Is Content marketing effective for event

Is content marketing effective for event planning

Content marketing is one of the most powerful marketing strategies especially in the medium to long run. Recent studies reveal that more than 85% of marketers from a broad spectrum of industries put their trust in it. And that list includes many who ply their tread in event planning. But why so many people count on it for client engagements? Let’s try to find out.

How content marketing can help in event planning?

The main objective of content marketing is delivering certain sets of information to a well-defined audience. Content marketers who work for the event/exhibition company well in advance to allow them enough time to deliver a series of curated content to prospective attendees. That generates hype and curiosity around the event even before the event actually starts.

A close study of the engagement of the content also gives the event organizers/exhibition stand contractors a rough idea about what to expect. And as the process usually starts well before the actual event date, you can actually experiment with the ideas and make a change, if required. You can also run online polls to find out what is favored by the masses and what is not. Your content on social media can also give you free publicity. A well-written blog, a short product tease can be shared multiple times in the social media platforms and give you an even bigger reach.

How to pull it off?

The first step will be setting up a dedicated section in your company website clearly segregating the content related to the event from other contents. From other categories, set up internal links that take the visitors to those contents. Also, start running dedicated social media campaigns to engage existing followers and get new followers. You can also opt to publish in established trade publications to further expand your reach.

The ideal content includes blog posts about the event and your booth design  service/product, video content from the last event, interviews, testimonials, etc.

Content marketing can be an extremely powerful tool for event planning and if you have an event coming up anytime soon, now is the time to go for it.

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