15 Essentials To Avoid Exhibition Booth Disaster Online

15 Essentials to avoid Exhibition booth Disasters Onsite

Getting your booth design right is half the battle won! Now its the time to move onto the most important stage – execution preparation! The chances to meet potential customers, get leads, and raise awareness of your brand are huge at exhibitions globally, and we know the investment that goes into building your booth. You might run into frustrating problems that could ruin your chances of success, though, if you don’t plan ahead and know how the exhibition process works. In the unorganised Indian exhibition market where only a small percentage of players (<2%) are actually organised, our team at SOL understands the challenges. With our commitment to excellence and dedication to creating unforgettable brand experiences, we’ll help you craft a booth that leaves a lasting impression on visitors and amplifies your brand’s recall value by 30-35% indeed. We bring in global best practices from our organisations SOL GmbH and SOL Inc. and try to follow the same SOP to ensure a no-surprises booth delivery to our clients in India.

At SOL, we’ve seen a lot of exhibitors make the same mistakes that make people unhappy at the show and make their booth less useful. So, we put together this list of 15 essentials to help you get around the exhibition scene like a pro and have a fun, successful time.

1. Don’t Fall for a Cheap Price Tag

You should think about your budget, but don’t let a really low price trick you into buying a booth that isn’t very good. Reliable exhibition companies know that to get great results, they need to pay for high-quality materials, skilled workers, and a carefully thought-out plan. Everything costs a fair amount. Putting value over cost can make all the difference when it comes to making a booth that really impresses your audience. Sometimes cost is not always quantified by material, but also process and people and that makes a huge difference to the final output.

2. Maintain the Timetable

It is impossible to avoid chaos and frustration when you rush through planning and doing. SOL needs a minimum of 45 days production time for the whole process, from getting the materials to building the booth. This time is judiciously used for doing colour swabs, making structural mockups, selecting the best material, pre-booking unique and better quality furniture and doing test prints of graphics.

3. Be Willing To Change (Within Reason)

For an exhibition booth to be a success, it is imperative to do all the detailing regarding product displays, graphics and overall look before the project is closed. If this phase is started after project closure, then there are changes in technical files and measurements and this can create huge confusion leading to dissatisfaction onsite. It’s easy to want to make changes at the last minute, but they cause stress, delays, and results that need to be better. Do not ask for major changes after the project design is closed or onsite when you see your booth as this could completely mess up the well-planned workflow and lower the quality of your booth as a whole.

4. Clear Your Invoices to Organiser and Agency on Time

Delaying payments or withholding that agreed-upon advance payment can bring the entire project to a screeching halt. That advance is crucial, as it allows your exhibition partner to secure materials and initiate production promptly. Respecting payment terms doesn’t just show your commitment but also ensures your project stays on track for timely completion. It has happened often that the agency is not given possession onsite because of client dues with the organiser. This delays the entire builtup schedule and makes the agency lose precious builtup hours.

5. Stay on Top of Approvals

Timely approvals are the backbone of an efficient, smooth exhibition process. Whether you’re signing off on logo files, graphics, or design elements, your prompt feedback ensures each project stage progresses seamlessly. Delays in approvals can create bottlenecks, potentially impacting the overall timeline and compromising that final result.

6. Follow the Graphic Guidelines

If there is a single most important point that affects booth aesthetics then it is the graphics. We have a set graphic guideline that outlines the file/format needed, the resolution needed, the size needed and the media of print. It is imperative that you follow these guidelines along with the graphic sizes that the team shares with you. The graphic guidelines ensures a cohesive, professional look for your booth that accurately represents your brand. Deviating from these guidelines doesn’t just risk inconsistencies but can also lead to subpar results and potential delays as corrections get made. Refrain from assuming that we will handle tasks like sizing, proofreading, or colour-matching backlit graphics without prior discussion.

7. Collaborate, Don’t Dictate

A successful exhibition is a joint effort between the brand and the agency. Without equal efforts from both, the scales will tip and the result can be jepordised. Rather than giving orders and expecting miracles without your cooperation, work hand-in-hand with your exhibition partner. This synergy will not only foster a positive working relationship but also contribute to a rewarding experience for everyone involved.

8. Keep Expectations Realistic

While your exhibition partner is 100% committed to delivering killer results, it’s crucial to keep your expectations realistic. Do not expect the finish of permanent structures like offices, or museums at temporary exhibition booths. These booths are made in 3-4 days builtup time and are made to last for the show duration. The materials used for such a temporary construct is also different and hence finishes are very different from permanent structures.

9. Respect the Process

While on-site, resist the temptation to micromanage or disrupt the workflow of the skilled team assembling your booth. These professionals have years of experience and a deep understanding of the exhibition process, ensuring efficient execution. Step back, trust their expertise, and allow them to work their magic uninterrupted.

10. Stick to the Schedule

Adhering to that agreed-upon timeline is essential for a successful exhibition. If you’ve requested an earlier completion date, be prepared to compensate your exhibition partner for the additional effort and resources needed to meet that accelerated schedule. Proper planning and open communication ensure everyone&#39;s expectations align and are achievable.

11. Read the Fine Print

Before you sign your exhibition contract, you should read it and make sure you fully understand the terms and conditions. Following this easy but significant step from the start can help clear up any confusion, establish who is in charge of what, and prevent issues before they happen. When people understand each other well, they can work together without any problems. While additional on-site service requests may be tempting, remember your exhibition partner can only deliver what’s outlined in the contract. Any extras or deviations from the agreed scope will incur additional costs, so plan accordingly or be prepared to pay set fees.

12. Handle Products With Care

Your exhibition partner is not an expert when it comes to your products. They do not know how to install, dismantle, pack or stock for them. Remember, your exhibition partner isn’t responsible for handling or managing your products/materials during the show itself. Make arrangements for your team to oversee these items to avoid mishaps, misunderstandings or potential damage. Clear upfront communication and proactive planning ensure your valuable assets are properly cared for throughout.

13. Respect the Crew

Disrespectful behaviour towards supervisors, crew members or client reps is unacceptable and can sour the entire exhibition experience. These people care about your success and are putting in a lot of time and knowledge to make a booth that goes above and beyond what you expect. Give them the courtesy, respect, and the thanks that they deserve to build a good working relationship that helps everyone.

14. Streamline Communication

Establish one single point of contact for all project-related communication to avoid confusion and mixed messages. Avoid creating multiple channels, like WhatsApp groups, where instructions get muddled and lead to misunderstandings. Clear, streamlined communication ensures everyone works towards the same goals, minimising the potential for errors or delays. Having too many cooks in the kitchen can quickly derail the process, causing confusion,conflicting instructions, and potential delays. To streamline things, designate one primary contact as the liaison between your team and the exhibition partner. This person ensures communication flows smoothly and everyone works harmoniously towards the same objectives.

15. Be Prepared

Arrive on-site prepared with all necessary materials, such as USB drives containing high-res graphics, videos, and AV content in the correct formats and resolutions. Being unprepared leads to delays, frustration, and potentially subpar results for all involved. Proactive preparation demonstrates your commitment and sets the stage for a seamless, stress-free experience. If you anticipate needing on-site support during show days, additional cleaning services, or garbage collection, discuss and arrange these services in advance. Don’t expect your exhibition partner to provide them for free—proper planning and upfront communication about needs ensure a seamless experience that meets your expectations.

If you avoid these 15 mistakes, your exhibition will go off without a hitch and really showcase your brand in the best light. Remember that your exhibition partner wants you to do well, so listen to what they say and work with them to create an unforgettable, impactful booth presence that draws in your target audience.

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