4 Side Open Exhibition Stall Design Ideas


Exhibition events are generally huge events held in big venues. Due to the large exposure they generate, an island exhibition stall is often the most popular option for exhibitors.

When compared to other categories of stalls, 4 side open exhibition stalls tend to attract the most attention at exhibition events. This is the reason why they are extremely popular among exhibitors and extensively used with the most significant footprint on the exhibition circuit.

A 4 side open exhibition stall design will help you to stand out at the event.


4 side open exhibition stall, also called as Island Exhibition Stall, refers to a stall open on four sides, all of which lie adjacent to the aisle with the frame laid in a specific manner.


  • Have fewer height restrictions within the stall when compared to other stall layouts.
  • Offers maximum exposure to the visitors.
  • Is accessible to visitors from all the four directions.


  • Offers less space for graphics and brand communication.
  • Is unduly large. This means you need to rent more pace making it more expensive. It is precisely for this reason that island stalls are rented predominantly by large companies with large budgets.
  • Is less clear and hence requires and hence would require a specific approach on the part of stall staff for presentation.

The openness of an island stall on all four sides brings with it technical designing challenges. Exhibitors looking to rent them must give careful thought to the location of the island stall counter, storage room, and communication means including banners, canvases, logos, and screens.


With a 4 side open exhibition stall, you get sufficient space to explore creative ideas and find out which among them is worth trying.

Here are some ways to personalize the 4 side open exhibition stall design idea for your upcoming exhibition show.

1. Creative Product Theme

Most companies have their brand in mind as the theme for exhibition stall design.

With a 4 side open exhibition stall, you get a large open space inclusive of sufficient opportunities to experiment with for maximum exposure. You can use the opportunity to tell the attendees what your brand is and what it does and offers.

A creative product theme will go well with your exhibition stall design. Drawing inspiration from your main product you can highlight its value and significance.

For example, let us say you are a luxury tour operator that has just started offering luxury packages to the Caribbean islands with handsome perks to boot. Highlight the significance of the packages by giving your exhibition stall an eye-catching Caribbean island beach theme. This will be a refreshing change from the routine design themes that most visitors often see at exhibition shows. A vibrant island theme will work well to catch the attention of attendees at the exhibition show and lure them to your stall, allowing your stall staff to initiate a conversation about the packages you are trying to sell.

Additionally, create a beach like environment within the stall. This will send a message to the audience on how a lot of thought has gone into the stall design and creating unforgettable theme.

2. Give The Stall A Product-Like Appearance

There can be no better way to highlight your main or new product than by giving your stall a product-like appearance and look.

Many notable brands have done this at exhibition shows.

Likewise, your company too can do the same. If your company happens to make mobile products, then get your stall to sport the look of your latest mobile product, arranged in a side-like pattern. This will make the stall feel like the inside of your latest mobile offering. Further, if attractively done, the visitors will get to know within a second of seeing it, what is on offer for them. Eventually, your stall will become the exhibition show’s attention grabber and a massive attraction.

Aside from this, you can also use the opportunity to showcase your product’s unique advantages. This can be done by having a large custom exhibition stall with your new mobile product as the front and center of the stall; and highlighting its benefits as well.

3. Have Designated Stall Compartments

Most stalls at exhibition shows generally sport the same basic design, that is, four walls of banners or graphic paneling.

With a 4 side open exhibition stall design you can do much more and make it lively and interesting. You can have your stall divided into designated compartments or rooms, with each of the rooms dedicated to a specific product or service. This will give your stall design a more professional appearance. Having a layout distinctive from the structure of a typical stall will help your stall to catch the attention of attendees as well as competitors.

You can also have product-specific compartments to provide stall visitors with an enriching immersive experience. They can learn more about the product or service you are offering, and how they can benefit from it.

Having multiple compartments will also give sufficient space for in-depth, face-to-face conversations with genuinely interested prospects. This can lead to productive discussions culminating in striking conclusive deals.

4. Showcase Unique Interactive Displays

It can get boring to see displays and hear marketing pitches that have nothing new to offer.

A 4 side open exhibition stall design allows you to break the monotony. Use it to the maximum by creating interactive elements in the stall design. For example, let us say you are a manufacturer of computer parts and accessories. Aside from infusing your stall design with interactive elements depicting computer parts and accessories, you can also have an area within the stall where attendees can feel and experience their effects and even manipulate them to find out whether they can work in different ways. This way, attendees will get a clear idea regarding the usefulness of the parts and accessories.

Similarly, if you’re engaged in making home lighting products, create a mini living space within the stall with your specialized lighting product. This will help attendees to see and experience the difference for themselves.

There are many ways to add interactive elements to your stall. Try which among them will work the best for you at the exhibition and then incorporate them into your stall design for the next exhibition event.

5. Put Up A Retail Store Look Stall

Have you ever thought of having a stall that does not look like a stall?

With a smart 4 side open exhibition stall idea, you can have a stall look like your retail store, depending on the product or service you make and sell. Even if you don’t have anything to sell but have products to display then have our stall look like a retail store with products on display like they would at a store.

Giving your stall an aesthetic retail store look will enhance your branding. Simultaneously it will give the attendees something fresh to look at that’s a break from the typical routine exhibition stall look. The more the attendees will look at it the more they will get familiar with your brand’s appearance. The next time when they walk past your retail store they will known in an instant it’s you.

6. Integrate LCD Displays With Social Media

Large-format LCDs are a great solution if you are looking to create a huge impact at the exhibition show.

In a 4 side open exhibition stall, when you integrate a high—performance LCD Display with social media, they tend to lure visitors to your stall. They will appeal even better if your social media has engaging, interactive. and visual content. This will give the visitors a chance to feel as if they are a part of your exhibit.

They will also

  • Make your business place social with your official social content in channels like X, Instagram, etc, promoted to the audience. This in turn will encourage more visitors to share photos and see them on the LCD display screen.
  • Create Live Interactiveness which means when the audience at the show posts a photo with your hashtag, it will later get displayed on the LCD screen.
  • Increase visitor engagement. Your staff will find it easier to engage the visitors by showing their X or Instagram in real-time to everyone.
  • You can also have influencers produce unique content, highlight the best user-experience posts, and share them with the rest of the show audience. This way, it will give the visitors the chance to become a part of your company’s exhibit. When that happens, your exhibition stall will witness more foot traffic, get noticed more, and ultimately, draw a greater level of interest from potential clients.

7. Include 3D Projection Mapping As Part Of Stall Design

3D Projection Mapping makes for a great 4 side open stall design idea. It comprises of four main components: 3D animated media; the media server playback system; a projection system; and a projection surface.

When you have 3D mapping as a part of your stall design, you bring augmented reality into the stall. The whole thing will give an innovative touch to your stall design, and make it a show-stopper at the exhibition show. Besides, it will work as a quick fix for your stall if it happens to have dim, mood lighting; or spaces with fascinating structures.

3D Projection Mapping also offers diverse projection surfaces. It can transform even mundane and tranquil environments by day into an energized one at night. The objects that are mapped will seem to come alive.

At exhibition shows, they can be applied along with sound design and other effects to produce a stunning display that will get people to share it through social media channels. Besides, being flexible they enhance the marketing message effect very well.

8. Give Your Stall A Digital Feel

Whether it is to interact with others or consume content, most humans are addicted to digital technology. It has changed the way humans do almost everything.

A 4 side open exhibition stall offers ample space to leverage today’s digital technology to transform the stall into a shimmering digital zone. Digital signage is a good example of what you can do to give your stall a digital feel.

What makes digital signage a great choice is they

  • Emit bright lights. The effect of the lights is such that they attract attendees strolling past your stall and draw them in.
  • Are easy to change. The same digital displays can be used every year to create displays for different products or use different themes. The signage can also be changed to something different on a day-to-day basis for attendees to see something new.

9. Make Use Of Full Enclosure

At most exhibition shows, you will see stalls focusing on four walls. Not much attention is paid to the above and below spaces.

Instead of following the same pattern, use the above and below space of your exhibition stall to the maximum. You can do much with a 4 side open exhibition stall.

A good 4 side open stall design idea would be adding a ceiling and flooring to your stall. They help to create a more immersive setting than a complete open-air stall. Use a false hardwood floor to give your stall a more inviting look. Similarly, you can have a sparkling fabric draped across the top of your stall for a flexible ceiling. Either way, they will give your stall the feel of a distinct branded space.

Another option would be custom flooring. They will make the 4 side open exhibition stall design look more cohesive. You can have a custom hashtag or your website URL printed spanning the entire floor space. This will go well with tech-savvy attendees.

10. Set Up Branded Gaming Activities

Fewer things please attendees than interaction within a stall. Irrespective of whether your product can serve as an interactive exhibit or not, you can with a 4 side open exhibition stall include interactive activities that allow attendees to interact with your brand or offerings.

Make your stall a game-changer with an interactive game that has your brand or products as the theme, and ensure that it’s fun as well as interesting. For example, let us say your company makes stationery items. Have a branded game included that has your product as the main theme with the participants needing to use it in different ways. The participant showcasing the best way to use it gets the winner’s prize.

Such type of gaming activities will encourage attendees looking for a break from the relentless drive of sales pitches, to take part in them. They also help to spread greater brand awareness.

11. Provide Comfortable Space For Meets and Socializing

An exhibition show can get tiresome at some point of time during the day. The visitors as well as stall staff will feel the strain and yearn for a place to rest and recharge their batteries.

A 4 side open exhibition stall offers ample space to experiment with different space sizes and arrive at the right choice.

If you have a large exhibit and a large budget as well, you can offer the visitors and your staff a welcoming space to rest, or interact with the visitors and initiate conversations.

Even if you have a modest 4 side stall space or a modest budget, you can still have a small space with a table and comfortable armchairs or a sofa. This will also get the visitors into your stall and initiate interesting conversations that can be used to convert them from leads to customers.

12. Give Unusual Giveaways As Part Of Brand Promotion

Visitors love to receive free items or giveaways. There can be fewer better ways to please them than unusual giveaways.

Instead of the usual routine promotional items like pens or caps, covers or diaries, give the visitors something unusual. For instance, Amazon or Flipkart Gift Cards, branded briefcases, branded T-shirts, Microsoft X-Box, etc. All of these items offer value to a visitor.

If you want your audience to get curious, offer them goodie bags with something valuable inside. Like for instance, branded pens with a matching notebook or some free sample products in a sealed goodie bag. It will make for an irresistible alluring gift. ELSE, you can give a flash drive or a pen drive with a promo video or some useful cosmetic items, all packed in the goodie bag.

Like giveaways, running competition is a great way to get the contact information of stall visitors. The visitors can be tempted with prize gifts for the winners and runner-ups. Some good examples include interactive carnival-type games or on-the-spot draws; they appeal to people’s competitive instincts and are a fun way to make sure that they leave the exhibition show with one or more of your branded items in the form of a prize.

13. Set The Mood With Unique Lighting

Lighting is an essential element of a successful exhibition stall design. They can have a powerful effect when used creatively. Use it to create the right mood and even a sense of privacy and present your brand like a showcase waiting to welcome visitors.

You can also use it to create a fun atmosphere by installing sound-responsive lighting that interacts with stall visitors. This way, you get the opportunity to highlight your marketing message.

14. Emotional Connect

Most purchases are often emotionally driven. Capitalize upon the same by designing your stall to emotionally connect with your audience.

You can also have a touch-screen display that allows stall visitors to interact with your brand on their terms. The best thing about touch-screen displays is they can be mounted, embedded in kiosks, or even made to stand alone as panels in your stall. Whichever way you use them, they give you tremendous flexibility to vary and display brand messaging and load in different message content throughout the exhibition show.

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