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Top 10 great ideas for creating an excellent booth design

A good booth design is among the most exciting features of marketing. In this regard, you need to think about every aspect, from what stand would be, how to set it up and how you will sell to clients when they come. Here are the great ideas for creating a great booth design

  • Lighting your Exhibition Booth

You can use coloured LEDs. This might change the whole look of your booth amazingly. For instance, neon signs, strings of festoon light, and giant light bulb letters can do a number on the attendees. 

And if you want a low-key effect, then choose a centrepiece light, like a chandelier or homely feel standing picture lamps. Remember to highlight the key features of your expo stands with your lighting.

  • Make your Exhibition Booth Design More Interactive

One of the best ways to have an interactive booth design is to conduct a demo session at your booth. Giving a free trial will allow your audience to experience, service personality, and your product. This will build trust in your brand. 

Engaging with your brand will help the visitors with their purchasing decision, hence inviting more audiences to your booth. So, you must make optimistic and simple information with your exhibition stand design.

  • Clearly Display the Brand and its Benefits

At the booth, you need to create an impression on potential customers within the shortest time possible. Whichever impression you make will determine whether they will take longer at your exhibition stand or not. 

The logo must be always visible and your graphics put forward your brand’s main offering and advantages that are relevant to that show. Giving out confusing, inappropriate or mixed messages will lead to visitors avoiding your booth.

Simple exhibition booth design ideas major on a minimalistic design that is effective and clutter-free. They are also not heavy on the pocket. They allow you to participate in the exhibition with a smaller budget and help you in making the most of your participation.

  • Make an Interactive Wall

Incorporating interactive walls into your booth design will your booth stand out and position itself as an integral part of the experience. This will make your attendees stop, and engage with your booth. 

By engaging your visitors mentally and physically through questioners, and games, you make them more engaged in the brand experience, and therefore more invested in the brand itself.

  • Free WIFI Access

One way to becoming popular in the exhibition show is to offer free access to a Wi-Fi hotspot within your exhibition stand.  You can creatively post your password in the booth area. This way, your visitors would be attracted to come around to get a password. All you need is a 4G internet provider for free WIFI access at your exhibition stall. You can then use the time when people are close by to start a conversation.  

  • Be Unexpected and Playful

Be creative when it comes to creating the best exhibition stands. A table, charging stations and some comfortable chairs are boring. They are also similar to what every other exhibition stand is offering. 

Instead, be creative. Interactive displays like those where stand visitors can play with the lighting and get hands-on with demo products. You can also get fun and have games such as a foosball table or corn-hole.

  • Use Noticeable Colors

The colours used should be lively enough to be outstanding. Colours that look too dull or neutral tend to cause your booth design to fade into the background. If your colour does not include brighter colours, choose to combine interesting textures or metallic surfaces instead.

Ensure your colour selections convey the emotions you want to create in your attendees. Attracting visitors is vital to forming a strong return on investment, so it is significant to create a high level of visual appeal within an exhibition show.

  • Make the Most of Your Space

Whether you have a large or a small booth you can maximize every square foot to your advantage. With little space to work with, you can make the most of it by hanging up a colourful banner behind you. 

You can even take advantage of the high ceilings and tied nearly a dozen three-foot-wide balloons to the booth to create an even grander looking space. It actually works! People can easily spot your booth from a distance.

  • Offer a Relaxing Space

The hum and crowd can be overwhelming for some attendees. Visitors are always bombarded with hundreds of marketing messages and sales pitches. You can attract them to your stand by providing a relaxing and welcoming environment. 

Keep your stall design simple and easily accessible. Try to include comfortable seating areas. Visitors are more likely to stop by if your stand provides a space where they can take a break from the show. 


  • Hire Entertainers

Entertaining visitors creates a more relaxed and fun atmosphere making your brand memorable. Bring your booth to life by hiring some entertainers. The entertainers don’t just invite the audience, but they become an important part of your demo crew. 

Think about those late-night infomercials with the over-the-top personalities and have some fun repeating that in a lighthearted, but above all informative way.

For sure, as an exhibitor, it is easy to attract crowds if you have the best stand design on the exhibition floor.  If you apply little planning, creativity, and effort, it is easy to stand out. 

Use the mentioned tips and you will be sure of a stress-free exhibition experience. Contact us for the answers to your questions.

Happy Exhibiting!

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