Stay prepared for your next domestic exhibition show

Adopt the right agenda for a domestic exhibition show

Keep yourself prepared for a successful domestic exhibition design show.

Despite decades of experience, anxiety still overruns everyone that something is missed out or one last thing is yet pending to be done. It isn’t simply your own packing list, but the myriad of details that your team requires to feel confident whenever the stress makes a comeback. The stress is really unnecessary since all can be controlled with a touch of planning and preparation. Thus some worthy tidbits below to help you make your show reach the zenith.

Advance Preparation

  • Inspect your advance cargo

    One last time to make sure nothing was missed. Any last minute things may be overnighted to your hotel room for the safety before your arrival.

  • Organise a binder for every attendee

    From your company that features native maps and data, directions and photos of the show booth setup, everyone’s flight and accommodation arrangements, and anything that the exhibition staff may need on site.

  • Update your calendar and your out-of-office message

    Leave your complete itinerary for the team staying at the workplace.


  • Maintain a backup of all of your vital phone and email contacts

    Together with your 24-hour show contact and your booth design setup personnel. A lost, stolen or broken phone will leave you feeling helpless at the time when you want it most. Additionally taking a cloud backup, a physical address book (along with written copies of core documents) may be a lifesaver.

    • A first aid and private care kit should be a must

      Additional to your usual list of toiletries, breath mints and hand sanitizer are vital for all the meeting and greeting you’ll do. Bandages and ointments are useful for surprising papercuts or heel blisters from long days in dress shoes. Along with your prescription medications, take care to bring painkillers, eye drops, antihistamines, and anti-diarrheals for any unforeseen problems. Take care to follow exhibition stand design agency tips for packing liquids.

  • Your personal and professional travel supplies

    Need to contain snacks, business cards, tweezers, duct tape, tiny scissors, a needle and thread, a leatherman or connected multi-tool, smoothing iron, travel pillow, extra travel bag tags, zip ties to keep booth wiring neat, and few zip lock bags.

  • Your personal tech gadgets

    Need to have redundant systems within the event of loss or power loss. Your phone, laptop/tablet, a transportable LAN hotspot, multiple device charging cords/station, a portable power bank, noise-reducing headphones for the flight, and 2 USB sticks can get you through a tech crisis.

  • For the exhibition show attire

     2 pairs of comfortable shoes are required. Take care to pack a nice range of clothing for the exhibit show, post hours events, sleepwear for the hotel, and airline travel.

Travel Day

  • Keep your airline documents handy.

    Most travellers usually sign in online and prefer digital boarding passes. Still, it may be useful to print out a backup copy of your boarding pass, reservation details, itinerary details and confirmation details.

  • Carry a valid ID

    The Security Administration can raise all travellers to carry a real and valid ID-compliant driver’s license or alternate acceptable identification to fly domestically. Travellers won’t be able to cross the security check without it. All state DMVs already issue compliant licenses, whereas others are granted an extension to form their internal processes and IDs compliant. There are a variety of alternative styles of acceptable ID.

  • Observe rules for checked and carry-on baggage.

    Security agencies recently thought-about loosening security checks at some tiny and medium airports. Thanks to these constantly-changing rules, it’s best to perpetually check current rules. And since every domestic airline additionally has distinctive rules and charges associated to checked and carry-on baggage, it’s value checking the airline’s website for acceptable weight, baggage dimensions and alternative restrictions. Applying and paying for the security precheck service perhaps be a worthy investment for frequent travelers. Agencies wish to avoid wasting time at arrival and avoid the trouble of removing shoes, belts, etc. at security checkpoints.

For a lot of recommendations on exhibiting, Get in touch or visit our website. Have a secure trip, and a productive trade show!

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