Surat International Auto Expo

Everything You Should Know About Surat International Auto Expo

Surat is a city in South Gujarat. It lies on the banks of a river called Tapti which intersects near the Gulf of Khambhat.


  • Is the fastest-growing city in the world.
  • Has a thriving population with a household income that’s highest in Asia. The over 65 lakh population, most of whom have deep pockets present a lucrative market for the automobile industry.  
  • Has the world’s biggest diamond-cutting and polishing industry; and hence is known as ‘The Diamond City’.
  • Has India’s largest man-made textile industry; hence is called ‘The Silk City’. 
  • Has one of the largest coverage of green cover in India; hence is called ‘The Green City’.

There is also a large registered repository of one lakh four-wheelers, forty lakh two-wheelers, and one lakh goods and commercial vehicles which makes it a prime location for businesses to tap into the growing affluence of the local populace. 

Several events take place annually in Surat. Two of the major ones include the Surat International Auto Expo & Surat International Textile Expo. Since it came into existence in the year 1998, the Surat International Auto Expo has evolved and metamorphosed into an event attracting several renowned names in the world of automobiles and visitors from across the world, every year. 


DATES HELD: 15th March to 18th March, 2024. 

VENUE: Surat International Exhibition & Convention Center in Sarasan.

ORGANIZERS: Southern Gujarat Chamber of Trade & Industry Development Center organized the show with Southern Gujarat Chamber of Commerce & Industry.

The auto exhibition in Surat was a spectacular success. It showcased the best of the automotive industry from automotive vehicles to automobile accessories and services, and saw the convergence of top names from the entire segment of the automobile industry, on one platform.  


The 2024 Surat Auto Show 

  • Brought on one platform the best names in auto industry. These included commercial vehicle producers, retailers, auto accessories and spare parts dealers, and industry experts. 
  • Saw the participation of notable two-wheeler and four-wheeler brands from India and abroad. 
  • Saw the participation of commercial vehicle giants. These included Eicher Motors, Ashok Leyland, Tata Motors, etc, displaying their latest collection of commercial vehicles.
  • Saw the presentation of Electric and Hybrid Vehicles by leading auto brands.
  • Created meaningful business opportunities for automobile brands with a platform to explore new development avenues.
  • Provided a unique Vehicle Test Drive Facility. Interested customers could use it to test vehicles and based on inputs obtained make an informed decision on the spot. 

The second biggest auto exhibition after the Delhi Auto Exhibition witnessed a huge crowd turnover of more than 60,000 people on all days.

The 2024 auto exhibition in Surat was a glittering spectacle of the best in automotive excellence, entertainment, and cutting-edge innovation with around 70 automobile brands taking part. Several prestigious automobile brands like BMW, Toyota, Hyundai, Tata Motors, Mahindra, KIA, Nissan Skoda, Ducati, Royal Enfield, Audi, Benelli, just to name a few, showcased their latest auto wares to an enthusiastic and passionate audience of vehicle connoisseurs.

A significant high-point of the auto show was the presence of major four-wheeler and two-wheeler brands, each presenting their latest line of offerings with a special focus on Electric Vehicles (EV) novelties. Attendees got the opportunity to see up-close several dozens of new entrant vehicles.

The Surat Auto Exhibition 2024 was not just about the glitz and glam of today’s cool vehicles but was also an action-packed schedule of several productive meets and unique experiences.


DATES HELD: 15th March to 18th March, 2024

VENUE: Surat International Exhibition & Convention Center in Sarasan.

The Auto Component International Expo was held alongside the Surat Auto Exhibition. It brought to the fore the latest advances in auto components and innovations that are slated to revolutionize the auto industry in the future.

The latest auto products like auto accessories, automotive components and spare parts, automotive electronics and equipment, automobile air-conditioning systems, car décor items, hand and mechanical tools, rubber and rubber parts, oils and lubricants, and more, were showcased by top names in the auto components industry from across India and abroad, at the auto component international expo show.

The show also highlighted the efforts of the Government of India in supporting the Indian auto component sector and how its new policy measures to support the sector have helped to usher in an era of growth; and give a major thrust to its ‘MAKE IN INDIA’ and ‘GROW GLOBAL’ campaigns.

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