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Selecting the best exhibition company for your stall design can be a complicated task.

But, then the success of your stall design in the exhibition event will depend on the exhibition company you hire. Besides, that is the first thing you need to do when you will be participating in upcoming exhibitions.

Before you intend to do that, make a checklist of what kind of stall design you would like to have; and how it should be and what kind of ingredients must be a part of such a design. THEN, you must research on different exhibition companies and query them to understand whether they can meet your expectations.

Along the way, it is also important to know whether they provide a stall fabricator services. Every point of interest should be explored while discussing your project with the exhibition company.


Searching for and choosing the best exhibition company is no easy task. However, with a little bit of smart thinking incorporating the following tips, your task will become a lot easier.

1. Industry Experience

Experience counts for a lot considering the fact that exhibitions are generally prestigious events. Several companies take part in it, and the level of competition will be high.

Hence, when scrutinizing the application of exhibition stall design companies, check

  • What kind of other companies have they worked with?
  • What kind of experience do they have working with other companies in your industry?
  • What level of experience do they have in your line of industry? If not, what is their level in a related industry?

Generally, exhibition companies that specialize in exhibition stall design, work in a variety of different industries. Such companies have relevant experience in a broad range of areas from design and layout, to materials, and such likes. They also know better what kind of stall designs resonate with your kind of audience. Additionally, they will be well-versed with the industry’s best practices.

Just to be on the safe side, make sure you have a clear knowledge of the exhibition event that you are exhibiting at. This will give you enough insights based on which you can query them about their expertise in the industry.

2. Range Of Service

An exhibition company should generally provide a diverse range of services under one single roof; and not outsource them to third parties.

Aside from planning and designing stall design stands; it should also be able to provide stall design installation and maintenance, stall fabrication, project management, transportation and logistics, and other inter-related services.

When going through the various applications, check

  • What kind of services do they offer?
  • Do they offer their services under one roof, or outsource some of them to third parties? If so, how many and how does the system works?
  • Do they provide the full range of services from planning to implementation, and after-sales?
  • Do they customize stall designs in line with your specific inputs within your budget?

Overall, it is better than exhibition companies offer all services under one roof, and be able to undertake changes in line with your needs, with minimum of hassles.

3. Ec0-Friendly Credentials

In the era of climate-change, it is almost mandatory for all types of companies to have environment-friendly credentials. Besides, it helps to have companies who adhere to eco-friendly norms and practice them in letter and spirit.



These days, there is a good supply of eco-friendly products and raw materials.  They can be used instead of chemical-laden products and raw materials.

Find out whether they have expertise in using recyclable paints, sustainable floorings, and lasting adhesives. They are all non-toxic and non-pollutants.


Lighting plays a key role. The use of eco-friendly lighting products like LED lights instead of simple bulbs, helps a lot. They are not only eco-friendly but also can last for long and make for a quality long-term investment.

4. In-house Manufacturing Facilities

Timely delivery of your exhibition stall design is critical. It will save you from the hassle of unnecessary tension and getting worked-up.

Exhibition stall design and fabrication have a vital impact on brand value. Hence, you need to make sure that the exhibition company provides not just stall design service but also offers the service of a stall fabricator to undertake the fabrication process in line with your expectations.

Ensure that the exhibition company has an in-house manufacturing facility including stall fabricator. ELSE, it will make it difficult for you to coordinate with such a company, especially if they happen to outsource works like fabrication, printing, etc.

5. Portfolio Of Works

The kind of works an exhibition company undertakes plays a key role in evaluating its worthiness in handling your project.

You can get a glimpse into their aptitude by checking out their portfolio of works in their website. This will let you know what kind of works they handled AND the nature of the works they handled.

Later, you can get the answers to the following questions:

  • Can they handle your kind of work? If they can, how will they be able to work it out?
  • Can they deliver something similar to what they have displayed in their portfolio, for you?
  • Can they produce a stall design based on your inputs in line with your criteria?

Above all, check whether they have delivered high-quality stall designs consistently that make an indelible, life-long impact on the audience.

6. Presence and Client Base

Exhibition companies that have a presence beyond their geographical boundaries, generally carry a better reputation than companies that are confined within the geographical boundaries. Their extended presence gives an indication that they can handle diverse nature of works.

Do a thorough research on this. Talk to the concerned exhibition company and find out about the

  • Kind of works they have done and for which clients were they were for.
  • Places and for which exhibitions they handled the works.

A wider presence will give you an indication that such companies are more effective to deal with and they can be relied upon to deliver your work on time and ensure a hassle-free show experience. But at the same time, it is also important to cross-check on the same.

Their client-base also matters a lot. They matter even more if you are participating in an exhibition for the first time.

It will give you an idea as to what type of clients they have worked with and then later you can cross-check with such clients in—person about their experiences with the exhibition company.

Besides, you can look-up the Testimonials Page on their website. You will get an idea as to what the clients have to say about the company and their experiences with it.
Finally, make sure your exhibition company selection can offer solutions that meet the standards of the exhibition in which your company is participating.

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