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If you’re participating in a trade show, your success will depend upon the success of your stand design.

The success of your stand design will help to attract prospective customers’, and build a healthy network of contacts.

But success does not come on a platter. Rather, you need to work for it; you need to work on your stand design, the most critical aspect of your brand presentation. This is where selecting the right exhibition company matters a lot. A good and reliable exhibition company will offer the expertise and skills of a professional stand builder who can put up a stand design that will get people to sit-up and notice what your brand has to offer.


The following factors explain what makes your stand design so important.

1. Represents your brand

Your stand design represents your brand and informs what your company is all about. Hence, your stand design must stand out from the crowd in the trade show and catch the visitors’ eyes quickly and clearly.

It should portray your values, goals, and vision for the future, in an impressive theme that reflects your brand profile, communicated with a powerful message. This will send across the appropriate brand image that you would like the visitors to remember about your brand.

2. Connects with your target audience

At an exhibition show, your stand design will be exposed to hundreds of people. This is an opportunity waiting to be tapped.

You need to make them stop on their tracks and engage with your stand design.

For that to happen, your stand design should not merely project your brand profile but should also project it in a way that will connect your brand with your target-audience. Aside from putting up an attractive and visually stimulating stand design, you also need to offer the visitors some incentives to draw them inside your booth and make them stay for long enough to leave with fond memories.

Some ways that can work well include:

  • Having a TV incorporated into your stand design. It can have a show-reel played on a loop, displaying your brand’s products and services.
  • Having meeting areas and refreshment areas with interactive technology displays. They will get the visitors’ to engage with your stand design. At the same time, you get to build a strong initial relationship that can be nurtured further down the line.

3. Creates interest in your offerings

A beautiful and mesmerizing stand design will instantly generate interest among the visitors. This can be leveraged and translated into interest in your products/services.

Consolidate this opportunity by offering the visitors the chance to try out a few of your products/services. Likewise, if your services are digital, you can have a few computers set-up in your booth for the visitors’ to browse through them online.

When planning your stand design, always plan your moves from the visitors’ point of view and the experience they would like to have.


The following ways will show you how to go about in devising a stand design that reflects your brand.

1. Extract the most out of the available space

When you first look to put a plan for your stand design, you need to book your trade show floor space.

Look at the available space for the trade show. If need be, take along with you likely to be hired stand builder to the trade show site. This way, you both can get proper insight into what kind of floor space is best hired; and what kind of stand design needs to be crafted that can accommodate within the available floor space; and also makes use of every inch of the floor space.

2. Hire a stand builder

Your next move must be to hire an exhibition company that can offer the services of a professional stand builder capable of putting together a creative team that will give your booth the best stand design possible.

Make sure that the exhibition company offers the services of a stand builder who can include the graphics and visuals in the stand design that will make your business logo stand out. Additionally, the stand builder should also include booth elements placed strategically in the stand design.

Eventually, the stand design you put up should make the maximum use of design elements that will impact the visitors’. Also, ensure it uses bright themes that visitors can play around with, and allows them to interact with your brand in a fun and stimulating way.


Generally, once the visitors leave your booth, they tend to easily forget all about your brand, stand design, and its presentation.

Prevent such an incident from happening by lining up giveaways or souvenirs. When they are given to the visitors they will remind them of your brand and stand design. This way, you will also make your trade show booth a standout from the crowd in the trade show. Better still; the visitors to the trade show will speak affectionately about your brand and stand design for a long time after the trade show event gets over.

All your plans will come to naught if you don’t hire the right exhibition company. Selecting the right exhibition company will not only help you out with an effective stand design but will also help you to get the expertise of an expert stand builder who can put out an effective stand design.

Remember, an effective stand design will help to create buzz around your business; generate the leads that matter; and gets everyone at the trade show talking about it for long.

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