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Things to have on your Event Company Website

An event company website is essentially a free digital advertisement for the event you’re planning. Even if creating a page is simple, you should make sure that attendees are aware of the details. To ensure it’s effective, make sure to add these 13 important details when building an event company website.

  1. Insightful event descriptions

One of the most important aspects of the event company website is the event description.

It must be clear, straightforward, and have a strong call to action to encourage attendees to purchase tickets or RSVP. Don’t forget to proofread it for errors such as typos and grammatical errors. Even though writing a few phrases appears simple, it might be difficult for inexperienced writers. If you require assistance, you can always turn to write services such as EssaysOnTime or Fiverr.

  1. Information about the company and how to contact them

The idea of adding corporate information and contacts seems sensible. This way, you will allow potential guests and clients to approach you and ask about the other details of your event, so don’t make a rookie mistake and forget to provide them with some basic information.

  1. A strong main/landing page

People tend to believe their initial impressions, which is why you must develop an eye-catching landing page. It must be both customer-friendly and helpful, as well as visually appealing and engaging enough to entice visitors to click through to discover more.

  1. Schedules of events: date and time

Do you ever find yourself forgetting even the most essential dates? When it comes to your event, potential guests will face the same issue. As a result, you should stress the event’s date and time on the webpage.

  1. Button to add to calendar

You want your event to stand out among the many others that take place practically every night of the week. Make it easy for people to remember your event if you want them to remember it. Give them the option to add your event to their calendar, and they’ll be just one click away from attending.

  1. Addresses and location of the venue

The venue, location, as well as accurate address, must be included on the event web page. But don’t stop there: add transportation options, directions, and maps to the mix. This page is crucial, especially if the event location is difficult to locate or reach. You will make it easy for tourists to plan their time and transportation by doing so.

  1. Links to social media

Don’t forget about your event guests’ social media choices. Facebook alone has almost two billion active users, whereas millions of individuals prefer Twitter or Instagram. However, keep in mind that your guests may not be active on all social media platforms. Keep the links ready, though: it’s a useful approach to keep your audience aware and interested before the event. As a result, keep those social media links on the event company website available.

  1. Speakers 

Prominent speakers lend credibility to your event and can even entice people who weren’t planning on attending in the first place. Make a list of your speakers available on the event company website so that attendees don’t have to guess who will be speaking to them.

You should also provide biographical information, speaker session timings, and links to their social media accounts.

  1. Timetables, sessions, and activities

A precise agenda with timetables and places should be included in any event. Allow it to be displayed on the event company website so that guests can organise their days around programmes, breaks, and networking opportunities.

  1. Registration form and email confirmation

We’re sure you’re a good person, but you don’t throw a party only to give people something to eat. Your goal, on the other hand, is to sell as many tickets as possible. As a result, you should emphasise the registration form and make the registration procedure as simple as possible, allowing interested followers to enrol at any moment. Send a confirmation email as soon as they register to acknowledge the fact that they have done so.

  1. Purchase and refund policies for tickets

When you can’t find a way to get a ticket for an upcoming event you want to attend, what do you generally do? In most circumstances, you’d simply exit the site and look for this chance elsewhere. Alternatively, you can phone or email the support staff to resolve the issue and lose money on the ticket.

Why risk losing clients or making the ticket purchasing process more difficult? Add a ticket purchase button to allow your customers to do so fast and easily. Add a refund policy page with explicit terms and conditions if customers change their minds or are unable to attend the event.

  1. Visuals and movies that are appealing to the eye

Humans are visual creatures, thus photos and videos will get their attention first. To pique interest among your target audience, including a few eye-catching photographs and the best-of footage from previous events.

  1. Your services and packages

You generally don’t plan just one package of activities as an event planner. As a result, you must include information about all of the offerings and arrangements for visitors.


By including these 13 elements on your event website, you’ll ensure that you’re getting the most out of this communication channel. Make sure you follow our advice and have a great time at your event!

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