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Some people wonder as to why Exhibit Design Forecast matters?

The answer to this query is – to appeal to the audience’s sentiments at exhibitions and trade shows, you need to stay abreast with the latest stall design trends.

Exhibitions and trade shows have increasingly become a vital part of a company’s marketing strategy. What makes them so relevant is that they offer companies a platform for showcasing their products/services, and promoting their brand image to a wider audience that includes prospective clients. They also offer an opportunity to network with industry experts.

To outclass the competition, you need to have a well-designed stall design that incorporates the latest trade show design trends.

Like every year, the year 2023 too will see new event design trends that will alter the way exhibitors display their stall designs.


Like every year, the year 2023 will also witness new stall design trends. If used effectively, they can create an eye-catching stall design that draws in customers’ and enhance brand recognition.


A standard stall is usually 3x3x2.5 cm in size. It comes with 3 walls, a middle wall, and 2 side walls with the front having a name tag. Besides, the name board has the size of 300×35 for logo printing, advertising information, and company name taking part in the exhibition. 

What makes it a hot trend is it 

  • Can combine several stalls together to create a large stall. 
  • Is easy and fast to build.
  • Is low-cost but provides high convenience, making them suitable for exhibiting products and services in exhibitions and trade shows.
  • Are easy to assemble, and transport.
  • Come with low rental cost.


Over the years, the role of technology has increased dramatically in stall designs. The year 2023 will see the use of technology that is environment-friendly even more significantly.

Some technological trends include:

  • Interactive elements: Stall designs for quite some time now have been incorporating interactive elements like hands-on demonstrations or games to engage the visitors better and keep them engrossed for long. When leveraged effectively in a creative way, they also make the visitor experience more memorable.
  • Interactive Screens: More stall designs in 2023 will have interactive screens to attract and engage the visitors. Like for instance, Enquiry Screens, Virtual Reality, Photo Booth, Watchable Vidoes, etc. They can be extremely effective when used in a creative way. Their success will eventually depend on how your target-audience will respond to them; how they are used; and the budget you have set for your stall design and exhibition stand.
  • Hybrid Exhibitions: They became very popular during the pandemic when several exhibitions were organized as virtual events and became successful. Although in 2023, such exhibitions have reduced considerably, in-person events paired with virtual events are becoming a trend. They are becoming the norm especially in the case of exhibitions that have a global audience who want to attend in-person but cannot do so for various reasons like cost or time to travel.
  • Dynamic Displays: They enhance the visibility of stall designs and make them easily visible even from a distance. A good example is that of a dynamic LED Lightbox which adds something new to the stall design. They can be used to display animations in the stall design in a creative way that will sweep the audience of their feet.


The old adage – ‘Less Is Better’, will come to be associated with stall designs in 2023 as exhibitors look for stall designs that embrace simplicity. 

Exhibitors will want stall designs that are simple and more stripped back, with messaging that is direct and less cluttered. The focus overall will be more on key messages that are directly delivered; branding; and simpler elevator pitches.  

Hence, 2023 will see stall designs with fewer amounts of text and more of brief and crisp messages directed at the audience. Additionally, technology will be used in stall designs in a way that will allow the visitors to easily obtain additional information.


The main purpose of an exhibition stall design should to resemble your brand and create a lasting impression in the mind of the visitors. One way to ensure the same is focus on exhibition stall fabrication as well as stall design. This will become a trend in 2023 with exhibitors increasingly focused on stall fabrication and design.

Additionally, the year 2023 will also see stall designs that 

  • Create a narrative telling about the company’s story through the design. 
  • Create an identity that expresses the core value of the company. 
  • Use striking and relevant visuals that are visible from afar, and leave viewers curious about the exhibitor’s business.
  • Are clearly visible and loud enough, irrespective of their size, communicating a clear message that captures visitors’ attention and hearts quickly. 

Selection of the right exhibition stand supplier matters a lot to cater to the above trade show design trends. The final choice should be an exhibition stand supplier well-equipped to design and build beautiful, practical, and noticeable exhibition stall design that fuels visitor traffic drive.


For quite some time now, playing games at exhibition booths has become the norm. 

The year 2023 will see more of them as more exhibitors will look for ways to send their message effectively to the audience 

Some popular event design trends that will grow through 2023 are:

  • Games will be more light-hearted encourages audience interaction and participation.’
  • Audience participation at stalls will be incentivized with a reward system that recognizes participation or the achievement of specific objectives with either material or social incentives. Like for instance, allocation of points for performing specific activities. OR making prizes relevant to the brand in some way so that audience participation is made more memorable.

The overall approach towards stall design will become more professional and audience-centric. Their success however will eventually depend upon the right blend of planning, promotion, and creative design followed by post-exhibition show gestures.

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