3 Reasons why Experiential Marketing is Necessary

3 Reasons why Experiential Marketing is Necessary

The World is changing and with it the needs of the people as well. Customers nowadays have been started to get less excited about the marketing ads and now, they actually avoid them totally. So, what should the companies do to get connect with them on a more emotional level? The answer is reaching the people in a more emotional and engaging way and that’s why to create memorable experiences for them.

Here are the 3 main reasons why you should implement experiential that marketing in your plan:

  • Lasting Connection with Consumers

Through experiential marketing, many brands are connecting with the customers for a lifetime. This is because it goes beyond sales and buying and is more about creating an experience for the consumers. It results in higher brand loyalty just like American Express’s AI tennis game at the 2017 U.S. Open let event-goers enhance their experience while associating American Express with something besides tickets and souvenir purchases.

  • Getting More Data

When it comes to marketing, knowledge is power. That’s why collecting consumer data is a crucial factor for any company as it helps them figure out in what ways they can effectively reach the consumers. Moreover, product developers need to understand what changes the consumers need and what will be better for them.

  • Understanding of Your Product

The main marketing goal of a brand is to educate the customers about the product. That’s why experiential marketing is what most companies need. People like to gain new experiences and this type of marketing is all about creating experiences for them.  In fact, about 65% of consumers say that live events and product demonstrations helped them fully understand a product better than any commercial or another method could.

Experiential marketing has the power to elevate the connections and create a better relationship between the brand and the customer.

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