Choosing the Best Location for Your Exhibition Stall

When you decide to take part in an exhibition stand as an exhibitor, it’s important to note certain things in advance. While you always focus on the vital points like being sure about the kind of event you are participating in, the kind of footfalls the event attracts, and the reputation of the event; do not underestimate the selection of booth design location. You might think the location of your exhibition doesn’t matter so much but it can make or break the success in your exhibition participation.

The booth design entrance : Boon or Bane

If you are a regular exhibitor who has above 90% prefixed meetings then keep your booth at the entrance. This will make your booth very easy to locate for your guests and they will thank you for it. However, if you are a relatively new entrant in the exhibition and are looking to generate leads and have more walk-ins, then do not keep your booth at the entrance, rather position it close to the entrance but not in the 1st line. You will realize that entrances are very crowded and people tend to miss booths just to move away from the crowd. Being close to the entrance ensures that people are away from the crowd, yet not too exhausted from exploring the entire hall.

Keep some distance from your Competitor

Exhibitions are often organized according to products or categories. This ensures that people having similar products are placed in the same hall for visitors/buyers’ convenience. However, if you have direct competition with certain brands it is advisable to have your booth at a distance from them. This will ensure that your guests don’t lose interest in your booth if they have already visited a booth with a similar solution.

Be Close to Where the Crowd is!

If you are to gain the attention of the people at a stand design exhibition, try to be where the crowd is usually present. In certain venues with multiple floors, go for those spots which are closer to the public transport system since it generally has more footfall. But make sure you are not placed on the topmost floor because people are not really interested in climbing floors until or unless they have fixed pre-meetings. Being close to the cafeteria has also proven to be a value add. This ensures lots of subconscious brand visibility and people always tend to enter booths of brands that they are familiar with

Use Your Knowledge or that of an experienced agency
While you may be exhibiting the first time, your agency will have extensive experience at the venue. They understand the subtle nuances of booth orientations, locations, and the likes. So pay as much attention in selecting your agency as you do in selecting your booth.
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