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An exhibition attracts the participation of several companies. As a result, there will be several stall designs. Each of them will be vying for the attention of the exhibition visitors.

To stand apart from the crowd, your stall design needs to be creative and unique in its presentation. A creative stall design will stand out among the crowd and catch the attention of the visitors the most.

But that’s easier said than done. To make it happen, you will need the assistance of a professional stall design company. A professional stall design company generally has the full repertoire of skills and expertise to not only a creative stall design but also produce an artistic booth design as well as an innovative exhibit design.

Hiring such a source will also give you the additional benefit of a unique trade show design that is one-of-a-kind.

Tips and Tricks For Creative Stall Design

Here are a few tips and tricks to help you craft a creative stall design that stands apart from the competition in the event.

1. Study the Competition

The first thing you need to do is to study the competition, especially if you are new to exhibiting and trying to earn a slot for yourself in your domain industry. Study the competitors’ designs and you will get the inspiration for a unique trade show design.

Additionally, you can gather insights that will help you to craft your own unique strategies. Then, later you can fall back on the same and come up with an innovative exhibit design that will sync with the aspirations of your target audience. Like lean designs that showcase the USP of your brand.

Generally, the design and message of your brand tend to get lost in the visual noise. This can happen when you clutter your exhibition stand with every possible product of yours. They tend to act as a visual distraction and defeat the very purpose of your design and message. Instead, sticking to a few products/services display with a common theme will make the stall design more visible to the audience.

A creative stall design will make your brand to register itself in the minds of the audience; make it more recognizable at the exhibition show; and eventually, spread greater brand awareness.

2. Have a proper plan of the design

The inputs gathered after studying the competitors’ designs; and researching designs of all kinds, will give you adequate insights. With the goal of achieving an effective exhibition space, you next need to carefully plan your design with focus on visual application.

When your focus is on visual appearance, the design should be an artistic booth design that is interactive. This will work to capture the attention of your audience who generally prefer interactive elements to engage with your brand. This will make them feel involved

Incorporating the latest technology and social media elements in your artistic booth design will further make it more interactive and appealing to the audience. A good example herein will be live tweets on display screens. This will appeal to the audience and compel them to walk into your booth, using their Smartphone’s.

3. Ensure the right design feature

Exhibiting is all about capturing the attention of the visitors. A creative stall design needs to have bold graphics that grabs eyeballs. Towards this end, it should also have

  • Effective layout with the right look and feel that portrays your brand image effectively.
  • Attractive and high-quality images that highlights your latest products and services.
  • Key message about your company in an interesting way that will keep the visitors engrossed.

Overall, you should adopt a minimal approach to the stall design that will keep the visitors engrossed in it rather than distracting them away.

Aside from the above, there are certain factors that influence the stall design in positive ways, and enhance its quality.


  • Stall design must provide sufficient information in a nutshell about your brand and products or services. This will instantly convince the viewers about the viability of your brand.
  • Entry of your stall must be designed in an open-gate style. This will make it accessible to the visitors and drive them to enter the stall.
  • Pop-ups must be placed on the side-parks of the stall. This will make it flexible for changes to be undertaken in the stall-design set-up.
  • Floral arrangements, if possible, should be done at the corner inside your stall. This will ensure that it does not hamper the total area of your stall.

In addition to the above, there should be a separate stall within your stall for the design team to stay for the whole event. This will guarantee their quick availability to attend to any requirements that needs to be undertaken with regard to your stall design.

4. Incorporate Large Motifs In Graphics Mall

Participation in an exhibition offers you the opportunity of a large advertising space for your brand. So, it is only appropriate that you leverage such a chance in a creative way.

Having an innovative exhibit design will be a good step forward. To highlight its presence, you can have large motif-style design printed across your exhibition stall wall, with two divergent motif-style designs for the foreground and background. This will give your stall a unique flavor and make it look bigger.  Additionally, you can add LED backlighting behind the motif-style graphic walls. This will create attractive color combinations and lighting effects that will instantly grab the attention of the visitors. 

5. Highlight your brand identity

Your participation in the exhibition is all about promoting your brand. Hence your stall design should focus on your brand and its significance. 

To make it impactful, use all the tools at your disposal to make the stall design interactive and immersive. At the same time, 

  • Maintain the consistency of your brand identity in the design. This will drive the visitors to forge stronger relationship with your brand. 
  • Ensure the appropriate structural stall layout.
  • Maintain consistency in brand colors, logo, and graphics in the stall design.
  • Highlight your products/services in the design without in any way diluting the overall design look and feel.

If the above factors are compiled with accordingly, your stall design will be more engaging. This will also make it easy for the visitors as well to engage with your brand effectively.

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