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Exhibition company, stall design, stand design, stall fabrication, booth design

Best Stand Design

We are an exhibition stand design agency in India that provides customized, portable and modular exhibition stands for exhibitions and conferences.

Exhibition company, stall design, stand design, stall fabrication, booth design

Delhi Stand Designers

As a one of best stand design companies in India, we have a client-centric approach for the exhibition stands and aim to deliver it with 100% customer satisfaction.

Exhibition company, stall design, stand design, stall fabrication, booth design

Creative Stand Design

Being one of the top exhibition stall design companies in India, we create a variety of exhibition stalls including customized stands, modular, and portable displays.

Your show booth should be easily identified, deliver an excellent first impression, and have a wow effect. So, how do you know your stall design is fantastic?
 Let’s explore and see.

Features of an exceptional Stand Design

Exhibition stand design is a serious business, and many of the major expo shows are giving many coveted awards for the best exhibition stand. Any exhibit’s success is determined by how well an exhibition manager attracts leads to their booth. Thus, for your stand design to be fantastic, it should include the following features:

1. Has a consistent message

Your marketing should aim to provide potential clients a clear picture of who you are and what you can offer them. Developing a clear and consistent message is the greatest way to ensure that those two main ideas are delivered. Every component of your marketing should function in harmony, so making sure that printed materials and even staff attire are consistently branded is essential. When creating exhibition displays, consider how they will be utilized in conjunction with other marketing materials to establish a cohesive theme.

2. Functionality

An exceptional stand design should be functional and easy to navigate. This can be achieved through the use of clear, easy-to-read signage and the incorporation of comfortable seating and other amenities.

3. Sustainability

An exceptional stand design should be sustainable and environmentally friendly. This can be achieved through the use of eco-friendly materials, energy-efficient lighting, and other sustainable design elements.

4. Good atmosphere with lighting

Good lighting is the easiest and most effective technique to attract more visitors to your display booth. Considering how much it depends on the environment and how challenging it is to test before an event, it is also one of the easiest components of stand design to go wrong. Look for a designer who is experienced about lighting. Great lighting generates intrigue as well as a sense of comfort and warmth, attracting potential buyers throughout the fair.

5. Creativity

An exceptional stand design should be creative and unique. This can be achieved through the use of innovative materials, cutting-edge technology, and unexpected design elements that help to set your stand apart from the competition.

6. Comfortability

Stand design should be comfortable for the visitors and staff. This can be achieved through the incorporation of comfortable seating, proper ventilation, and other amenities that will make visitors feel relaxed and at home.

7. Branding

An effective stand design will be designed with the brand identity in mind. The stand design and the material that is being displayed on it will both contribute to the impression that is being made on the attendees, so they should reflect the brand value and identity. This can be accomplished through integrating brand colours, logos, and other distinguishing elements into the graphics, as well as picking a display stand that reflects the company’s design.

8. Flexibility

An exceptional stand design should be flexible and adaptable to different events and venues. This can be achieved through the use of modular design elements that can be easily reconfigured and customised to suit the specific needs of each event.

9. Technology

Stand design should incorporate the latest technology. This can be achieved through the use of digital displays, virtual reality, and other technological elements that will help to make your stand more engaging and interactive.

10. Maximize stand space

Normally, the size of a stand is limited. Thus, it is important to make the most of your available area. Confirm the stand design dimensions with event organisers ahead of time so you know how much space you have to plan for your exhibit. Remove any physical obstructions or barriers to entry to improve the flow and accessibility of the exhibit area. Keep your flag stands in front, while the conference area should be towards the back.

By incorporating these features into your stand design, you can create an exceptional stand that will help to attract more visitors, generate more leads, and ultimately drive more sales for your business.

In conclusion, an exceptional stand design is a combination of several features such as branding, visibility, functionality, interactivity, creativity, flexibility, sustainability, comfortability, storage, and technology. When considering the design for your stand, make sure to keep these features in mind and work with a reputable and experienced stand fabricator who can help to bring your vision to life. With the right design, you can create a stand that truly stands out from the competition and helps to drive success for your business.

Happy Exhibiting!


Do you know what exactly attracts the attendees to an exhibition stand?

The answer is effective branding that excites not only your target-audience but also the curious passersby.

Branding your stand in a way that showcases your brand identity can be challenging.

This is where a stand design comes into the picture.


Brand identity refers to the confluence of colors, designs, and logos that make your brand unique.

A unique brand identity will not only make your brand stand out from the crowd at the exhibition event but will also help to create a lasting impression in your customers’ minds and define their buying habit.

The importance of a brand identity is best summarized by a recent study that found that having a consistent brand presentation helps to increase revenue by around 33 percent.

Having a strong and powerful brand identity as a key part of your branding strategy is critical as it is the first step to communicate your brand, make your company values clear, and above all, be successful in exhibition events.

A stand design at the exhibition event is a great way to showcase and promote your brand’s identity and present your brand’s values. This will give the attendees at the event a glimpse into what your brand is all about.


Branding plays a key role in enhancing the presentation of your stand design at the exhibition event. By partnering with a professional exhibition stand design company, you can encapsulate your brand identity within your exhibition stand design.

To promote your brand identity in your stand design, you need to develop the key elements of your brand that speak to your target-audience.

Here are ways to promote your brand identity in your stand design.


The power of colors is such that they can communicate your brand personality with just the first glance. 

Several great brands over the years’ began with a mood board (many a time a messy one). They gradually evolved into brands that people today can recognize from merely the brand colors. Examples of such brands include T-Mobile, UPS, Tiffany, etc, all of whom have trademarked their brand colors.


It is important to understand color psychology in exhibition stands before you look to select a few color shades for your exhibition stand design. At the same time, you also need to think about they can be used to make your stand design stand out from other designs at the event; and also showcase your brand identity.

  • Blue color is regarded as intellectual and soothing. It is used by companies in stand design to convey a message of serenity and trust to the audience. This can convince the visitors at the event to make a beeline to your booth.
  • Red color stimulates the senses and incites action in viewers’. It can be extremely warm and exciting and at the same time be perceived as aggressive. The color is best integrated into the stand design to create maximum attention where there are many stands at the exhibition event competing to capture the audiences’ attention.
  • Black color oozes strength, security, sophistication, and substance, all of which will infuse high quality aura to your stand design and simultaneously help to showcase your brand identity 

When choosing your brand colors to showcase your brand identity in the stand design, analyze thoroughly on how the colors should reflect your brand identity and speak about your brand to your target-audience. 

Strike the right note by 

  • Choosing a color palette that help to create a memorable brand look. Then, analyze the existing color schemes in your space and later study how certain colors evoke feelings in people. 

  • Study color theory. Proper understanding of color principles will assist you when you look to choose varied colors together; or pick out primary and secondary colors; or choose a mood that you want the color to evoke; or figure out why something about the color just does not look right. 

Once you understand clearly about the color theory, you will gain the confidence in making the stand design and branding decisions.

Hiring a professional exhibition stand design company will greatly help to ensure your stand design sports the right colors that reflect your brand profile and showcase your brand identity. 


Just like brands like yours have memorable colors, it is equally important that they have memorable fonts as well that distinguish their brand from competitors.

When choosing a font style for your stand design that matches your brand identity, you need to adhere to certain requirements.


  • Stick to a single font. When communicating your brand message, you can choose two fonts or one font. Either way, they will give your stand design a complete and cohesive look; and also promote the impression that you are an established brand with a favorable brand identity.
  • Choose two typefaces for your brand and use them consistently. The font for headings should appropriately be the largest as well as expressive enough to represent your brand identity.
  • Maximize space, with spacing between letters in the stand design. They are a great way to improve legibility and generate visual interest.  Resorting to the use of lowercase letters will help to create more space and also make the stand design look aesthetically pleasing. 
  • Check how your stand design will look in different color spaces. Then, try to place your stand design logo against different backdrops to check if the stand design font retains its quality and readability. For greater effect, choose a versatile font that will not lose its charm irrespective of whether your stand design is on a gradient background or a solid color background.

In addition, the font you choose should be one that is as unique as your brand identity; consistent with your overall branding; reflect your brand personality; and above all, make your stand design memorable.


In a survey conducted some months back, respondents were asked why some brands stand out among the competition more than others. They listed out top three reasons – memorable content, distinct personality, and compelling storytelling in stand design.

What shapes all three of them?

The answer is Brand Voice.

Brand voice and tone is important as they give your brand character and emphasize its personality. All enduring companies have a strong brand personality with a clear sense of purpose. 

When deciding your brand voice and tone, you need to be clear on how exactly you want to communicate with your audience at the exhibition show. This is the key to showcase your brand identity and stand out from the crowd.

You can define your brand voice by becoming one among the audience and then determine how you want as a member of the audience your brand to be perceived.  


The brand tone of voice indicates a reflection of your brand personality and brand values.

To get the right tone for your branding, you should know clearly what reflects the personality of your company. That is,

  • How would you describe a brand?
  • What is the mission of your brand?
  • What makes your brand different from competitors?
  • How will a consumer summarize your brand?
  • What kind of emotions would you like your brand images to evoke?
  • How would you like the attendees at the event to experience your product or service?

As a crucial element of branding, your brand voice and tone helps to create consistency across communications channels 


A brand voice and tone helps to


Your brand personality is what that attracts your target-audience to your brand. 

In a sea of digital noise at the event, a unique brand voice can help you do just that. Just as you refine your visual identity to create a holistic brand presence, so too you must refine your brand voice and tone from time to time to present a holistic brand presence.


Brand voice is a crucial element of your branding. It is your brand voice and tone that plays a critical role in establishing brand awareness through consistency; and helps to create consistency across communication channels.

If you want the attendees at the event to identify content in your stand design without having a visual clue about what brand is being represented, you need to have a consistent brand voice and tone in all of your communication.


Your brand needs to identify its audience and use language including words and phrases that can help you forge connection with the audience; and create a more meaningful connection between your brand and its audience.


Creating a stand design to showcase your brand identity requires careful consideration of brand imagery as well as various design elements that combine to captivate the audience; communicate brand messaging; and enhance the overall visitor experience.

Use brand imagery and design elements that reflect your brand identity and evoke the desired emotions. 

Brand imagery should focus on visual impact and be visually striking enough to grab visitors’ attention from a distance. To create captivating visual impactful, ensure that brand imagery includes eye-catching graphics, supplemented by matching color lighting.

Similarly, brand design elements can include,

  • Effective branding & Graphics. While branding elements should include logos, colors, and typography to create a consistent and visual appealing stand design; graphics on the other hand should capture the visitors’ attention, generate interest; and convey the brand’s message clearly.
  • Lighting in proper form will significantly enhance the visual impact of your exhibition stand design. To highlight key areas of your stand, products, or displays, experiment with varied lighting techniques like backlighting, spotlights, etc. They help to draw attention, set the mood for your booth, and create an inviting atmosphere within your booth.
  • Technology & Interactive Elements; incorporating technology and interactive elements like interactive touch-screens; AR/VR experiences, product demos, etc, into your stand design can significantly enhance visitor engagement, and create immersive experiences. When the elements are integrated strategically to align with your brand’s objectives, they help to enhance the overall impact of your stand design and also showcase your brand identity.
  • Signage; clear eye-catching signage with wayfinding elements will help to direct foot-traffic, highlight key features of your booth, and communicate important messages to the attendees. This in turn will help to maximize visitor engagement better.
  • Furniture & Displays: Choose appropriate furniture that complements your brand’s image and showcases your brand identity as it is important for both aesthetics and functionality; and provide comfortable spaces for interaction and engagement. Similarly, use shelves or showcases to display products and position them strategically to ensure they are easily accessible and visible even from a distance.

To strike the right effect, hire a professional exhibition stand design company with the ability to understand which key elements are essential to design stands that showcase brand identity; create remarkable experiences for visitors; and stand out in the crowd at the event 


A good stand design will definitely grab attention. But when you are participating in a big exhibition event and competing with several brands, you will get to see that various brands have stand designs that are unique and different.

So in such a scenario, how do you bring attention to your stand design and showcase your brand identity?

A stand design is never complete without the appropriate and stand-out graphics. They will give it a distinctive identity; bring attention to your stand design; and showcase your brand identity

Get your exhibition stand design company designers to

  • Include carefully selected graphics that define your brand. They will give your stand design an exclusive look and also provide an overview of your brand identity to the audience.
  • Ensure that the graphics are bold and eye-catching. They help to make your brand stand out in a sea of brands and also give your stand design an inimitable look.


The graphics in your stand design needs to 


Inclusion of the appropriate graphics in your stand design will help to convey your key message to your audience. 

Determine your key message based on your exhibition show objectives; and ensure that it strikes a chord with your audience. It should also summarize what your offering is, how it will benefit the users, and why your consumer needs it.

Once you have arrived at the appropriate key message, make sure it is in alignment with your graphics. When you have the right perfect combination of graphics and message, your exhibition stand design is bound to generate a positive impact at the event.


It is said that Images speak louder than words. 

Visitors to your booth are more likely to remember the images your stand design projects rather than just plain content. The inclusion of the right images will subconsciously imprint in the minds of the viewers and help to increase brand recall value.

Additionally, your stand design with graphics will make it come alive at the event and help your target audience to identify your brand in the crowd.


Eye-catching graphics in stand design will leave a lasting impression on the visitors’ mind.

The impression will be such that even after the exhibition event is over, your graphics and stand design will be remembered for long and recalled with fondness.

When your stand design also includes a striking image with a catchy phrase, your brand will be remembered in a way that will stay imprinted in the visitors’ mind forever. To improve your stand design’s visibility in the event and generate an impact on the audience, investing in good quality stand graphics is a must.


There is a popular saying, “Change is the only constant.”

It very well sums-up the continual cycle of new trends and innovations in the technological space. Over the past few years, there has been a tremendous increase in focus on technology at exhibition events.

Incorporating advanced technologies in stand design can work wonders to enhance your brand profile, reach out to more people, and connect with the target-audience as well as strengthen business network.

The power of technology has grown to such an extent that it has already surpassed traditional methods. As a result, more and more exhibitors are taking to promoting their brands with stand design that is interactive powered by technology. Exhibition visitors as well expect to see exhibition stand design creatively integrate the latest technology.

Integrating technology into your stand design can translate into healthy return on investment, increase the number of leads, and reduce the workload of your on-stand sales team.


Essentially, exhibition stand design represents a work of art. But there are many aspects of a successful exhibition stand design creating an engaging experience with technology.

Technology is being incorporated into exhibition stand design in ways that has never been seen before. The use of technology like interactive touch-screens, interactive apps, facial recognition, AR/VR, etc, are all helping to deliver memorable immersive digital experiences.

The following trends and innovations reveal the power of technology in stand design.


A type of Augmented Spatial Reality, Projection Mapping, also known as Video Mapping, is a visual display technique that maps projected images on any surface like a building exterior or an object or a landscape or an interior wall, thereby transforming it into a video screen.

When displayed in exhibition stands, it projects a 3D visual image onto a 3D surface in the absence of ambient light and all-round glass surfaces in a way that the viewer will be left stuck with a sense of hallucination. Its performance has been so impressive that many exhibition stand design companies are using it frequently to produce optical illusions.

While 3D experience brings the delivery of brand content to life, the after-effects stay for long and add value.

What makes it so good is unlike AR or VR which are limited to mobile devices like headsets and Smartphone’s, visitors need not make investment in it. Instead, it becomes a shared social experience among the visitors; and can make the visitor experience at the exhibition stand more immersive, especially when paired with audio and video feedback.

The use of Projection Mapping at exhibition shows creates an unparalleled learning experience made possible by the value and rareness quotient in-built in the technology. This is the reason why the viewers continue to retain the brand content in their memories for long after the projection or exhibition event is over. All of these with the visitors able to overcome the multitude of noise in the background and stay mindful of the brand content only.

With its unique projection of image and video content on any surface and the 3D visual effect Projection Mapping is able to generate and offer the visitors an unparalleled immersive experience; and also help to multiply visitor-traffic flow, without a word being said.


Both Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality offer countless opportunities for interaction with customers.

With AR/VR capable devices, you can construct a three-dimensional experience of your exhibition stand thereby enabling the highest level of interaction with your exhibition stand design for your visitors.

You can get your exhibition stand design company to enhance the look and feel of your stand design with AI product demonstrations, AR photo booths, gamification, etc. This will present you an added opportunity to showcase your product or service through a simulation that will stay imprinted in the minds of the visitors who are trying your product or service.

Virtual Reality can transport users’ to all sorts of settings and provide them a broad range of experiences that they would otherwise not have. For instance, a company called North Face allowed visitors a 360° video view with a VR headset at an exhibition event. The user was transported to an epic mountain climb in Nepal where the user got to see some of the North Face products in real live action. This created a unique experience for potential customers.

Similarly, AR/VR can be used to focus on the individual and on their specific experiences. The technology for instance can be used in such a way that the visitors can customize virtual exhibits in a way completely unique to them.


Mixed Reality (mix of AR/VR) presentations work well to engage visitors with thoughtful content like creative sales pitch focused on meeting the visitors’ needs, or providing information about the company’s history. Either way, the Mixed Reality content can get deeply anchored in the visitors’ mind.

Furthermore, Mixed Reality

Lets your visitors to explore and engage with your brand’s offerings via a mobile device like an Augmented Reality (AR) Glasses or Tablet.
Creates an experience that transports visitors to a production facility or a sales floor or a warehouse, and beyond. This will give the visitors a feel of how it is to be in such environments and guides them through the process in the environments. Like for instance, guiding visitors through a manufacturing process in the production facility.
Integrates AR with product presentations to deliver additional information with selection options.

Product demonstrations are traditionally limited to products that can be brought to the exhibition show physically or electronically displayed on TV Monitors. With Mixed Reality technology, you can display the whole product line regardless of the exhibition stand size or display capabilities.

Mixed Reality when used creatively helps to increase leads. This can be achieved by requesting participant’s information as part of the Mixed Reality processes. For instance, lead capture devices like badge scanners or business cards can make this a simple and natural process, by creating an interactive experience that motivates the visitors to learn more your company. This in turn will help to generate high quality leads based on the visitors’ real interest.


For some years now, exhibition show games have been generating interest and encouraging visitors to take part in them. Of late, they have become a hot trend as they provide the exhibitors an opportunity to interact with them, and get their contact information. On the whole, they have proved to be extremely effective in drawing attention to stand design and maximizing lead generation.

There was a time when they were limited to the small screens. Today, thanks to their growing sophistication, they can be put on large format displays which can work very well to draw the attention of the attendees at the event to your stand design.

Besides, they help to promote sharing of achievements and experiences among visitors, in friendly competitions. A good example is that of a visitor playing a branded game on a giant screen. During the course of the play, the visitor will get connected with the brand thereby reinforcing vital messages about the brand’s products. Simultaneously, the visitor will be sharing the experience with passers-by. The whole process will be a fun experience which will further encourage the passersby to take active part in the game.

Gamification with competition, rules of play, points, and rewards, all will facilitate greater participation of visitors; and make the whole experience more rewarding and enriching.


In the age of Smartphone’s, there is an app for almost everything. The use of mobile apps is ubiquitous, so much that it is inconceivable to think about daily lives without using different mobile apps. They make our lives so much easier and better.

As an exhibitor, creating a mobile app for your stand will help to make your exhibition stand design more interactive and accessible to more people. It will allow your potential customers’ to interact with and be an active part of your brand involving selves in your stand design.

Likewise, creating a QR Code will allow your visitors to download any type of document, make virtual tours of your stand or office, and several other possibilities. They will also be able to visit your stand or office with freedom and discover for themselves what your company has to offer them.


The innovation of motion-sensing Virtual Walls will make your booth walls interactive. By using LED and Projector Screens, you will be able to provide your stand visitors access to a digital canvas; and allow them to write notes, or make drawings, or even play touch-screen games.

Virtual walls are conceived by the senses. Visitors will be able to see them, touch them, and feel their texture. The power of Virtual Walls technology is such that it can stimulate the human senses to the extent it becomes like reality.

Some months back, a new device was developed at the renowned Carnegie Mellon University. The device simulates the feel of obstacles and heavy objects like walls, and sculptural artwork in a way that allows people to touch them and feel the surface texture. Such a device can well be used by exhibitors to generate wall divisions at their booths as it has the potential to provide an experience that creates surprises.

Similarly, proximity sensors and cube-shaped LED lights are making waves. They allow you to vary the floor’s color feel in response to foot-traffic. Likewise, by deploying responsive LED flooring, you can include your own twister game or a dancing contest.


One of the hottest trends at exhibition events of late is turning product presentations into educational games. The games require active participation as the user must perform certain actions beforehand in order to increase their score or win a prize.

This way, your brand will be able to catch the visitors’ full attention and get them to be loyal to your company.


Another hot trend at exhibition shows in 2023 has been photo booths using advanced face recognition.

A photo booth using advanced face recognition software allows the viewer to see self in a mirror with many additional effects; and also, project self onto beautiful landscapes or try on new clothes and make-up, and more. Overall, this type of photo booth provides a fun way to exhibitors to promote their business and their offerings at exhibition events.


Have you ever experienced an impression in a 4D cinema?

If not, then fret no more.

Multisensory installations create multi-dimensional experiences using a 360-degree projection environment. This culminates in a mix of sounds, smells, and feedback, as a result of which the sensory experience anchors the brand in the psyche of the user. For instance, a company called Berkley’s provided its users an out-of-the-blue experience for their drinks at an exhibition event. The experience involved enhancing the taste of the drinks through the use of 4D technology; and each time, the user tried a different drink, the user was immersed in a different multi-sensory environment.


Rapid advances in lighting technology in recent years have allowed exhibitors to gain access to a large range of lighting options. As a result, they are able to create the right ambiance in and around their stand designs.

In 2023, Textured Glass Lighting has become a hot trend. Although the use of glass in accent lighting is not new, the introduction of artistic textured details from gentle patterns to delicate ribbing and more, is new that has become a hot trend in exhibitions.

What makes it exceptional is that the embossed patterns and textures in textured glass lighting help to showcase the light beautifully and add character to stand design infusing it with a unique look.

Other hot trends include,

Lighting Installations using the same fixture in varied colors, shapes, and sizes. They help to create interesting clusters around the stand design.
LED Lighting in its latest form helps to enhance the appeal of the stand design several times more than earlier versions.
LED Monitors with simple headsets. Many exhibitors are already using them and leveraging the monitor screens to produce augmented and virtual reality experiences, cost-effectively. Visitors will only need to use a simple headset to be transported into the reality world. When the high-energy, eye-catching format of the LED Monitor is balanced with clean and simple signage, or large format hanging structures, they make for a grand visual spectacle.


The cost of LEDs over the past few years has reduced considerably. They have not only become more affordable today but have also become more sophisticated than ever.

Two of the most remarkable developments in LED technology have taken place during the last few years. The first one is that of Curved Transparent LEDs. The development of Curved Transparent LEDs has allowed exhibitors to build anything with them including organic shapes in stand design. This is a far cry from the past when the construction of LEDs was possible only as a part of a flat wall of roughly 6 inches thick.The other inspirational development relates to immersive LEDs. Immersive LEDs involves the use of magnetic lights fixed to a metal structure in a way that showcases the formation of all kinds of stand designs. Additionally, immersive LEDs also facilitate three-dimensional experience without the need for any kind of wires or headsets. The visitors will be able to enjoy the experience as a whole rather than enjoy them one at a time as is the case with Virtual Reality.


The year 2022 witnessed quite a few LED tunnels in square and round shape on exhibition floors.

With the price of LEDs dropping drastically, more rental kits have become easily available for tunnels. This trend is expected to grow in 2023 and evolve further in the years to come.


The year 2022 also witnessed the evolution of LED flooring to a new level.

Thanks to developments in technology, newer versions of floor LEDs come with powerful resolution that matches the resolution of the floor as well as walls. This makes it possible for exhibitors to have animations, graphics, and video show on the floor as well as the wall.


In past exhibition shows, LED tiles were used by exhibitors to add dimension and unique animations as a part of stand’s structure.

That trend has now been replaced by LED (Light Emitting Diode) Video Display Tiles. With seamless LED tiles, you will be able to showcase multiple ad pieces in the same space, and seamlessly blend changing messages, images, and differing colors across the entire structure of the display and not just one section of the display.

There are two types of LED tiles, Flexible LED Tiles and Transparent LED Tiles.

A Flexible LED Tile is made up of LED pixels that is pitched on a pliant material like rubber, and insulated with a flexible transparent material on both sides. This helps to protect it from damage, and make it highly resilient. Aside from this, Flexible LED tiles can be mounted in almost any setting; and flex and curve around corners and shapes. The possibilities with flexible LED tiles are endless especially when it is in the hands of a clever designer. They are especially suitable for aesthetic designs and can immerse visitors in a magical world of color and light with the video panel wrapping around varied angles and shapes. The only drawback is they are pretty expensive when compared to rigid LED tiles.

Transparent LED Tiles are similar to standard LED Tiles in all ways, except that they are mounted on clear glass panels rather than on an opaque black surface. What gives them an edge is that they are for the most part, transparent except when they are powered off; and images on them appear as sharp as those on opaque panels.

Overall, seamless LED tiles can greatly enhance your exhibition stand design to make it environmental-oriented. Better still, they are lightweight; long lasting; and more versatile than other structural options which mean they will offer value for your money.


Printed flooring has been a hot trend for sometimes now. It has come into prominence with exhibitors looking to maximize their stand space and size by leveraging even flooring.

Custom-printed vinyl for flooring helps the floor to generate an impressive look. Similarly, Printed Vinyl can also generate high quality graphics with detailed finishes. More importantly, they are reusable which makes them a very cost-effective option.

The ability of Printed Flooring to generate an eye-catching floor can make the visitors stop on their tracks and stay engrossed in your stand design experience.


Using technology to complement your exhibition stand design is not as easy as it seems to be. Besides, working with technology is more complex and complicated than doing it with traditional elements.

Make it easy by hiring a professional exhibition stand design company well-versed with the latest in technology trends and innovation in stand design. This will give you access to the wise advice of professionals specialized in different and latest facets of technology. They are better equipped and better positioned to manage and use the power of technology in stand design. Besides, they will have all the traditional solutions under control like Painting, Lighting, Metal Work, Carpentry, etc.

You will also stand to get the benefit of a wide range of possibilities with technology; and choosing the solution that best fits your requirements.

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