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Best Practices for Building Better Trade Shows

The nature of events is changing and with it the responsibilities of the exhibition stall designers and organizers.

In addition to all or any of the opposite roles they are asked to require (empathetic storytellers, tech-savvy marketers), today’s exhibition stall designers and show organizers need to be strategists also . That is due to the fact that successful brand experiences are not one time events, they are an ongoing part and reflect the brand.  Figuring out the way to weave that narrative through your entire marketing mix requires a touch of planning and a few good insights.

Here are five best practices to assist you retain your next fair on strategy and on track. 

  • Identify your goals and expectations

The problem many organizations run into is that the event strategy breaks away the business strategy.Aligning missions and goals of the company will help in creating a stronger value proposition and also enhances the power to showcase the impact of the event. It helps in creating a stronger value proposition and increases the power to showcase the impact of the event. Brand experience may be a communications channel, it can be considered as a vehicle for spreading the message of the organization. It’s also how to impact the industry and membership by providing content, and access to innovations and products which will push the industry forward.

  • Optimize your budget

For most event organizers, a budget may be a predefined dollar amount. So as to urge extra money or make changes, the approval process will sometimes require sign-off from a board of directors or other assembled body, which isn’t always easy to try to do during a timely manner. And sometimes, event organizers need to stop doing X so as to try to go to Y. These kinds of challenges are often traced to political ownership, a scarcity of understanding of real impact on the audience.

A need for change has got to be established first, so it’s imperative that it gets addressed. Create urgency around desired changes by pointing to benchmarks on industry research to assist make your case. CEIR and ESI are great resources which will help provide performance benchmarks for event organizers.

  • Think Like Your Audience

Designing a brand experience requires a touch insight into who your audiences are, what they need and the way they think. Before proceeding further you need to question yourself as if you were an audience. Focus on few of the questions given below. 

  • What motivates them to form a decision?
  • Where are they in their career?
  • What do they need to accomplish as a result of coming to an occasion or conference?
  • And from where they can avail the information they want?

Knowing your audience helps you meet up with putting together an occasion that addresses their needs and exceeds their expectations.

  • Tap Into Data

Did you recognize that data can deliver deep insights for your event strategy?

For example, if an occasion has been increasing attendance by about two percent year over year but the industry vertical shows a rate of growth of 5 percent, then the event is underperforming in its space and therefore the strategy may have to make some adjusting.

Sometimes the sole surveys administered to attendees or members are more about satisfaction or feedback on a selected issue. Therein case, you will want to believe in benchmarks.

Data can help us to course-correct, which is why it’s important to form it a neighborhood of the strategy process.

  • Engage Year-Round

In today’s world, the event isn’t over after the exhibits are dismantled and everybody goes home.

Capturing an attendees mind for retaining them  and increasing the audience base is much crucial for the exhibition stall designers and show organisers.Designing a communications strategy that has touch points throughout the year is efficient, thanks to the engaging target audiences.

By maintaining a presence and awareness with targets, and layering opportunities to possess a conversation, spark a discussion on a controversial topic or use a digital channel to make interest, event organizers can shorten the sales cycle and therefore the timeframe for decision-making about attending a conference or event.

There’s a reason almost two-thirds of marketers believe the facility of brand name experiences to interact attendees and make them feel valued. This is often a medium that mixes storytelling and meaningful interactions to make connections between brands and audiences. It’s enormous potential to capture the eye of attendees, exhibitors and sponsors alike, but a carefully executed strategy is the key to unlocking its full potential.

Like everything else in life, you would like an honest plan to organize a great trade show and it is expected by the exhibition stall designers that they create a unique and appealing exhibition stall design to attract the audience and make the  trade show a great success.

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