Modular Exhibition Stands

That can make your small or mid-sized stand, stand out!

9 Sq. Mt

Who says an exhibition stand constructed using modular exhibition systems needs to be dull or unappealing? Your modular exhibition stand can be stylish and sleek with full-wall backlit graphics, powder coated frames, LED integration, and product display options. Take a look at some of the innovative stall designs we’ve created using modular solutions.

  • IND001- 001- 3X3 -AM-IND-219

  • IND002-002-3X3-AM-IND-220

  • IND003-003-3X3-AM-IND-221

  • IND004-004-3X3-AM-IND-222

  • IND005-005-3X3-AM-IND-223

  • IND006-006-3X3-AM-IND-224

  • IND007-007-3X3-AM-IND-225

  • IND008-008-3X3-AM-IND-226

  • IND009-009-3X3-AM-IND-227

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