Modular Exhibition Stands

That can make your small or mid-sized stand, stand out!

18 Sq. Mt

Who says an exhibition stand constructed using modular exhibition systems needs to be dull or unappealing? Your modular exhibition stand can be stylish and sleek with full-wall backlit graphics, powder coated frames, LED integration, and product display options. Take a look at some of the innovative stall designs we’ve created using modular solutions.

  • IND0010-001-6X3-AM-IND-228

  • IND0011-002-6X3-AM-IND-229

  • IND0012-003-6X3-AM-IND-230

  • IND0013-004-6X3-AM-IND-231

  • IND0014-005-6X3-AM-IND-232

  • IND0015-006-6X3-AM-IND-233

  • IND0016-007-6X3-AM-IND-234

  • IND0017-008-6X3-AM-IND-235

  • IND0018-009-6X3-AM-IND-236

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