Five Things That Invite Your Guests to Your Best
Exhibition Stalls

Five Things That Invite Your Guests to Your Best
Exhibition Stalls

  1. Let the light in

An attractive stand is well illuminated. Correct lighting makes the 3D stall design more attractive as you watch the displays. It encourages and motivates the employees to do their job. A dimly illuminated exhibition display looks sleepy and visitors may not find it worth visiting. A well-lit stand will provide a welcoming atmosphere to the customers. We recommend LED lighting for your event stand design, while it being eco-friendly and elegant.

  1. Literally, go green!

Investing in planters, living walls can create a calm, welcoming atmosphere for your stand design. This makes the participants comfortable and relaxed. If your stand design is small, have a flower arrangement at your reception desk to be attractive to the visitors.

  1. Smile and stay calm! 

Don’t forget that you are organising this wonderful exhibition for the participants. If the exhibition staff are not properly trained, you cannot expect the prospects to turn into business deals. Your stand booth staff should be friendly, approachable and interested in solving the attendees’ queries and also should be capable enough to give practical solutions. They should carry a smile on their face and also should deal with the attendees politely.

  1. New sophistication is simplicity!

Keep your booth simple, open and welcoming, as people tend to avoid mobile displays which are too cluttered and crowded. In the same way, the graphic exhibition stall design of your fair must also transmit your message effectively with impactful images and minimum text.

  1. The to a client’s mind is through their stomach!

Hospitality is a bonus that allows you to take a look beyond other stand booth displays. You will certainly attract people with a hospitality counter that serves finger food and drinks. So, as the participants remain in the exhibition stall, use this chance to discuss the brand with them.


Diseño De Exposiciones


In the case of multiple trade shows in various locations we can warehouse the booth and can reinstall it as per your trade show calendar.

Diseño De Exposiciones

Rental booths have low impact on the environment as they are made from modular, reusable systems. They are eco-friendly and sustainable.

Diseño De Exposiciones
Ready to Design

The rental booths are equipped with all the basic requirements and are a plug and play system. This saves a lot of your time and efforts.

Diseño De Exposiciones

Experienced & Skilled Team

Rental booths enable you to choose from various options as per your budget. You can add, remove or even customize certain elements.

Diseño De Exposiciones

Prompt & Professional Support

Right from the installation to dismantling of the booth, the entire end to end process is handled by our skilled craftsmen and technicians.

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