail, big or small, into the making of the exhibition stand which needs to be looked into and carefully planned.  

Hiring the right local professional stand builder will make sure that you have a source that

  • Knows your business; company’s values and objectives; and the importance and value of your exhibition stand at the exhibition and why it needs to make an impact at the exhibition;
  • Can assist and guide you in interacting with local event organizers and vendors better and more efficiently;  
  • Can handle and manage every aspect of your logistics; reduce labor/transportation/shipping costs; and also, reduce your carbon footprint; 
  • Is familiar with the local conditions and with all things local from rules to culture, etiquette, etc; & 
  • Provides a quality storage area to safely and securely keep your exhibition stand when not in use; and be able to reuse them for future shows. 

Finally, you will get the benefit of expert knowledge and knowhow of professionals who have been in the industry for long and can be trusted to offer the best exhibition stand design and built for the exhibition. Eventually, this will help you to minimize your costs, and get the benefit of cost-effective solutions for maximum return on your budget.


There are umpteen reasons why you should hire a professional stand builder for your next exhibition show.

With a stand builder, you stand to get the benefit of professional expertise  and skill-sets, creative prowess, and strategic approach to design and build a custom exhibition stand that will attract visitor’s attention and generate quality leads; and manage its construction and installation. Besides, you will get the quality support of professionals to translate your exhibition experience from the mundane to exemplary; and make the most of your exhibition show participation.


Exhibitions offer a great platform for your business to showcase its offerings; connect with prospective customers’; and build greater brand awareness. In many ways, your success at the exhibition show will largely hinge upon how your exhibition stand is presented and projected.

When the time comes to create an exhibition stand, most exhibitors are often confronted with a persistent question – Should I hire a professional stand builder OR go the DIY route?


A stand builder refers to a person who is a specialist with vast experience in the construction, design, and assembly of exhibition stands. In other words, a stand builder is a consultant and a construction specialist. 

At exhibitions all important customers will be there and so will be all the competitors. Every exhibitor will be vying for a slice of the same pie – attracting the attendees. To stand apart from the crowd and catch the attendees’ attention, you will need a one-of-a-kind exhibition stand, for which you will require the assistance of a stand builder.

The stand builder will take on the burden of constructing and designing your stand by getting thorough with all the practical details; and being on hand with advice and tips gleaned from years of working with exhibition stands.


DIY is an acronym for ‘Do It Yourself’. For different people, it might conjure up different aspects as it can really be about so many things.

In the world of exhibitions and trade shows, DIY means that instead of hiring a professional stand builder to do a  particular task, you’re choosing to do that task yourself, that is, create the stand with no direct help from an expert professional or  pay someone else to do the task for you.


Although both stand builder and DIY have their own pros and cons as outlined below, it is left to you to take a decision taking into consideration the same and arrive at a decision that is worth its value for your investment. 




 A professional stand builder will have years of valued experience in designing and constructing stands for different industries across different verticals. As such they will have a proper understanding of the nuances of stand design and construction, know what kind will work the best for your kind of business, and finally ensure that it’s functional and visually appealing. 

In addition, their experience and knowledge makes them well-placed to assist you through difficult issues that can crop up during the stand design and construction process.  


When you hire a professional stand builder, you stand to benefit from 

  • Custom solutions that align with your brand’s unique identity and objectives.  
  • Expertise in inter-related skilled trades like electrical/plumbing services, etc, and specialized skills in their area of work. As a result, the final output will more often than not reflect an unmatched level of expertise and quality.
  • Capabilities to incorporate your company branding elements, colors, and messaging in a way that will help to create a cohesive and impactful stand.


With a stand builder, you can stay assured that your stand design and construction work is in safe professional hands of people who can handle the task of stand construction and design with competence and efficiency. 

This will free up your time and allow you to focus on matters of importance leading up to the exhibition event, including marketing strategies, product preparations, interactions with partners, target-audience, etc.   


When hiring a professional, a stand builder, you can stay assured that you are making the right choice. A stand builder will leverage the latest construction techniques and technologies and use high-quality materials to ensure your stand will not only look impressive but is also of a high quality and robust durability to withstand the tough rigors of continual wear and tear of an exhibition environment. 

Besides, a professional stand builder can often get better pricing on materials than a hardware store can offer you. This way, your investment in their expertise and capabilities pays off over time.


Entrusting the task of your stand construction to a professional stand builder will greatly alleviate the stress, tension, and uncertainty that come with handling DIY projects on own. You can sit back and watch the stand builder handle the task of permitting and other details to ensure your stand construction project is not only of high quality but is also up-to-code and legal in line with laid down standards and norms.

Besides, a stand builder is a certified professional (check out if they are one and have a genuine certified license or not – if they don’t have then don’t hire them) with a genuine license to practice the trade. This will indicate that the stand builder is well-versed with the intricacies of his trade and is well-equipped to handle your stand construction project.  

A certified stand builder will also be insured which means if their work is faulty and has resulted in damages then they will have to make it right on own.

All of these will give you peace of mind knowing that your stand construction work is in expert hands and they are well-equipped to address any unforeseen contingencies that comes with their work.


When compared to going the DIY route, hiring a professional stand builder may initially seem more expensive. However, this is peanuts when compared to the benefits in terms of cost savings they offer in the long term.

A professionally designed and constructed stand will be an investment for the long term. It will last long, stay in good condition for long with the stand builder taking care of their maintenance (including repairs, replacements, and large-scale renovation (with connections to sub contractors and specialists, they will get the work done quickly at cost-effective rates thereby saving you the task of finding them on own), and above all, increase ROI from exhibitions. All of these will result in cost savings in the long run and also improve your brand’s image.

Overall, the sky is the limit with a stand builder. It will allow you to expand your vision beyond than otherwise what your skill-sets would be able to provide and allow you to accomplish.



A DIY route follows a sequential timeline, which means there will be no overlap where you have designing and construction happening at the same time.  This will make it much easier for you to see and understand where your project is moving at every step of the project journey.

When you have clearer project clarity and are familiar with the intricacies’ of the project and accustomed to working on it, it will save you more money over time. Ultimately, the whole project work will be rewarding and satisfying which will give you a strong connection to it.


Although both stand builder and DIY routes rely on inputs from the project owner, DIY route project (termed as the traditional project delivery) will give you more and better control and command throughout the project process.

As a project owner, you will be choosing your own designer and contractor as well. This will give you the freedom to effect personal changes and alterations midway through the project without needing to start from the project beginning again.

Also, you’re in charge of the timeline, as a result of which your project can move faster that way. No one else is going to care about your project or details as much as you will, and what more, you can make sure that the project outcome matches your vision.


Opting for the DIY route will give you more control over the stand construction project price. 

The designer and contractor are hired separately which will give you a lot more control over the pricing of your own project. Once you find and hire a designer that fits your price range and can also deliver the output you’re looking for, you can next choose a contractor bid. All through, you will not be paying extra for labor.

This way, you will have control over your stand construction price as well as budget as a result of which you can often do a project for less provided you know what you’re doing, and know clearly how much or little you are spending on the project from start to finish.

Although, DIY route may not exactly be the cheaper option, project costs are often more predictable. The project owner can consolidate the whole price into a solid range that should be pretty close to the final project cost. This will allow the project owner to better budget the project from the beginning.


In a DIY route, the stand design and construction will be executed by one group. As a result of which the risk of issues related to the project is greatly reduced. 

The stand construction team will have the inputs required throughout the design process and similarly the design team will be readily available to address any kind of building issues that can crop up during the stand construction process.


With a DIY route, there will be little or no delay between the stand design phase and construction phase, where bids are collected. Besides, the transition between design and construction stages will be seamless.

At times, the construction phase can start while designing process is happening. This will lead to even fewer interruptions.




In the stand builder route, the designer and contactor will not be working in tandem, as a result of which the potential for complications and risks can be greater at times.

There could be potential risks ranging from not being able to successfully execute the stand design process to missing out on pieces of vital information and inputs during the project process. These can cause the project price to inflate as the price is fixed on-the-fly, that is, in line with the prevalent trends.

On the whole, it is more expensive to work with a stand builder.


Generally, many stand builders will have stock designs that they use and tweak later to comply with the project owner’s request. 

However, when it comes to the remaining lot of stand builders, minimal chances of getting personalized design done is much higher in the case of a stand builder (integrated project delivery) route than in a DIY route.


Although in the initial stages, the project owner will be heavily involved with designing and planning phases, in the later stages, the project owner will be less involved with the project when compared to the DIY route (traditional project delivery). 

As the project gets rolling later, the project owner will be consulted on a lesser basis and instead will be consulted on as needed-basis. The designer and contractor will be making more decisions on own in the later stages of the project. 


In a stand builder route, you may have to go through two hiring processes, as a result of which the timeline by default could be a bit longer. 

It can also lengthen on occasions if issues come up during the project process and the project owner will need to sort out the issues between the contractor and the designer. As a result of which you will be at the mercy of their timeline and schedule and will have little say when things will get done.

Another possibility is that they can often default which can bring a lot of chaos and even extra people into your project which in turn can unsettle the whole project. Thus, timelines almost always stretch beyond estimates. 


During a stand builder process, there can be communication issues. When the contractor is not involved in the design process and vice-versa, designer in construction process, issues that could have been addressed earlier will often come to light later. This means you (stand builder) will have to be present and checking on things constantly else things will need to be taken down and redone.

When you have miscommunications during a disjointed process, it can lead to problems which will setback the project or even cause the project to halt midway. Besides, you can get overlooked at times.



In a DIY route, with no bidding process, the project owner will not have the ability to select own price. As a result, the prices can flare up and end up higher. 

Besides, most contractors and designers will not start any detailed stand construction and design work until they have been hired officially. These will make it the difficult to price the project for a project owner.


Designing a stand that effectively represents your brand and maximizes the use of the available space, requires strong expertise and knowledge which businesses need to possess through an in-house team of skilled professionals.

In the DIY route, unless you are experienced and well-versed in exhibition stand design and construction, attempts to execute the project on own can lead to sub-par results. This can lead to compromise in stand construction and finish quality which will put-off the clients; and may also not be able to withstand the tough rigors of the exhibition environment. 

Also, if you don’t have the tools required to execute the project, getting them can be expensive initial investment. 


Although many businesses tend to believe that the DIY approach can lead to cost savings as they will not need to pay for professional builders’ services, the apparent cost savings can be a false assumption.

Without the expertise of a professional stand builder, the project costs can shoot up leading to cost overruns.


Constructing and designing a stand from start can be exhausting and time-consuming. The process can get so draining at times that it can divert your project team’s attention from other critical aspects of the exhibition event preparation like marketing, logistics, and product development.

Besides, if you have not handled the project type earlier, the project output can turn out to be amateur which will negate all of your investment. Also, if you make a mistake, you will be held responsible for the same.


All DIY projects can be stressful and challenging especially if you lack the experience and expertise in stand construction. There will always be an element of uncertainty during the project phases.

Besides, if there is any mishap during the project phase, it can lead to more stress as well as last-minute adjustments.

Also, as per a report, at 80 percent of the project completion, most DIYers tend to take a break from work. Often the break can last for years; and pushing them through that final 20 percent to really finish off the project job can be at times tough.


Your exhibition stand is generally the first thing that casts the first impression on potential customers’. So, making a lasting and positive impression is critical. 

Both Stand Builder & DIY routes have been in use for hundreds of years; and have their own pros and cons.

While cost savings may be more with the DIY route, a professional stand builder’s solid and proven expertise, time efficiency; high quality; and greater stress reduction make it a better choice in the longer run and more importantly, a worthy investment as well. 

Ultimately, hiring a professional stand builder is more than worth its weight in gold for your business’ success at the exhibition show.


Are you planning to take part in an upcoming exhibition show?

If so, are you aware of how much an exhibition stand and exhibition stand design costs?

There is no specific answer for the same. But there are some inputs to help you work out much you should spend on your exhibition stand design.

The approximate price of an exhibition stand design in India is Rs 10,000/- per square.

Your average exhibition stand cost will be around 50 percent of your total exhibition (that is, exhibiting) budget. Similarly, your exhibition stand design cost will be roughly twice as much as the cost of your exhibition floor space.

You should also know that half of any exhibitor’s budget goes into the construction and the design of the exhibition stand, that is, almost 40 percent of the budget will be spent on that alone (12 percent goes into the desired stand design; and the other 28 percent goes into renting the exhibition floor space for the exhibition stand).

Hence, when planning an exhibition stand design, it is essential to consider the cost of the exhibition stand; the stand space at the exhibition show; stand size, finishes, and height; and the cost of exhibiting at the exhibition event. They all determine the exhibition stand design price.

Many of these concerns can be addressed during the exhibition stand design phase with assistance from a professional local stand builder. This will also help you to strike the right balance between your budget; getting noticed on the exhibition show floor; and your return on investment. 


In many instances, exhibition stands end-up becoming expensive. The reason for this is the exhibition stand is designed and built by their stand builder based on the inputs provided by them; and the stand builder’s capacity to handle the stand project’s complexity and execute it effectively.

Although each stand builder will have its own manufacturing methods and choice of materials and finishes, you can bring down the cost of your exhibition stand by following the below mentioned ways.


Experts recommend that preparation for the exhibition show should ideally start early, that is at least three months in advance. Out of the three months, one month should focus on stand design approvals; and two months on stand fabrication (includes ordering materials and labor to build stand components, etc), design, and built.

The more complex your stand design is, the longer the lead time will be required to complete it.

Aside from this, your planning process should involve 

  • Attending as many exhibitions as possible, talk to fellow exhibitors, partners, suppliers, and attendees. This will help you to learn about their experiences and successes.
  • Understanding thoroughly the varied aspects of an exhibition from booking an exhibition space to enlisting the services of a stand builder for designing and constructing your stand, staffing costs, equipment services, accommodation and travel expenses, etc, and more, 
  • Studying ideas relating to stand construction and design that can be incorporated into your own exhibition stand project work.
  • Studying various aspects of engagement tools and branding opportunities; and learn how they can be used to get more visitors to your stand.

The above tips if properly adhered to will greatly help you to get an exhibition stand designed and built by the stand builder at a budget-friendly price. 

Overall, depending on the complexity of the booth stand and your stand builder’s working schedule, the stand design and built project can be executed quicker. However, there could be potential bottlenecks along the way like shortage of materials or stand build simplification as there will not be enough to create the design you want.  


Your participation in the exhibition show will be meaningless if you don’t have any exhibition goals. 

Exhibition goals will give you a direction to achieve something meaningful that will make your investment in an exhibition stand worth it.

Stand builders are generally involved in the exhibition industry events on a daily basis. As such, they know what’s happening in the industry; what the latest trendsl are; what the direct costs of getting things done are; and the realistic timeframes required to get the tasks done. 

Therefore, if you discuss your exhibition goals with the stand builder and later define them, they will propose an optimal solution (stand design and construction cost) to not only help to meet your exhibition goals with the highest ROI but also help to keep your stand design project cost at a budget-friendly price.

Without proper goals (including unclear goals), it would be difficult to maintain the stand design and built project cost at an affordable rate. The whole project process will instead become a long-drawn process with several rounds involving conceptual design (that is, one design could suit one of your goals, but may conflict with another goal).

To avoid landing up in such a situation, try to prioritize your goals and bifurcate them into main goal and secondary goals. As an example, let us say you have a new product and you would like to introduce it in the upcoming exhibition show, then make it a priority to have a custom product display stand so that your new product is effectively displayed and its features highlighted well. If done properly, the custom product display stand structure will help to get a stand design done quickly.

In case you have budget limitations, explain the same to the stand builder who will be only too glad to propose a solution that meets your budget. From here on, it will become much easier for you to work out what feature of the stand you can afford to add or remove. ELSE, you may get a proposal from the stand builder showing the cost at double the amount.  


Take a look at the events calendar for the year and check to see which exhibition events would be suitable for your business. Later, tick the exhibitions that you would like to take part in and get-in-touch with the exhibition organizers at the earliest. This will help you to not only book and get a good exhibition floor spot that would greatly benefit the display of your exhibition stand but will also help you to get the benefit of potential early bird pricing.

The more exhibition events you book, the better it will be for your business as this will help you to 

  • Use your stand more often and also gain more exposure with the exhibition attendees and industry peers as well. The more often the attendees see your stand, the more it will get engraved in their minds. 
  • Let the attendees know about your business, the industry it belongs to, and finally, send across the message that you are here to stay.
  • Network and even form a partnership with fellow exhibitors or partners or even associates for exhibition events.

In case, you intend to take part in exhibition events several times in a year, it would be beneficial to share your intention and plan with your stand builder. This will make them more proactive with your plan and propose a solution that would beautifully complement your long-term strategy. Like for instance, you can get the vinyl graphics wrapped around each wall flat rather than having them installed on-site. This way, you will not need to have the graphics cut where they join when the time comes to dismantle the exhibition stand. Ultimately, this will help you to maintain a professional looking stand every time for the exhibition event; sustain brand consistency all through; and reduce your exhibition stand costs in the long term. 


Before you look to take part in the exhibition, know how much your stand is going to cost and then determine your budget from the very start of the exhibition show.

Remember, most of the budget generally will go to renting the stand space; the cost of designing and constructing your stand; the cost of travel to and from the exhibition show venue; the cost of advertising; and finally accommodation costs of your exhibition staff.

So, take into consideration the above costs first before looking to allocate budget funds to other aspects related to your exhibition show participation.

To keep the costs at an affordable rate, ensure that you book the stand space, stand design and construction work, etc, well in advance. This will help you to get them at an affordable price well within your budget and also help to keep your budget at a stable level. 


It makes sense to hire and deal with a local exhibition stand builder for your exhibition stand needs. 

This will help you to 

  • Have a reliable source to stay in control of your stand design and built project throughout the project process. This way unexpected delays or issues will be tackled promptly before they snowball out of control. A good example is that of if one of your stand components has broken down; they will be able to get it replaced it with a new one. This way, the damage can be avoided or minimized to a considerable extent. 
  • Save on freight costs (else you would need to send stand components inter-state which can cost exorbitantly based on stand component pallet sizes, etc).
  • Secure the benefit of cost efficiency. A local stand builder will know better how the whole process works and how issues need to be fixed. You will be charged only for what is required to be done.

You will be even better off if you hire and deal with a stand builder who has local partners in other states. This will help you to execute the whole of or part of the project under their supervision in the particular state; and also ensure that things are managed properly and the budget costs kept well under control.


If you want a budget-friendly stand design, opt for a reusable exhibition stand. 

A reusable exhibition stand refers to a stand with all the components being brand new; and your intention is to own the whole booth and reuse it repeatedly for different exhibition shows. In such a scenario, make sure to book the same or similar stand location each time.

Although the initial upfront costs may be higher, you won’t need to pay again for fabrication costs since you will already be have everything ready. 

Also, if you rent the exhibition stand, you can avoid paying separately for logistics, on-site works including installation and dismantle, and on-site services include electricity, onsite storage, etc. This will help you to maximize the longevity of your stand design as it will be carefully stored in a storage place that will also protect your stand components. These will greatly benefit your budget and keep it under control especially when you’re exhibiting inter-state.

Also, if you have relevant exhibition events close to each other, say 1 to 2 weeks, you can get the stand packed up by the stand builder team and have it ready to ship to the next event location. Ultimately, you will be able to sustain a budget friendly stand design and maximize your exposure with minimum efforts.


To reduce the cost of your exhibition stand and ensure a budget-friendly stand design, reach out to your stand builder and discuss what your short-term or long-term plans are for the exhibition event.

If done accordingly, the stand builder will recommend and propose a solution that will help you to earn the most efficient and budget-friendly stand design; and make the most out of the exhibition event in the most cost-efficient manner.

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