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Best Conference Stall Designs You Can Opt For Your Exhibition

Before meeting with your show partner for the first time, do some research on the design elements that are best suited for your goals.

Look out for bespoke conference stall designs online for inspiration, and make a list of the key elements you want to include in your own booth design.

Take the time to look around the booths when you attend a show. Make a note of any booths that stand out, as well as the factors that contributed to their success:

  • Graphics that are big and bold.
  • The attention of the audience is drawn to enormous hanging signs.
  • VR/AR and interactive features in product displays that are exciting
  • Knowing what specific design elements you want to add to your booth will be beneficial when speaking with an exhibit designer.
Examples of common design elements are as follows:
  • Dangling structures
  • Towers
  • Backwards walls
  • Counters
  • Meeting rooms are available.
  • Kiosks with media are available.
  • Product shelving and displays
  • Storage compartments (counters, closet, etc.)
What Type of Exhibit Should Your Business Have?

While building a home, zoning and land limits must be overcome by creative use of space. As any seasoned exhibitor can attest, exhibition space is both expensive and limited, forcing the same creative use of space to maximize impact. When planning your next exhibition exhibit, keep the following space-related design issues in mind:

  • Make sure there’s adequate space in your exhibition booth for both employees and attendees.
  • If you wish to display anything, make sure your booth has enough space.
  • Consider renting private conference rooms for your show if you want a more personal meeting space.

Attendees can save time by making use of the available booth space. Potential clients are less inclined to linger and interact with show employees if it’s difficult for them to maneuver and they’re battling for space with other attendees.

 Describe Your Company’s Story

One of the primary goals of attending a exhibition is to educate the public about a company. As a result, no visitor should leave an exhibit area without a clear understanding of the brand they just witnessed, and they should be forced to concentrate on your portrayal of the best conference stall designs.

A exhibition booth could help with the storytelling aspect of presenting. Without the need for a booth staffer to say anything, the design of a exhibition booth can visually reflect a brand’s history and intentions.

The company culture, mission, and commitment to their community and consumers must all be carefully considered in order to let the public know who they are and what they stand for. Attendees will remember this message if the exhibit graphics are well-designed. Every exhibitor should be aware of the value of visual media as a storytelling tool.

The following are some suggestions for telling your story:

  • Consider the turning points in your business’s history.
  • Examine the production process for your product; is it unique or interesting?
  • Always be sincere in your story and never brag. Look for ways to evoke a strong emotional reaction from your audience.
  • Give your audience a reason to care about what you’re saying. You’ll be able to connect with them if you understand their demands. Consider their path and any obstacles they could encounter.
  • A well-told story is both amusing and educational. Building your booth with your storey in mind can help you achieve this goal. Stories are a wonderful way to evoke action from clients without appearing intrusive.

Illustrations for exhibitions

The graphics are the most important part of the greatest conference stall designs. The difference between capturing attendees’ attention and garnering a significant volume of booth traffic and becoming just another exhibit on a crowded show floor is high-impact graphics.

Make use of vibrant colours

While your colour scheme should complement the rest of your marketing materials, it should also stand out. Your display will blend into the background if you use too many boring or neutral colours. If you don’t have any brighter colours in your palette, use metallic surfaces or unusual textures instead.

  • Make certain that the colours you chose to elicit the emotions you want your visitors to experience. In order to attract prospects and provide a big return on investment, a exhibition exhibit must have a high level of visual appeal.
  • Don’t Underestimate the Importance of Lighting
  • A well-lit home can draw attention to architectural details while hiding flaws. The same may be said for a exhibition exhibit that uses lighting in a creative and original way.
  • Dimly lit exhibits are a common error at most exhibitions. It’s crucial to have a well-lit display so that visitors can view the most important features of your photographs.
  • Other crucial components of your exhibit, such as product displays and promotional materials, can also be illuminated with lighting.


SOL has always been driven by a desire to create creative exhibition stand designs, which are custom-built booths that are complemented by a comprehensive range of display services. We are a successful exhibition stand builder with a professional staff of outstanding exhibition stall designers and an in-house production team that can turn your stand into an award-winning exhibition stall. We provide expert exhibition stall fabrication that considers all elements in order to match the booth concepts’ design criteria.


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