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Exhibition company, stall design, stand design, stall fabrication, booth design

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We are an exhibition stand design agency in India that provides customized, portable and modular exhibition stands for exhibitions and conferences.

Exhibition company, stall design, stand design, stall fabrication, booth design

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As a one of best stand design companies in India, we have a client-centric approach for the exhibition stands and aim to deliver it with 100% customer satisfaction.

Exhibition company, stall design, stand design, stall fabrication, booth design

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Being one of the top exhibition stall design companies in India, we create a variety of exhibition stalls including customized stands, modular, and portable displays.

Top 10 great ideas for creating an excellent Booth Design

1. Understand your audience

Knowing your target audience is essential when it comes to creating a booth design that appeals to them. Take the time to research your audience, their demographics, and what they are looking for in a booth design.

2. Get feedback

Before you finalize your booth design, get feedback from customers, friends, and family. Ask them for their opinions and make changes based on their feedback.

3. Incorporate traditional Indian elements

Incorporating traditional Indian elements such as motifs, patterns, and fabrics can give your booth a unique and authentic feel. Customers looking for something different and unique may benefit from this.

4. Use high-quality materials
The materials you use for your booth are important, as they can affect the overall look and feel of your booth. Use high-quality materials that are long-lasting and simple to maintain.

5. Keep it simple and uncluttered

A cluttered booth can be overwhelming and off-putting to customers. Keep your booth design simple and uncluttered to make it more inviting and easy to navigate.

6. Free Wi-fi access

One way to becoming popular in the exhibition show is to offer free access to a Wi-Fi hotspot within your exhibition booth design. You may set your password creatively at the booth area. This will encourage your visitors to come around and receive a password. For free WIFI connectivity at your expo stall, all you need is a 4G internet provider. You can then take advantage of the moment when folks are nearby to strike up a discussion.

7. Be unexpected and playful

Be creative when it comes to creating the best exhibition booth design stands. A table, charging stations, and nice chairs are boring. They are also similar to the offerings of every other exhibit stand. Instead, be imaginative. Interactive displays, such as those where stand visitors can experiment with lighting and interact with demo products. You can also have fun with activities like a foosball table or corn-hole..

8. Make the most of your space
Whether you have a large or small booth, you can make the most of every square foot. With little space, you can make the most of it by hanging a vibrant banner behind you. You may even take advantage of the high ceilings by tying over a dozen three-foot-wide balloons to the booth to make it appear even larger. It really works! People can see your stand from a long distance.

By following these ideas, you can create an excellent booth design in India that will help you stand out and attract customers. Remember to understand your audience, use vibrant colors, incorporate traditional Indian elements, and make use of interactive elements. With the right approach, you can create a booth design that will help you succeed in the Indian market.

Also, it’s important to note that in addition to these ideas, it is essential to comply with the regulations and guidelines of the venue or event where the booth will be set up. Make sure to check the available space, power supply, and any other restrictions before finalizing the design.

In summary, creating an excellent booth design in India requires a combination of creativity, research, and attention to detail. By understanding your audience, using vibrant colors, incorporating traditional Indian elements, and making use of interactive elements, you can create a booth design that will help you stand out and attract customers in the crowded Indian market.

Happy Exhibiting!


Exhibition events present an enviable opportunity for your business to stand out at the event and make your brand counted among the audience.

However, for your brand to stand out in a crowd of visitors, you will need a booth design that is designed to tell your story, display your offerings, and invite potential customers’ to engage with your brand 

An exhibition booth design is an essential ingredient of any successful exhibition presence. It is not only the physical representation of your brand; but is also the first impression that a potential customer has of your company.


A booth design refers to a design that creates an attractive and engaging space for your company to promote its offerings; and engage potential customers’.

The main goal of a booth design is to create a space that draws the attention of the audience; generates a good first impression; and gets people talking about your brand.

To make an impact, your booth design should be creative, visually pleasing, unique and effective enough to provide a clear message about what your brand is all about. This will help to create a lasting impression on the attendees.

When designing your booth, certain factors need to be taken into consideration. Like for instance, the size and shape of the booth; the materials used to create the booth; and the overall look and feel of the booth. Additionally, aspects like how the booth will be used, what kind of activities it will need to accommodate; and how it needs to provide an engaging experience for the visitors.

Ultimately, a well-designed booth will make it easier for the visitors to find and engage with your brand; and convey your message in an engaging way.


When you invest in a custom exhibition booth design for your next event, you get to create a cohesive and stimulating experience for attendees, generate a more positive impression of your brand, and stand out at the exhibition event. 

If your booth design achieves that, it will become easier for prospective customers’ to connect with your brand.

This guide on ‘Art of Mastering Booth Design’ that stands out at your next event will help your booth design to stand apart from the competition at the exhibition event.


First and foremost, when designing an exhibition booth, you need to keep in mind the layout of the floor space allocated to your booth.

Make sure to 

  • Include ample empty space within your booth layout and at the same ensure that it does not have much clutter at any time during the event.
  • Create a hassle-free path using product displays or walls or other features to assist the attendees through the displays in your booth.

If you have a proper and well-organized booth layout, it will make it easy for the attendees to navigate through your booth and connect with the booth design, reduce confusion and chaos, and prevent attendees from missing out on important highlights of your booth.


To get the best value for your investment in a booth design, it must stand out at the exhibition event.

Towards this end, ensure that your exhibition booth design and branding is memorable from signage to interactive elements.


  • Use durable materials for your booth displays. This will ensure that your booth displays stay long lasting and be able to withstand the rigors of the exhibition event and stress of travel.

  • Brand everything around your booth design, including promotional items like water bottles, pens and pencils, laptop covers, etc.

In addition to the above, opt for booth displays that are recyclable as they will help to enhance the aura of your booth design a notch up.


Like signage, your booth design creates the first impression of your brand on the exhibition floor.

So make it count and ensure that it is impressive and eye-catching enough to leave the viewers’ mesmerized.  It should include attractive visuals, fresh graphics, and updated paneling or displays that will catch potential customers’ eyes and draw them in to your booth.

ELSE, the money you spend on booth space and staffing as well as booth design will go waste if you happen to skimp on visual elements. Hence, invest wisely in your booth design by making it vibrant enough to stand out at the exhibition event.


Attendees at the exhibition event should not just get to see your booth design but should also experience it as well. 

You need to think about engaging their other senses. Like for instance, if yours is a travel agency firm showcasing at the exhibition event, having sounds of nature to supplement the booth design will work very well to engage the other senses of the attendees at the event. Similarly, if yours is a coffee manufacturing company showcasing at the event, you can enhance the overall experience of the attendees with the smell of your coffee product brewing and wafting around your booth. 


Every element of your booth as well as booth design should speak a story about your brand. From the graphics and colors to the exhibits arrangements, giveaways, and more, your booth design should be a narration of what your brand stands for, its values, and above all, its offerings.

You also need to make sure that your booth design 

  • Is visually appealing with an aesthetic appeal that aligns with your brand’s identity. In addition, keep in mind that it has appropriate color schemes, graphics, and overall design style that match your brand profile.
  • Is designed for your specific needs. Suppose you are showcasing a product, then ensure that there is ample space for product demonstrations. Similarly, if you intend to network more during the event then create a comfortable space within the booth to facilitate proper and hassle-free discussions with prospective clients, etc.

To make your booth design more accessible to the attendees, ensure that your booth is easy to navigate with minimal or no clutter. In addition, maintain open lines of sight and also ensure that the signage is clear and visible to the attendees from afar.


Make sure your booth design 

  • Is simple and uncluttered. Avoid at all cost excess of elements as they can overwhelm the visitors. Instead, keeping it simple with focus on key elements will help to draw the attention of the attendees at the event.
  • Has a cohesive theme that reflects your brand and resonates with your target audience. This will help your booth design to create a more unified look and feel. Select a theme that reflects your brand and resonates with your target audience.
  • Uses strong visuals inclusive of high-quality images and videos. They are a great way to draw the attendees’ attention, generate a strong lasting impression, and make your booth design stand out.
  • Features minimalistic design with clean lines and attractive visuals. This will help to create a professional and sophisticated look of your brand to the audience.
  • Features bold colors, vivid graphics, and interactive elements. This will help to project a bold statement of your brand and draw attention of the audience to your products.
  • Includes interactive elements like games or quizzes as they will help to lure the attendees into your booth, engage them better, and provide a memorable experience.
  • Incorporates technology like AR/VR, interactive touch-screens, etc, as they help to create a more engaging and immersive experience for the viewers.
  • Uses signage that is bold and vivid in appearance. They will help to draw the attention of the attendees and get your brand message across effectively.

In addition, ensure that the atmosphere in and around your booth and booth design is comfortable. Towards this end, provide comfortable seating with ample space for the visitors to move around.


Incorporating technology into your exhibition booth design can give you an edge over your competitors. Like for instance, the use of interactive touch-screens can create an engaging experience for booth visitors.

When integrating technology in your booth design, make sure 

  • Interfaces are intuitive and accessible. This will enhance rather than complicate the user experience.
  • Technology aligns with your brand’s image and purpose. If yours is a tech company for instance, then the VR experiences must reflect its tech profile. Similarly, if yours is a fitness brand, then a fitness tracker demo will be more appropriate. Overall, technology should serve a purpose, that is your brand’s purpose rather than simply stay as a trendy show.


To stand out at your next event and make a lasting impression, your booth design should captivate the attendees. 

Your booth design is a physical representation of your brand.

The use of creative elements from interactive displays to experiential marketing tactics can transform the look and feel of your booth design and make a visit to your booth a must for the attendees. Each of the elements of the booth design should be intentional and contribute to the overall brand experience. 

With the right fusion of creativity allied with a bit of strategic planning, your booth can become a powerful tool for realizing your marketing goals and objectives.


Maintaining a thematic consistency is important, as it is termed as the true foundation of trust.

This includes consistency in colors, fonts, graphics, and messages. 

Thematic consistency helps to bridge your booth design with your brand identity; create a unified brand experience; and above all, make your booth an immersive brand experience for the visitors.

If done accordingly, it will make your exhibition booth design an exhilarating experience for the attendees.


The appearance and presentation of your booth design plays a critical part when it comes to standing out in the crowd. 

Your booth design must include the right visuals with creative infusion of elements like colors, textures, lights, or sounds. 


  • Showcase your booth design in a way that is visible from all angles and keeps the attendees engrossed. This will be especially beneficial if the visitors converge from different directions.
  • Present your eco-friendly credentials with the use of eco-friendly materials like bamboo or aluminum; or eco-friendly lighting system like LED lights. 
  • Choreograph your booth display’s lights and sound in a way that will make it an instant attraction with the audience at the exhibition show.
  • Contains the perfect Instagrammable backdrop with your brand logo hung above your booth space; backdrop with a color-blocked geometric pattern will make for a bright spectacle. 

Overall, your booth design must be presented in a way that adapts seamlessly to the layout of your booth space. Get your booth designer to leverage elements that align with the emotions and tone of your brand, in innovative ways. If done accordingly, it will help to generate curiosity among the audience at the event, evoke excitement, and produce a favorable atmosphere in and around your booth space. 


Lighting plays a key role in enhancing the look and feel of booth design. 

The effective use of lighting in your booth can play a pivotal role in producing an enticing atmosphere in and around your booth while at the same time helping to draw the attendees’ attention to key areas of your booth or products.

Here are some ways how you can use some of the lighting products, 

  • AMBIENT LIGHTING: As the overall light in your booth, it should be bright enough to make your booth inviting. At the same time, ensure that it is not too bright enough to make your booth appear blinding.

  • ACCENT LIGHTING: When used creatively, it works very well to highlight specific areas or objects in your booth.

  • TASK LIGHTING: It works well to complement specific tasks like product demos or information counters, enriching the settings in and around them.

A well-designed booth should also take into consideration customer-journey. This should involve taking into account the visitor’s journey from seeing your booth to engaging with your booth staff team and exhibits, follow-up after the exhibition event, and more.

Additionally, the booth design should also facilitate the customer-journey in a way that creates a seamless and positive experience for the attendee.


Take advantage of the exhibition event to showcase your eco-friendly credentials.

In today’s eco-conscious world, sustainability has become the buzzword in the corporate world. As a result, it becomes imperative for every corporate company to display their eco-friendly credentials by presenting a booth design with a theme that’s environment-friendly.

Aside from this, ensure that your booth design uses sustainable materials and follows sustainable practices that are good for the environment. If done appropriately, it can strike a chord with the attendees.


Your booth design can be only as good as the staff manning your booth (they represent your brand’s image and aptitude).

So, make sure that your booth staff is well-trained in not just product knowledge and sakes but also in booth etiquette and visitor-engagement. They should provide competent answers to booth visitors and also stay as active and engaging hosts in your booth space.


What do the visitors exactly want to see at exhibitions? 

Visitors like to see something unusual that they have never seen or heard of before. 

Think outside the box and make your booth space unique and an instant point of attraction. Like for instance, a booth space made in an unconventional shape or a booth space with a booth design that includes creative graphics and eye-catching textures. They will make the visitors stop on their tracks and divert their attention towards your exhibits. 


Giving giveaways with interactive elements speaking about your brand in a way will help to generate leads and attract valuable prospects and contacts.

Some good examples include innovative branded bags or pens or t-shirts or wallet or drinkware; competition cards with one of your major product/service as a prize to the winner; or creative messages that will get people thinking about your brand. 

There are several more unique ideas that can be used to make your booth design stand out from the crowd. Like for instance, some type of game of contest that piques the interest of the attendees at the event

Contests can include a game related to your offerings. Make sure to spread such contests over the course of the day. Then, you can get people to come back to your booth at a certain time to know if they have won. This will keep your exhibition booth design in their mind throughout the day at the event. When the attendees get attracted to your booth this way, it presents an opportunity for your booth staff to start a dialogue with them that can be cultivated and transformed into a valuable connection.


Fewer things can better match greenery as a part of your booth space. Vertical use of greenery that perfectly aligns with your brand’s profile/theme or booth space will make for a smart move that will instantly catch the audience’s attention.

Some unique ideas include:

  • Green wall of plants or planters as a part of your booth space. It will help to inject a healthy green environment within the space and also make a favorable impression on the audience about your green credentials. They will also go very well with your idea of introducing green products or highlighting your brand’s environmental practices. 
  • Photo Wall. This will require a portable photo-printer to print out pictures of your customer-leads on a sticker-backed film at your booth space. They can be later stuck to the booth walls. If done, it will help to create a living photo exhibition of your booth at the trade show event.

Aside from the above, you can also get the visitors to jot down their impressions or thoughts relating to specific topics on sticky notes. The topics can be anything from ‘What are their impressions about your booth’ to ‘What is their favorite part of the exhibition event’, and so on. Later their written notes can be used to decorate your booth space.


If you’re looking to forge greater engagement with the visitors and win their favor, try the unique idea of leveraging social media displays. You can get the visitors to tweet and interact with your brand in a fun way that will build trust in your brand.

Some unique ideas to try out include:

  • Addition of a Digital Wall that displays social mentions of your brand; or promotes game-like incentives for users’ social shares. This will encourage the visitors to try them out and put their names on the board. This way, your brand will earn the benefit of free social marketing.
  • Inclusion of Animation as a part of Social Media Wall. This will help messages from the audience along with pictures to float, flip, scroll, and pop up on the social media wall. They will constantly keep changing making for a more visually appealing display.
  • Inclusion of photos of the visitors and their interactions with their names on social media walls. This will get the visitors interested especially when their names are highlighted brightly in lights.  
  • Incorporation of branded slide shows created out of full-screen graphics; and showcasing their content on multiple screens. They are best featured at specific intervals alongside your products/services, offers, and other such likes. For a greater impact, you can get prominent speakers or key opinion makers or influencers to speak about and highlight them.

Social media walls can be creatively used to emphasize the prominence of your brand. 

When you include brand colors, art work, and themes with the main message or call-to-action; alongside the event logo and hashtag, people will feel encouraged to share them. This way, your brand along with booth design will earn greater publicity and be able to reach out to more people.


A booth design is part art and part science; and an extension of your brand at the exhibition event. 

So, hire a professional exhibition booth design company with an impeccable track-record of creating eye-catching and visually pleasing booth designs; and ability to review as many exhibition booth design ideas as possible.

Then, with a mix of strategic planning, creativity, and keen understanding of target-audience, they can create a booth design that will not only stand out at your next event but will also make your booth shine; help to achieve your exhibition goals; and create an exceptional booth experience for the attendees at the exhibition event.


As an exhibitor, you invest ample money and time to take part in exhibitions. At times, your investment can be substantial.

Your investment will be worth it only if, the returns on it are commensurate with it; it helps you to connect with and engage in face-to-face interaction with existing and new clients; and leads to significant business opportunities. 

To make it happen, you require an effective booth design that stands out from the competition.

It may be difficult to accomplish the same if you intend to work alone. Hence, it’s advisable to work with a professional exhibition booth design company with expert professionals that are knowledgeable in their field for this reason.

This will help you to get an effective booth design that does the best job of delivering an impressive first impression; showcasing your USP in a way that will outsmart your competition at the exhibition and attract more attendees; and ultimately, producing more business leads that leads to sales.  


If you’re looking to designing an effective booth design, you need to keep in mind certain basics and best practices as outlined below.


Having specific goals in mind will give you the right platform to creating an effective booth design. It will provide you with the opportunity to learn what is required to be done and is necessary. Once you have decided how you want your brand to be perceived, you can design your booth accordingly.

Your goals should ideally be realistic that is achievable driven by an approach to create brand awareness, acquire new leads; and widen your customer-base.  

Every element of your booth design should align with your goals and complement them. Likewise, every touch-point of your booth design should complement each other to convey the unique value proposition of your brand.  The whole process of booth design should be driven by meticulous planning with committed focus and a fervent desire to realize them.


How the attendees at the exhibition interact with what booth design you are presenting should be based on the booth layout space. It plays a critical role in the sense it affects where the display shelves are placed; how much room is left between each shelf; and how the total structure is shaped. 

Hence, keep the dimensions of your booth space in mind before you start getting creative with the booth design

Also, know that a 10×10 booth won’t offer the desired flexibility that a 20×20 booth offers. With a small booth space, the last thing you would want is to stuff a ton of items into the space. 

To better visualize your booth space, tape the measurements on the floor of a conference room or large area in your office. This will give you an idea of your space limitations and how your booth design should be planned and conceived.


You need to be conscious of your budget limitations from the very start of your booth design process just as you need to be conscious of your spatial constraints. This will help you to make sure that the final booth design costs and inter-related aspects are kept well with your budget.


To be effective enough to make an impact, your booth design should be based on the right theme that reflects your brand’s profile; and objectives. In short, it should be an extension of your brand identity. 

From the color scheme to materials, and the overall booth design presentation, it should reflect what your brand stands for and what it means to the people.

Hiring a professional exhibition booth design company will help you to 

  • Choose a design theme that showcases your brand identity and major design elements that you would like to include in your booth design.
  • Explore other booth designs, especially those of successful brands. This will give an insight into what kind of design elements, from materials like metal, wood, etc, to visual elements like graphics, text, etc, they have incorporated in their booth designs and how they have been done. Based on the inputs gathered, specific design elements can be incorporated in your booth design that align with your brand’s philosophy.

If done accordingly with attention to detail, you can definitely create a booth design that stands out from the crowd; and effectively represents your brand identity.


At first glance, a booth design may appear straightforward. But in hindsight, it will be a little more different than that. 

To make your booth design effective, there are some features that you must include in your set-up for the best outcome.



Never ever underestimate the impact a brief, endearing commercial ad can have on the viewers. 

How much they can impact can be best gauged when you use LED displays with fascinating and impactful content to draw the attendees to your booth. Not only will they make a beeline to your booth in droves but will also stay put in your booth for a longer period of time. 


Color is everything when it comes to booth displays. The impact of color is such that even if the attendees don’t show interest in what is being offered by your booth, they will always get drawn to your booth if it sports the right colors that reflect your brand profile perfectly.

The inclusion of the right colors in your booth design will readily convey the values of your brand while at the same time alter the mood within your booth for the better.

Color schemes like Ivories, Pastels, Tans, & Turquoise will make the booth approachable. Besides, they tend to encourage the visitors to a booth and make them feel at ease and relaxed. Similarly, contrasting colors have also been found to draw the attendees’ attention to items you would like them to focus on. 


The value of lighting is such that it separates achievement from failure. This means, the more brightly lit your booth is at the exhibition show, the more attendees will stop by at your booth and interact with your booth design. Besides, it will encourage the attendees to check out your stuff has to offer and try them out first hand.

So, make use of the best lighting schemes in a variety of ways by experimenting with different strategies. This includes alteration of the light’s warmth; or employing LED strips in a range of colors; or selecting the right tactical angles for light placement to direct the lights at a certain object or product that you would want to stand out prominently.

The more variety of lighting options you try to experiment with, the more you can better nightlight your booth.

For the best lighting effect, get your exhibition booth design company to exquisitely conceive your booth design that suitably matches your brand profile and style.


One of the most ignored features of a booth is texture. The success of your booth to a large extent hinges on how nicely the texture of your booth is created.

Also, how attendees at exhibition perceive a booth is directly related to its texture. If your booth sports the perfect artwork with ceiling, furnishings, flooring, and all other inter-related aspects that make-up the booth’s interior, then it will help to create an effective booth design.

The significance of a texture is such that it can transform even a simple-looking booth into an elegant and sophisticated one that rapidly draws the attention of the attendees. Aside from the actual products, textures made of cloth or metallic components or rubber or wood, can be experimented with as they will help to enhance the look and feel of your booth.

Getting your exhibition booth design company to work on getting the right textures in place will help to create a lasting impression on the attendees.


You cannot expect your booth design to be effective enough to make an impact if it does not combine the right blend of eye-catching visuals; high-class graphics; sustainable materials; and powerful text in brief that complement each other effortlessly. Additionally, they must also be well-integrated to make all the difference in connecting with the right audience.

To get it right, invest in the right graphics and materials and also ensure a well-designed and carefully constructed booth. This will easily help to impress the visitors at the exhibition show; and achieve the highest levels of impact and visibility.


Attendees at exhibitions tend to view graphics from a variety of angles.

For an effective booth design, it is important to use graphics that are clear and attention-grabbing. These will not only help to draw in the attendees from a distance but will also help to support the argument you are putting forward and the message you are aiming to get through to the attendees.

For an impactful effect, try to use LCD Displays in appropriate locations. They will help you to accomplish two goals – draw attention from the attendees and secondly, communicate what your business is all about to the attendees.


If you want your booth design to stand out at the exhibition, ensure that your booth branding is memorable, from design to signage and more.

To make your booth design truly effective,

  • Use durable materials for the displays. This will ensure that the displays stay long lasting and be able to withstand the rigors of the exhibition show.
  • Brand everything around your booth including promotional items like pens and other giveaways’.

If you require a one-time display, opt for displays that are recyclable and affordable.


One of the best ways to make your booth design effective is to complement it with elements for the attendees to see and feel your products/services.

You can achieve this by immersing them into your brand through a well-oiled mix of print and technology techniques. Like for instance, interactive digital signage, presentations on flat screens or tablets, audio and visual messaging, and product demos.

Work with your exhibition booth design company to customize the interactive experiences through  

  • Unique design areas like fabric architecture or repurposing a vintage vehicle, that is, having your booth in the shape of an object, or hanging an object above the booth if possible. 
  • Signage; when you use eye-catching visuals in the signage, it works very well to create the first impression of your brand, and draw the attendees in. 
  • Foliage; it helps to create an outdoor tranquil feel inside your booth.
  • Fun competition like ring-toss competition; it works well to tempt the passers-by into your booth. 
  • Fresh graphics with updated paneling or displays. They help to draw potential customers’ eyes even from a distance.

Invest wisely in the right interactive elements. If done accordingly, they will help to make your booth design and display effective and vibrant.


Just focusing on making your booth design effective is not sufficient. 

To make it truly effective, you also need to make your booth design visitor-friendly. By visitor-friendly, it is meant providing enough space for the visitors to move around your booth easily sans obstacles. They should also be able to see your displays comfortably without getting bogged down in a crowd.

Furthermore, you need to 

  • Focus on your booth’s layout. It should be carefully planned and worked upon in a way that will allow the visitors to move around the booth comfortably and easily.
  • Ensure a clear path for visitors’ movement within your booth. This will make sure that they navigate their way around your booth with ease; and see what your booth has to offer.
  • Eliminate all bottlenecks that otherwise hamper smooth visitors’ movements; and create congestion in your booth.
  • Have a room within the booth for storage. A storage room is vital for storing marketing promotional items, product samples, etc, in an organized manner. Keeping the importance of storage in your mind, you need to properly consider the size of your booth design; and accordingly sit down with the booth design team to craft a plan that fuses the right mix of elements in your booth design. If done accordingly, it will help to create a booth design that stands out from the crowd and make a lasting impression on the visitors.

When the visitors are able to easily navigate and move around your booth, it will help to spread positive vibes among others at the exhibition as well. This will lead to an increase in more visitor traffic to your booth, drive better visitor engagement, and eventually, maximize visitor interaction with your booth design.


If your booth happens to be located in an area of the exhibition show floor that is not properly visible to the visitors, you need to pay close attention to this aspect and undertake steps to make your booth more highly visible. If not done, visitors will not be aware of the presence of your booth and move onto other booths that are easily visible and catch their attention.

Hence, ensure your exhibition booth design company designers take into consideration the acoustics, lighting, and temperature of the exhibition floor area where your booth is located. Additionally, they also need to carefully consider the type of materials for booth construction as they play a critical role in enhancing the booth design appearance.

 Your booth design cannot hope to be effective without an effective lighting and sound to back it up. The use of eco-friendly lighting options like Spotlights, LED lights, etc, can greatly work to highlight the areas of your booth like product displays, etc. Similarly, when you complement it with sound effects, it will help to create a positive mood within your booth and convey your brand story and messaging to the audience. Besides, in a crowded exhibition enclosure, good quality sound like lighting can instantly grab visitors’ attention and divert their gaze towards your booth.


Regardless of how much time you have at your disposal, plan your booth design with meticulous care with attention to detail. 

When you plan and work with a reputable exhibition booth design company, it will help you to not only get an effective booth design but will also help in getting the basics of booth design effectively.


Are you fretting about getting overlooked or missed out in the crowd at the upcoming exhibition show with your small booth space?

If so, fret no more for with a little bit of creativity and clever design, you can transform your small space into one that can make a big impact.

Not every exhibitor will have the luxury of a large space at exhibition shows. In Fact, a great majority of the exhibitors will have to make do with modest 10-by-10-foot booth spaces. This does not however mean that with a small space you will not be able to make an impact at the exhibition show.

You can make an impact with a creative booth design by partnering with a professional exhibition booth design company. This will help you to get a unique and engaging custom booth design that will give your brand extra edge over others on the exhibition floor and make your small space generate a big impact.


A small space by itself does not have to insignificant. 

Even if you happen to have a small space and are confined to the farthest reaches of the exhibition floor, you can make a big impact if you are creative enough to make use of the following ten creative booth design ideas.


As an exhibitor, you should be aware that a great majority of attendees’ tend to research about the exhibition show, review the list of exhibitors on the exhibition show’s official website, and go through promotional materials they have received from exhibitors before the exhibition show (about six weeks prior to the exhibition show date).

Then, later the attendees shorten the list of exhibitors into a dozen or so that they would like to visit on the exhibition floor. Such exhibitors will generally be those who can help them with solutions to their problems.

To be in that list, effective promotion is crucial for small spaces as they are easy for the attendees to overlook while walking the exhibition floor aisles.

  • Focus on promotional efforts, from targeted email or direct mail to social media campaigns, to get on the list of most-wanted prospects to visit your booth.
  • Invite them to visit your booth with a compelling solution to their problems. Like, how your product or service can resolve their problem, save them time and money, and eliminate hassles. ELSE, invite them with a message that you have something new to offer them.

A strong and effective pre-exhibition show and at-exhibition show promotional campaign will go a long way to get the attendees to visit your small space and greatly increase the number of qualified leads generated at the exhibition show.


With a small space, you need to make sure you’re getting what you want from it. 

There are some exhibition shows that offer a 10-by-10-foot square of bare space with 8-foot-tall pipe-and-drape walls in the back and 3-to-4-foot-high drape on each side. Additionally, such spaces also come with a 7-by-44-inch hanging sign with your company name and booth number included in it.

According to the ‘Guidelines For Display Rules & Regulations’ established by the International Association for Exhibitions & Events (IAEE), the maximum height for linear (in-line) booths is 8 feet. However, the rules about how the exhibitors use the space within a linear booth vary from exhibition show to exhibition show.

Hence, when planning your booth layout, make yourself familiar with the show display rules and get you want from the booth space. 


If you have a small space, you need not feel despondent. Instead, you need to make the most out of the available space by creatively maximizing the space with a clever layout.

A clever layout when planned properly will encourage the visitors to navigate through your booth comfortably and interact with your booth design and all the key elements. C

Consider the following when planning your booth layout,

  • Check out the type of booth designs your fellow competitors used in earlier exhibition shows. Then, based on the inputs gathered, consider the positives of their designs and incorporate them into your idea of booth design for the exhibition show. The whole approach should be to ensure an attractive and uncluttered booth design that’s consistent with your marketing campaign theme. 
  • Give priority to the essential elements of your booth like product displays, seating, and storage. Then, focus on what among them is important for your brand and leave out others that are not necessary.
  • Use creatively the appropriate colors, lighting and flooring, etc, that reflect your brand profile and attract attendees to your booth. Like for instance, a single spotlight rigged to illuminate your booth space. It will work wonders to make your booth stand out amid other booths. Whatever you use ultimately, ensure that they’re eye-catching and original.  
  • Use the space above your booth to incorporate display units, hanging banners, and shelving. This will help to make the most of the vertical space; create more room for your products; and draw attention to your booth and booth design from a distance.  

Aside from the above, identify products/services that are of value to your target audience. Then, make effective use of miniaturized models, product samples, product videos, or even 3D holographic images to heighten visitor interest in your products.  

If you’re showcasing a new product/service, make sure that they’re the focus of your booth and are as interactive as possible since most visitors come to mainly see new products that you have to offer, and experience them in your booth. 

Whatever you do, don’t place too many obstacles in front of your booth entrances and exits; or build a barrier between your booth staff and the aisle. They hinder visitor traffic flow and will make your booth feel unwelcoming to the visitors.


One of the easiest ways to transform a small space is through a booth design that takes into consideration the fact that every region has its own set of aesthetics and standards which should be reflected in it. To get it right, get your exhibition booth design company designers to analyze and then formulate a booth design plan that embraces the aesthetics of your focus region as well as communicates your marketing message in a language that appeals to the tastes and preferences of your target-audience in the focus region.

Your booth design should also be visually appealing with eye-catching graphics and colorful banners that are well-complemented by strategic lighting; and suitably reflect your brand’s vision, aesthetic, and voice. They help to draw potential customers over to your booth; and also capture the maximum attention of your audience.

Aside from this, make sure your booth design also incorporates

  • Your company’s branding elements. Like for instance, its logo, colors, and messaging. This will help to create a cohesive brand image that stands out from the crowd and be easily recognizable to the visitors.

  • Creative design elements, like custom graphics, unique materials, interactive displays, etc. A mix of creativity and functionality will give your booth design a trendy edge, and also infuse a unique feel to your booth space.

  • Interactive features like Augmented Reality or Virtual Reality as an ingredient of the booth design.  Similarly, you can show your booth design along with your products in motion through LED screens and touch-screens. This will create a positive impression on the viewers and give them an in-depth insight about your brand and products. Likewise, you can convey your brand storytelling with creative digital brochure or simulated game or eye-catching product demo, all of which help to capture the attention of the visitors. Additionally, they will also provide the visitors an immersive experience that they will cherish for a long time.

  • Eco-friendly lighting like LED lights, spotlights or backlights that draw attention to specific products or areas within your booth. Besides, proper placement of lights will also make your booth space and booth design more visually appealing and inviting to the viewers. 

In addition to the above, your booth design must be designed with functionality in mind. By functionality, it is meant ample space is provided for private meeting areas, product demonstrations, and walkways. If they are done accordingly, it will make your booth space more inviting and accessible to the visitors and fuel more visitor traffic flow.


It is said that ‘A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words’. 

That’s true; your company’s brand story telling is best conveyed through visuals for a favorable impression.  

Today, we have dynamic graphics, illustrations, and visuals that can enthrall the audience.  When they are creatively used as a part of booth design, they will leave a lasting impression on the visitor’s mind. Besides, the right visuals or pictures will add more power to the text contained in your booth design.

 Remember, you will be competing with other exhibitors at the exhibition show; and viewer’s attention span generally will be less. At the exhibition show, the visitors will be deluged with several stories and messages from the other exhibitors. 

For an effective impact, your brand story telling is best conveyed in fewer words.  Keep your brand story telling brief, concise, and precise to the point. From the visitors’ perspective, this will make your booth design more attractive and less complicated.


Incorporating nature into your small space is an inviting design element. Adding a leafy feel of greens will provide a nice contrast to a small space and make it look aesthetically pleasing and at the same time, give a nice live element to your booth design.


Getting creative when it comes to playing with colors will enhance your booth design look in a small space.

The trend today is to embrace unique and vibrant color palettes and at the same time ensure that the colors reflect the brand profile and match the booth design theme.

This creative tactic work very well to transform even a relatively simple booth design into a path-breaking one that will make the attendees eyes pop.


Graphics play a big role in enhancing the appearance of your booth design. So, when you include graphics in your booth design, make sure its focus stays on prospective customers’ needs rather than what it is meant to convey; and helps to capture qualified prospects’ attention.

With a small space like say a 10-by-10 foot booth for graphics, it is more important to get it right, So, when planning to include text on your graphics, think of it as a billboard that generally adheres to the dictum ‘less is more’.  Additionally, know that the attendees’ attention span lasts for only a few seconds (three to five seconds) within which they should be able to not only read the text but also be able to identify the benefit or rather the USP (unique selling point) of your offerings (product/service).

To get the highest impact from your graphics and branding,

  • Use eye-catching graphics to make your booth design stand out.
  • Restrict the text on it to two lines of seven words each, with the USP of your brand or benefit of product explained on the top line; and the graphics messages (should be located above shoulder level as this will ensure that neither the booth staff or the attendees in your booth are not blocking them from attendees passing by your booth) able to make the visitors stop by at your booth.
  • Keep the small print of detailed information (URL of your company website) off the booth back wall. And instead put it on a single-page handout material; or just offer business cards to attendees containing the URL where interested attendees can access primary information or additional product, if requested.

Also, ensure that all the elements of your booth design from graphics to logo, color schemes, patterns, and more, stays consistent with the identity of your brand. This will project a cohesive and professional booth appearance that the visitors will remember and recall long after the exhibition show is over.


One of the most creative ideas to make your booth design look distinct in a small space is the use of bright and vibrant lighting. They will make your booth look playful and inherently draw the visitors into your booth.  

As an alternative, you can opt for 

  • Colored lighting and creative light fixtures. When you complement it with soothing and soulful music, they will give the audience the right impression of your brand; and make your booth stand out in the crowd; OR
  • Well-placed eco-friendly lighting. They will work well to highlight your booth’s premier fixtures and create a warm and inviting atmosphere in your booth. Herein, try to experiment with different types of lighting from LED strips to Spotlights, and even Projection Mapping. They will make your booth truly stand out in the crowd.

Aside from the above, use creative tiles or intricate rug for the flooring of your booth. They will infuse your booth with a better look.

Incorporating huge pieces (replicas of your products) into your booth space will transform the small space into a spacious one. Besides, they will help to heighten the appearance of your booth design and make it look awesome as well.

It will also draw the attention of the attendees to the smaller details on the product design/packaging that otherwise may appear too insignificant when it is smaller. 


Your small space will look big if you enhance your booth design’s viability with interactive elements like,


With increasing use of social media and easy availability of sophisticated Smartphone’s, attendees at exhibition shows are more into taking selfies and sharing them on their social media platforms. 

With a little bit of creativity, you can use this to your own benefit by setting-up a photo booth at your booth with some promo items. This way, the attendees will get drawn to your booth to click pictures and also get in the bargain gift hampers for posting their photo with your company’s brand hashtag. 

It will not only create a buzz at the exhibition event but will also create a buzz on social media platforms and enhance the visibility of your booth design to more people and draw potential customers to your booth. 

Make sure your small booth space is not cluttered and instead sports a neat and spacious look with minimal of obstacles.


Incorporating touch-screens in your booth space is another creative way of allowing your attendees to learn more about your brand and offerings. 

The touch-screen can feature small commercials or write-ups about your brand and offerings. This will lessen the pressure on your booth staff as some attendees will directly go up to the touch-screen and engage with your pre-programmed content like interactive demos, videos, prize entries, or surveys. 


Conducting product demo sessions at your booth with free trials will let your audience experience your product or service as well as your booth design personally. 

This will help in building trust in your brand and also encourage the audience to engage more with your brand in a way that will convince them to make an informed purchase decision.  

While your focus stays on creatively using your booth design to make your small space impactful, at the same time it should make a lasting impression of your brand on your audience through immersive engagement. 

Arranging branded game sessions at your booth will certainly work wonders for your brand and booth design as well. Make it fun and interesting with quiz questions related to your brand and offerings. This will help the audience to understand more about your company and offerings, and also educate them about their value. 


One of the essential booth design ideas for a small space is to project an inviting environment within the space to draw the attendees in.

Towards this end, 

  • Maintain 40 percent space of the booth graphics empty/negative.  Also, make sure that the resolution on the graphics is clear.
  • Put an interactive screen within your booth that speaks about your company and brand. 
  • Make your booth attention-grabbing with an outstanding display. Like for instance, a signage with short and crisp messaging above the waist.
  • Maintain a clean and comfortable feeling space when talking to the booth visitors. 
  • Make sure your booth does not have visual overload. The message all through must be thematically consistent.

A small booth space that feels like as if there is too much going on can backfire badly, reduce the relevance of the booth design, and distract attendees from the brand message.


Don’t let the small space of your booth hold you back at exhibition shows.

With a combination of right design strategies and creative booth design ideas from your exhibition booth design company, you can create an impactful booth design that delivers an engaging experience for the exhibition show visitors.

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