Best Giveaways for Exhibition Booths

Best Giveaways for Exhibition Booths

Exhibition booths are a great opportunity for companies to showcase their products and services to potential clients. Nevertheless, attracting visitors to your booth and keeping them engaged long enough to make a lasting impact might be difficult. Offering gifts that are not only appealing but also relevant to your company and valuable to the consumer is an excellent way to attract people’s attention. Let’s go through some of the top exhibition booth giveaways.

Branded Pen and Notepads

Branded pens and notepads are a classic giveaway that never goes out of style. They are economical, functional, and offer a daily reminder of your brand. Attendees can take notes during presentations, write down ideas, or even utilise the pens and notepads in their daily life. You establish an ongoing advertisement for your brand by including your logo and contact information on the items.

Hand Sanitizer

Hand sanitizer is one of the most practical and relevant giveaway given the ongoing health crisis. There is high chance the attendee is going to use the products as exhibition shows are mostly crowded and in confined spaces. Consider providing a travel-sized hand sanitizer bottle that visitors can easily carry in their bags or pocket.

Tote Bags

Tote bags are another popular freebie that can be used to carry other event promotional products. The key to making this giveaway work is to create an elegant and practical bag. Visitors are more likely to use the bag if it is large enough to store all of their conference materials, is easy to handle, and looks appealing. To make a lasting impact, consider putting your brand logo and a catchy slogan on the bag.

Water Bottles

Water bottles are a useful giveaway that attendees are likely to utilise during as well as after the event. By providing a branded water bottle, you establish a positive association between your brand and a healthy lifestyle. To make the bottle stand out from the crowd, try using a creative design or tagline.

Power Bank

Power banks have become a must-have accessory as we rely so much on our mobile devices. Giving away a branded power bank is a practical present that visitors are probably going to like. They will not only use it at the event, but they will be reminded of your brand whenever they use it in the future.

USB Drives

USB drives are another useful giveaway that attendees are likely to use after the event is over. You can provide a branded USB drive and pre-load it with details about your business, products, and services. This offers a continuous advertisement for your brand that visitors may access at any time.

Stress Balls

Trade exhibitions can be overwhelming, with visitors suffering from overstimulation. Giving them a stress ball is a fun and useful method to help visitors reduce some of their stress. Stress balls are inexpensive and can be customized with your company logo, making them an excellent marketing tool.

In Conclusion, providing gifts is a great approach to draw visitors to your show booth and leave a lasting impression. You may build a positive connection between your brand and the guests by selecting practical, relevant, and appealing gifts. Ensure to include your company logo and contact information on the freebie in order to create a continuous advertisement for your brand.


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