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Types of Services Big Event Management Companies Provide

Big event management companies aren’t responsible for only corporate events or venue sourcing. Their services extend to different industries, each with its own requirements that need to be fulfilled. 

Here are 8 types of services usually offered by big event management companies to their clients. 

  • Wedding Management Services

Planning a wedding is a no joke. Apart from the endless list of things to choose from, you need to budget and have endless meetings to find the right things. However, event management services take over the workload and do all the planning and organizing for you. 

These services include the complete A to Z of wedding management. from finding the right venue according to your wedding theme to sourcing caterers to curating florist to the decor. Also, some companies provide budget planning services. This is especially helpful as many aren’t familiar with the pricing of each wedding element. 

  • Corporate Events

Corporate events include conferences, meetings, exhibitions, conventions, and even special celebrations that companies conduct. 

The services for a corporate event are limited to business structure. Apart from the usual conferences and promotional events, they are also responsible for product launch events, partnership events, and all services related to them. These include catering, decor, travel arrangements, floor plan layout and so on. 

Moreover, an exhibition management company is usually hired for organizing exhibition events, conventions, etc. Their services include everything, from venue sourcing to budgeting to planning the floor layout to organizing the registration process. 

Thus, given the formal and business nature of these events, sleek and sophisticated services is expected of the corporate event company.  

  • Personal Events

As the name suggests, these are hosted by one individual or a group of individuals, rather than an organization. Moreover, the reasons for such events are personal. From parties to anniversaries to birthdays. 

However, despite the similar services to any other event, a creative event agency will focus on making the event personalized catering to the theme, client requirements and personal taste. 

For this, the decor, catering services, curated menus, guest lists, entertainment, seating arrangements, etc., are some of the main services that are provided and focused on. Thus, the informal nature allows the company to add a creative flair. 

  • Televised Shows

Although most events that take place are usually for those present in the event, there are some events that are televised. This may be on the television through news channels, live streams, or even videos of the event on social media. 

For that, the event management companies services include coordinating with the TV producers, news channels or having a cameraman for the live stream.

  • Cultural Events

True to its name, these are events hosted to celebrate a certain culture, festival, entertainment events, or even art shows. 

Unlike other events, since most of these occur outdoors, you might need the government permission, have medical facilities, sponsors, caterers and much more. Thus, there is a lot to do. This is why apart from wanting to create an artistic space, the clients need someone to do the paperwork and arrange such facilities.

So, these are either organised by a local event management company or an international event management company, depending on who is hosting the event. 

  • Roadshows and Activation Management

From leading event management companies to local ones, they all know how important roadshows and activation management is for a company. And unlike other corporate events, these are more focused on presenting sales pitches through presentations and videos. 

Thus, the services and management of guests and staff vary exponentially. Even the guests are investors and other high-profile executives who will be viewing the presentation. Thus, the audio and visual management needs to be exceptional. Moreover, their security is also of utmost importance.

  • Medical Event and Promotions

For medical events, conferences and promotions, top event management companies know that the services required differ from a corporate event. 

Given that the event is for medical professionals, one can expect panel discussions, presentations, new equipment demonstrations, and even a few international professionals to visit. Thus, apart from the usual services, the company is also required to make travel arrangements, audio and visual equipment management. 

  • Venue Sourcing

One of the most important services big event management companies provide is venue sourcing. As the name suggests, this service is used to find the most suitable venue for the event. Be it a corporate event or wedding reception, finding the right venue is a basic service that is provided. 

We hope this article helped you understand the different types of services big event management companies provide. Event management isn’t just about planning acting as middlemen between the company and specific service providers. It’s a complex process of planning and execution, with each event different from the other. 

Tip of the Day: Apart from all the mentioned services, for an event management company, it is important to set up a strong security management system. This refers to the physical security of high-profile events and guests. Also, the online security of the guests’ data needs to be protected, which requires a data protection plan.

If you need assistance in organizing an upcoming event, our team of dedicated professionals will help you out. Contact us today for more details. 

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