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Exhibition shows offer an enviable opportunity to reach out to the right audience and directly engage them in-person conversations.  

Your Exhibition Stall Design plays a pivotal role in driving meaningful conversations, and markedly influences the end-result, between success and failure. 

Make it a success with SOL Brand Solutions, a premier Stall Design Company in Bangalore!!

SOL offers the right blend of expertise and skills to adroitly design an exhibition stall that effectively disseminate your brand values and objectives; deliver exceptional experiences to positively impact your audience; and elevate your brand’s aura to new heights.

The ability to transform the unimaginable into imaginable with unique custom stall designs is what separates us from competitors’.

As a leading exhibition stall design company in Bangalore, we offer a streamlined and tailored design solution to set your stall design apart from the crowd and help earn the limelight at the exhibition show. Aside from expert design solutions, a comprehensive array of services provide extensive support at every stage guaranteeing exhibition success 

An extensive network across India ensures seamless and flawless execution of your exhibition stall design project with adherence to deadlines. By hiring the best exhibition stall design company in Bangalore, stay assured your design requirements are in safe hands with guaranteed success.


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Participating in exhibition shows is all about leaving a lasting impression and delivering memorable experiences that stand out. 

Captivating designs and impactful experiences speak your brand story, draw the right audience, and deliver measurable results.

Get your next exhibition stall designed by SOL’s award winning exhibition stall designers. 

Premier Exhibition Stall Design Company, SOL specializes in conceiving stunning bespoke stall designs that accurately represent your brand. The in-house team of exhibition stall designers in Bangalore can weave exceptional customized stall designs inclusive of breathtaking visuals. 

Besides, they make sure your stall design

  • Is conceived with just the right level of appeal that endears your brand to the audience. 
  • Is inclusive of the right color scheme and fonts that match your brand and goals.
  • Captures the attention of the audience and inspires them to stay loyal to your brand. 
  • Strikes the right rapport with the audience and engages their senses for a lasting impact.
  • Conforms to international quality standards.  

Every exhibition stall crafted by our exhibition stall designers design is a unique work of art fusing an amicable confluence of the finest creativity, functionality, and ingenuity. Each and every element of the stall design is diligently crafted to depict your brand profile and replicate your brand image to sync seamlessly with your audience. 

Put yourself in a different league on the exhibition floor with a stall design crafted by skillful exhibition stall designers for unforgettable experiences that take your brand to the next level.


An exhibition stall design is meant to captivate audiences, foster meaningful interactions, and above all, stand apart from the competition. 

That should be your vision of a dream exhibition stall design. 

To translate your vision of dream stall design into a standout performer on the exhibition floor, a visually appealing bespoke stall design conceived by the best exhibition stall design services will help to make it a reality.

Why choose SOL? 

When it comes to the best Exhibition Stall Design Services, SOL has the right credentials to cater to all of your stall design needs.

Besides, at SOL we 

  • Offer a broad confluence of high-class exhibition stall design solutions encompassing every aspect of a stall design. 
  • Have a wealth of experience in designing stalls and are well-positioned to weave stall designs that mirror your vision of a dream stall design and exceed your expectations.  
  • Have a team of exceptionally skilled exhibition stall designers adept in designing outstanding bespoke and visually stunning exhibition stalls that help achieve your exhibition goals.  
  • Have own stall manufacturing and printing unit making it easy to manage your bespoke stall design requirements. 
  • Provide the perfect environment to stimulate the creative skills of exhibition stall designers and inspire them to produce magical stall designs that mesmerize the audience.
  • Conceive stall designs that maximize the visual representation of your brand, increase your brand’s visibility at exhibition shows, and facilitate robust visitor engagements. 
  • Have an established reputation for all stall design related services like conception, planning, delivery, etc.

We know the importance of your exhibition show and how important is your exhibition stall design to distinguish your presence from the competition on the exhibition show floor. That’s why we make your best choice for the best exhibition stall design services in Bangalore.

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SOL Brand Solutions is a branding and stall design company that designs and builds large-format exhibition stands. We offer a wide selection of exhibition stands, including custom right exhibition stands, portable modular display stands for conventions and conferences, and promotions and activation kits. With offices in Asia, USA, and Europe, we can serve you anywhere in the world with a complex stall design to the activation and promotion display kits.

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