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Like all things in life, booth design mistakes too can also happen at times.

Nothing is perfect in the world we live in, nor is a human perfect in the real season of the word. But nevertheless mistakes do happen, and many businesses have been guilty of making numerous mistakes when preparing for a trade show or making a booth design. There can be trade show exhibit mistakes or stand design errors or exhibit design pitfalls.

Some mistakes can however turn out to be costly and even damaging in the long run. Thankfully, what you can do is to learn from the mistakes and not make the same mistake again. If you realize this, they can be easy to avoid and can be avoided provided you know what needs to be done before you finally approve it.

Here are 10 mistakes to avoid in booth design

The ten booth design mistakes that you need to avoid are:

1. Last Minute Planning

Anything done at the last minute will only cause confusion. If it happens to be on the eve of an important event like exhibition, then it will cause chaos as well. 

When you participate in a trade show, you need to factor in a whole lot of things. From trade show design to selecting the best of trained staff to man your booth, and more; all of which require proper planning. A lot of things need proper planning and detailing with proper time investment. Without that, your investment in participation in the exhibition will go waste and you will not be able to earn proper ROI.

2. Space Mismanagement

Among the worst trade show exhibit mistakes you can make is space mismanagement.

Remember, a trade show booth is a place where visitors generally do not pass by twice. In case, they witness space mismanagement on first glance, they will instantly lose interest in your stall and refuse to interact with your staff. 

Hence, it’s important that the trade show stall space is managed efficiently and the staff trained to be alert and receptive to things happening around. They need to ensure that your booth presents a well-managed look and also be readily available for the visitors. Your trade show booth design needs to send across the right vibes that will put the visitors at ease.

3. Poor-Quality Trade Show Booth

One of the biggest trade show exhibit mistakes you can make is poor quality trade show booth.

This can be avoided by selecting the right exhibition stand builder to create a booth design that reflects your brand and catches people’s eye. An attractive trade show booth design can help attract more visitors to your booth, cultivate positive leads, and increase your ROI to a great deal.

4. Low Graphics Placement

Most trade shows or exhibitions are held in large convention halls. Hence, you need to ensure that your booth design is visible to people from a distance, if you want them to notice it.  

You need to place your graphics at a higher level in the design, and likewise the logo too should be as high as possible. This will make them easily visible to the people even from a distance. 

To get it right, find out what are the rules for using vertical space. Based on the same, ensure proper placement of graphics, logo, etc, in the right areas in the design that will make them instantly visible from a distance.

5. Improper Flow

Great trade show booths offer clear and hassle-free paths for people to move around freely. Additionally, it will also move them smoothly through the presentation process.

A crowded booth will hamper the flow of people and items. Additionally, it will also create a situation where only a few people can see what you have to offer.

Hence, avoid these booth design mistakes else you risk the scenario of visitors stepping out of line and abandoning your booth for another booth.

6. Clutter At Your Stand 

Cluttering of any kind can put off any visitor. It can relate to garbage or other undesirables in the design or near the design spot.

For instance, cluttering of details or elements in stand design; is the worst of stand design errors that you can make. Prevent this from happening by ensuring a stand design that is simple, yet attractive with the elements placed in the right areas.

Likewise, sufficient logistics at your booth will allow the visitors to walk through your booth freely without feeling uncomfortable or blocked. 

There are enough trade show booth designs available that can be used to sort out your logistics efficiently. They will ensure efficient usage of the space leaving enough room for people and materials to be moved freely.

7. Poor Lightining Arrangements

Poor lighting can make your booth look drab and dull. This will instantly drive away the visitors. 

Avoid the same by ensuring that your booth and nearby areas are well-lit with bright colors that will give the space a positive look and uplift the visitors’ mood.

There are many trade show booth designs with great lighting arrangements. Additionally, you can leverage technology in the form of virtual walls or interactive floors, to brighten your booth’s look and make it appealing to visitors.

8. Use of too many words

If your graphics are too small, then no one is going to read them or see them clearly from a distance. Besides, people are not likely to stand for long to read whole paragraphs.

Avoid these stand design errors by keeping the words in your graphics and signs short, and clear to the point. Additionally, avoid cluttering the backdrop with extra pictures or designs. 

9. Excess of Strong Pitch 

Making too strong a pitch to catch the attention of the visitors is a cardinal sin. Instead, the presentation must be to the point and brief in a powerful way that captivates the audience without putting them off.

A common mistake made is with regard to exhibit design. The visitors will be looking for specific things about your exhibits, and expect the right answers for their queries. If your presentation happens to be way off the mark, then it can be termed as one of the biggest exhibit design pitfalls.

To avoid getting into such a scenario, listen to what the visitors have to say before you make your presentation.

10. Poorly Trained Staffs

People who man your booth should be friendly, pleasant, and responsive to the audience’s queries. ELSE, it will be one of the biggest exhibit design pitfalls you will have made.

Play safe by ensuring that the staff are well-experienced and professional, who know the business well enough to answer queries and make presentations properly.

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