Your Guide to Writing a Post-Show Report

Your Guide to Writing a Post-Show Report

Having a successful trade show stall design is a thing of great joy. There is not just one secret but it requires a lot of things like preparation, meeting the goals and deadlines, and learning the art to be unique.

Creating a post-show report is very important for a better stand design trade show experience the next time you are exhibiting:

  • Taking Notes

Trade shows mean you will be bust and preoccupied with lots of paperwork, meeting deadlines, and preparation. However, making some efforts to make sure you find some time to take notes over the course of the show will be highly beneficial for your company. It will help you keep track of your observations and will help you write a report afterward very much easier.

  • Goals and Leads

Writing about the goals and leads and what you sought to achieve is very important for you to write down. It could include anything like taking notes of what your goals are and whether you achieved them or not, how many leads you got a hold of, and think critically about the reviews people had about your expo booth design. It will help you in the future while you will be improving the trade shows the next time you are exhibiting.

  • Staff

Your staff and their interactions with attendees is crucial to your success. Evaluate their attitudes and ability to communicate your message. This is a good opportunity to assess if you have enough staff or need to adjust your training. You may also want to take note of who showed up on time with a good attitude and knowledge and who didn’t.

  • Observe the Competitors

You can learn a lot of things by observing the motives and actions of other companies. It will help you gain new ideas that you can use the next time you are exhibiting and will help you understand the level of competition you are having.

Taking photos can enhance the quality and look of your report. Just remember to ask permission from organizers and make sure attendees are comfortable being in photos. Also consider sharing these photos on social media, assuming you have permission from the trade show exhibition stand contractors

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