Things every startup participating in exhibition show should know

Exhibitions are one of the best ways for startups to build up their network and deliver their pitch to a broad spectrum of audiences. But going head to head against large, established companies in exhibitions is no walk in the park. But with some little maneuvers, your company can stand out among the crowd irrespective of the competition.

So, here are some things every startup should know:
Choose wisely

While it is very easy for established companies to attend almost every exhibition in the exhibition company industry, it’s simply not possible for a startup. So, very carefully research and choose only the tradeshow(s) which have the potential to benefit your company. Also, carefully plan your booth design so that it can display the best version of your product/service in the least amount of space.

Choose the right personnel

The cost of the staff’s travel, lodging, and meals may be high. So, startups must pick just the right personnel for their exhibitions. Choose only those who are the most competent and best suited to pitch your ideas. Also, don’t forget to bring an expert.

Build your network

While at the exhibition, devote all of your attention to building a network. Try to be as much eye-catching as possible. Explain your ideas to the visitors and try to obtain their contact info to build a connection. In the future, these people can turn out to be your investors, clients, and even the biggest fans of your product/service.

Don’t hesitate

Do not hesitate to explore the whole exhibition while you are there. Meet the people, attend speeches and sessions. Not only you will gain some valuable experience, but meeting new people will also spread the word about your company.

Startups must be careful while deciding on a exhibition. But from what we have discussed so far, it’s clear that with the right planning, it can certainly turn into a success. So, what are you waiting for? 


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