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What to look for when choosing an exhibition company in India

Your exhibition stand is among the most important investment you make while participating in the show. So, you should be very careful about which exhibition company you choose. Your exhibition booth designing is the most important aspect of the event. If your booth is not outstanding you can be sure that you won’t attract a large number of visitors. 

Not only is it the first thing the visitor take note of, but a well-planned exhibit can also help you to attract more crowds and increase brand recall value. So you must entrust the planning, executing and designing of your exhibition booth to a competent exhibition design company.  Then how do you choose your exhibition company in India? What to look for?

  • Check the Reliability Standard and the Quality

Quality and reliability are key things you need to focus on when hiring an exhibition company. The best way to succeed on that is by checking the track record and checking the type of work they deliver. Know whether the materials that they are using are strong or not. Ensure that your contractor assures you that the stand is reliable.

  • Check Out Their Portfolio

The stall design company should be ready to share a portfolio of work with you. If they don’t, you can disqualify them. Give them bonus points if they share exhibits from clients in related or the same industries. Browsing their past work shows you their creative potential and gives you confidence in their abilities. It is also a sure way to know that you are dealing with professional trade show exhibit companies. 

Also, reliable stand builders will have a website for potential clients to see. A properly designed website gives the potential customer insight into the services the company is offering. If they do not have a website, or it’s not well designed, that company may not be the best choice.

  • Check if They are a Skilled

Experience and reputation are important in any line of work. Before you invest your money into something that has the potential to be a massive asset to your company, you need to have the confidence and peace of mind knowing that the people creating your exhibition display are a worthy choice.

If you check on a particular company, do they have customer reviews and testimonials? How long have they been working? How many years of experience does the team have in the exhibition industry? These are all things you should consider and don’t hesitate to ask them.

  • Ask the Company if They Sub-Contract Out to Other Contractors

This can impact the price of your stand and on the finished quality. Some exhibition companies will design your exhibition stand and then subcontract out the building  to another firm. On average, you can pay more for this type of arrangement. 

In the other words, if you were to commission an exhibition company that will design, build and install your exhibition display stands, all within their own workforce, it would cost less.

  • Do They Offer Various Options for Creating your Exhibit?

If you are looking for trade show booth builders, keep an eye out for one that provides several design options. The more options you have, the more you will be to find a solution that fits your requirements and your budget.

For instance, if in the past you had used simple pop up displays and you need to upgrade, ask the stand builder about the variety of selections available. They should match your requirements and budget with a range of selections and design concepts

Work with a company that offers a range of design, rental, and purchase options, and you will be much more likely to get exactly what you are looking for while staying within your budget.

  • How Quickly can the Company Deliver?

Of course, you must have a comprehensive schedule in place to ensure your booth design is ready for the event. This means that the first question on the agenda should be how quickly the company can work. However, the quality of the work is the foremost factor and by this stage, you should have reviewed the company’s work to ensure it is of the highest standard. 

Also, remember that the time they use to design should go hand in hand with the quality of work. Some contractors are too busy that they cannot concentrate on building your stand hence leading to nasty work.

Choosing exhibition stand builders is vital for ensuring that your stand is of the highest quality, but also that it suits your business’s budget and needs. Ensure you look for a professional exhibition event company in India to help you. Please contact us for more details.

Happy Exhibiting! 

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