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Planning Guide For Trade Show Exhibition

Exhibitions and trade shows are large-scale public presentations of achievements within the field of economics, science, technology, culture, art, and other areas of public life. Trade shows with its attractive expo stand design are important for any business-to-business (B2B) marketers and event organisers. Trade shows won’t be the sole way for prospects to have a good check out for the availability of new products.Planning a trade show could also be the best experience in an exhibit organiser’s career.

Expectations Of The Participants From The Event

To organise a trade show with the best expo stand design, , you will have to analyze what is expected out of such events. In other words, what do your attendees expect to see in your exhibit. If you are conducting any contest or any such thing then the attendees will expect some kind of valuable prizes out of that. You can offer tangible perks to your attendees which will be provided by the sponsors. Usually companies provide prizes in the form of event tickets, a medal, product samples etc.

Planning Trade Shows And Exhibitions – Best Practices 

“Don’t enter your next trade show with the same tired elements that you have used time and time again. Do something new, engage your customers or visitors and make something happen. After all, you are a unique company with amazing things to offer—show this side of your business to the world.” – Deepa Christina Radh


Trade show planners usually look for the best practices so that they can apply the same in their event organisation efforts. Here we bring you the best practices and tips that have been derived from years of collective experience with B2B clients across enormous industries.  


  • Have best expo stand design
  • Customer’s and other show participants’ appointments should be scheduled.
  • Manage free product coverage in advance
  • Show guides and dailies
  • Focus on co-sponsoring
  • Anyone from the marketing team should manage the event booth.
  • Manage your booth traffic efficiently.
  • Make giveaway trinkets less expensive.
  • Don’t focus much on unqualified prospects
  • Be tasteful and dignified.
  • Address the attendees with their names and introduce yourself.
  • Make your trade show entertaining with the use of games, lucky draws, contests, creative forms etc.
  • Signage will not be noticed if it is put below the table height, avoid that.
  •  Your literature graphics should be aligned with your website and should be consistent both in look and showcasing your message.


Step By Step Guide To Organize Trade Shows And Exhibitions

Planning for the event should necessarily begin one month prior to the scheduled date of event. You should keep in mind that trade shows require huge investment along with time.

Exhibitions And Pre-Shows

Pre show marketing campaigns are used by more than 20% of the exhibitors. Your clientele is attracted to pre-shows, hence, you can arrange for it. 

Define Your Company’s Goals And Objectives

You should identify your company’s goals and objectives. Goal of a company will define the entire structure of your marketing plan.

Budget Should Be Defined

If you plan your campaign for any specific dates like beginning and end date, then  you will be able to analyze the total required budget for that particular duration of the event campaign.

Team Building

You need to discuss with your team with regard to different event aspects and items. Ensure that your team is well tuned and have a proper understanding of  what’s needed to delegate certain responsibilities, once your team is on their mark divide the achievable objectives between the most competent team members.

Decide On A Venue

The expo stand design you use should be an excellent one, the venue should be spacious. An open space is preferable for clear communications and observations so that you can have more organized introductions and avail attendees contact details.


You also need to make your exhibit entertaining which should appeal to your audiences, also it should be in line with your company’s dignity. You can include vocalists, bands etc, arrange games, competitions, contests etc. 

Have a Caterer

You can plan to install food courts, snack bars or can engage restaurants and cafes to cater their trade show and exhibitions. 


Design a logistics plan to control transport. You can leverage your concerned  partners, sponsors and other participants to promote your event.


How will you promote your event? To have a successful promotion you can include a serial event content strategy, like an effective email campaign, booth ideas, social wall ideas, and exhibition booths etc. Keep in mind that if you do not market events it will never come into notice. 

Also keep in your notice that you should not start your promotions for the upcoming events only after the current event ends. But you should continue to promote future events before, during and after every event.!

Post Event And Followup Activities

Event planners’ jobs don’t end, as soon as the event is completed. They will have to do a followup activity and send thank you emails, and create required reports etc. 

Thanking Your Attendees

Last thing you would be doing after completion of your event is sending thank you emails to your attendees, speakers and hosts of your event. This will point out your concern towards them. Also mention that you are looking forward to their feedback and will be looking forward to them at your next event.


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