2 Side Open Exhibition Stall Design Ideas

Innovative 2 Side Open Stall Design Ideas To Elevate Your Brand

When visitors enter the exhibition hall, they generally set their eyes upon an exhibition stall design. A meticulous and well-crafted open exhibition stall design grabs eyeballs and diverts the audience’s attention to it, and when it happens to be in a corner open exhibition stall, it also tends to attract greater attendee footfall.

2 side open exhibition stalls are extremely popular amongst reputable brands and companies. The stalls are easy to assemble, make efficient use of the available space, and can be designed to suit your requirements.


2 Side Open Exhibition Stall also called a Corner Stall or Double-Sided Stall is located at the end of an aisle. This is the reason why they have two open sides allowing visitors to view from both sides.


  • Gives the stall the best exposure to all the visitors at the show.
  • Offers stall design flexibility with sufficient space for graphics. 
  • Promotes brand better and engages more visitors.
  • Offers front as well as aisle access.


  • Both sides need to be exposed with attractive designs.
  • Minimal corner spaces are generally available at most exhibition show venues.

With a 2 side open exhibition stall, you can provide an exceptional experience to your visitors. By combining a creative 2 side open exhibition stall design with exquisite detailing, you can ensure an exceptional experience for your stall visitors.


When designing your 2 side exhibition stall, you need to take into consideration several aspects, from its aesthetics to presentation and more.

An open design idea will give you the flexibility to creatively design a 2 side stall in a way that ensures the space is user-friendly.

By leveraging the following 2 side open stall design ideas, you can ensure your space is indeed user-friendly.

1. Enchanting Stall Entrance Designs

The beautiful look of your stall should ideally be complimented with a pleasing entrance. When the entrance is brand specific with brand logo given due prominence and bright lights for that extra glow, attendees will recognize it with first look. Make them feel at home as well with a team member at the entrance to welcome them with a pleasant smile.

This will also send across a positive vibe to the attendees and get them to instantly connect with your brand.

Here are a host of entrance design ideas that you can try.

  • Charming entrance with beautiful plants. It evokes a refreshing natural environment with an inviting atmosphere in the stall space. The attendees will experience the magic of nature and stall architecture coming together in harmony.  
  • Themed entrance aligned with the exhibition show’s focus. Make it interesting with the right fusion of colors, symbols, and décor. This will immerse the attendees in the theme and significance of the exhibition show.
  • Majestic Archway with sparkling lighting. They tend to welcome attendees with an aura of grandeur and usher in a setting that sets the tone for a memorable experience.
  • Entrance with an awe-inspiring sculpture. It produces a stunning visual entry opening to the stall sparking curiosity among the audience and driving them to the stall entrance. 

You can make the attendees’ entry into the stall space more memorable by adding high-contrast colors to the stall design. This helps to accentuate display elements and highlight vital messaging.

2. Enchanting Product Displays

Product displays when presented interactively tend to captivate the senses of the attendees to the extent they immerse themselves in the product offerings.

Here are five interactive ways to do it.

  • Touchscreens are a great way to allow the attendees to explore your product offerings with precise information, profiles, and visuals at their fingertips.  
  • Virtual Reality. VR experience immerses attendees in the visual journey of your offerings and gives a virtual tour of your product offerings production processes and creative applications.
  • Augmented Reality label when scanned comes to life providing details or elements that enhance understanding of the product and engage better with it. 
  • Customizable product profiles provide interactive sessions to attendees. They get to explore the uniqueness of your product and savor a personalized experience.

Hands-on experiences help to fuel tangible interactions that eventually enhance better product engagement. They also provide a productive educational experience and foster greater attendee connection with the brand to ultimately leave a lasting impression.

3. Themed Decor and Branding

An interesting theme will give your stall a distinctive feel and help to instinctively convey your brand messaging; and drive instant brand recall. 

Experimenting with varied 2 side open stall design ideas will help to showcase your stall’s themed décor and branding better.

Let us say yours is a culinary brand looking to wow attendees with the latest culinary products and services. You can make it memorable by designing your stall with any one of the following themes.

  • Lively local street food market. Have the stall designed with diverse elements showcasing the best of local flavors that define the local street food market.
  • Rustic rural charm with fresh produce and rural farm-inspired décor that embodies rural style wooden table-chair setting and displays the best of rural hospitality through locally sourced offerings. 
  • Coastal retreat incorporating the vibrancy of coastal color hues and textures. They help to highlight coastal culinary delights and capture the best of coastal cuisine and hospitality.

To communicate your brand’s values and message, every element from the color schemes to logo presentation must be consistent and resonate with the brand’s theme. Uniformity in presentation helps to build trust in brand, develop loyalty to brand and enhance recognition of the brand.

4. Eco-Friendly Stall Designs

As the world shifts to sustainability, a significant profound shift is taking place in the ever-evolving world of trade shows as stall designers embrace sustainable 2 side exhibition stall design. The shift to sustainable designs focuses on combining visual appeal with an eco-friendly touch.

A stall that’s designed with sustainability as the theme tends to attract eco-friendly conscious attendees in droves

Trade show events present you the chance to affirm your commitment to responsible sustainable practices. Make the most of it by adopting eco-friendly innovative ideas like the use of 

  • Bamboo for stall structures and displays. Bamboo is extremely eco-friendly and can be grown fast.
  • LED Lighting. They are not only energy-efficient but also help to provide bright, focused illumination, reduce electricity consumption considerably, minimize greenhouse energy use, and induce enormous savings.
  • Recyclable banners to reduce waste. Reducing waste of materials helps to significantly cut down on environmental pollution.
  • Reusable fabric graphics for displays and signage. This will help to reduce single-use materials. 
  • Recycled flooring materials. This helps to reduce waste to a great extent and at the same time gives the floor a visually pleasing touch.
  • Upcycled furniture. They help to reduce excessive usage of natural resources and curtail demand for them. Furniture made from repurposed materials ensures that discarded items are reused positively. 
  • Eco-friendly Giveaways. Handing over eco-friendly giveaways like reusable bags and water bottles, seed packets, etc to attendees will help to project your brand’s commitment to sustainability and align it with sustainable practices. 

When embracing eco-friendly 2 side open exhibition stall design ideas, it is all about making conscious choices. Making the right choice will help to improve your brand’s image and also contribute your worth to the well-being of the environment and a greener planet.

5. Photogenic Backdrops

Most exhibition events generally tend to be chock-a-bloc with many unique displays. This will make it tough for your stall to stand out. 

Having a photo booth to provide photogenic backdrops will give your stall a distinctive halo. Attendees will get naturally drawn to it, create visually enticing backdrops, and capture the experience of the same through photos, videos, and even live streaming to ultimately share them on their social media channels. This way, each attendee gets transformed into a potential marketer and help to spread your brand’s reach. 

Try any one of the following ideas for memorable photogenic backdrops at the exhibition event.

  • Live greenery or live plants. They provide a natural aesthetic touch to the backdrop and promote sustainability. This way, you can showcase your brand’s commitment to environmental protection.
  • Product Showcase Wall. An artistic arrangement of your products against a pleasing backdrop will transform your stall into a showcase of your offerings.
  • Customized LED Light Installation. Using programmable LED lights that adapt to varied themes, colors, and moods will help to create a spectacular backdrop and significantly enhance your brand visibility.   
  • Instagrammable elements. Incorporating unique, shareable elements will help to elevate the aesthetics of your stall, create visually pleasing settings, and convert the visitors into advocates of your brand. Your stall will come to acquire a vibrant instagrammable presence boosting your brand’s visibility and encouraging attendees to share engaging photos on Instagram. 
  • Interactive Projection Mapping. Using it to create dynamic visuals to convey your brand’s story and offerings will help to create an immersive experience that enthralls the audience.

The inclusion of a photogenic backdrop at the exhibition event will also help in driving attendee-generated content. More and more attendees will feel encouraged to highlight and share their experiences on their social media channels.

6. Live Demonstrations

92 percent of the audience attending trade shows does so mainly to see new products up-close. 

Trade shows are a focal point for people from your industry’s target audience. They present the perfect platform for demonstrating your products and driving the audience to your stall. 

Besides, witnessing products in action or sampling them firsthand creates a dynamic, interactive environment and delivers immersive multi-sensory experiences.

Try at your next exhibition show any one of the following 2 side open stall design ideas.

  • Interactive Testing Area where attendees can sample your products. They get to explore the products hands-on and feel firsthand how they work. 
  • Quality & Sustainability Check Area. By displaying the sourcing and production process of your product, you can show your commitment to quality and sustainability. 
  • Live Product Launch Event allows attendees to see, experience, and engage with your new offerings. Such live events also help to generate excitement among the audience with the anticipation of expecting a unique offering.
  • Interactive Sessions encourage attendees to experiment with your products creatively and forge personal connections with your brand.

By cleverly clubbing the best of interactive touchpoints, visual aesthetics, and sensory experiences, you can get your audience to spend more time at your stall, connect seamlessly with your brand, and savor a lasting impression beyond the exhibition event.

7. Interactive Gaming

Human beings are naturally drawn towards activities that provide a sense of fun and play. Incorporating interactive elements in games will allow you to leverage innate tendencies like competition, playfulness, and the desire for rewards and catalyze attendees’ engagement with the games.

Latest statistics reveal that attendee satisfaction increases by up to 33 percent when exhibitors incorporate interactive elements like games. They are more likely to stop attendees in their tracks, encourage them to take part in them, drive engagement, and fuel lead generation.

Here are some ideas to try out for your next exhibition show.

  • Trivia Challenge. Hosting a trivia game with a focus on your main product’s facts works well to engage participants and educate them about your brand and industry.
  • Escape Room Experience. Having a virtual or physical escape room with your main product themed challenges will instantly get attendees to participate in them and try their problem-solving skills.
  • Interactive Product Challenge. They encourage attendees to take part in the challenge competition, and display their creativity and understanding of your product profiles.

When you include activities incorporating elements of competition and fun with a 2 side open stall exhibition stall design and enticing prizes, they produce a lively environment within your stall, drive attendee participation, and facilitate greater brand engagement.

8. Inventive Giveaways

There are two things that attendees look forward to at an exhibition event. One is free items and the other is entering their names into giveaway contests with the expectation of winning an exciting prize.

So, if you’re planning to include giveaways and swag at the exhibition show, then first find out who makes up your target audience at the exhibition show and then choose the right quality swag that aligns with your brand identity and be of use to the attendee. If you’re on a tight budget, carefully consider the costs and logistics involved in selecting and transporting the giveaways to the exhibition show venue.

Here are a few ideas to help you select the right swag.

  • Customized Tech Accessories like for instance power banks or branded USB drives or laptops. They all ensure frequent use and drive prolonged brand exposure. 
  • Personalized branded water bottles. They promote your brand, and keep attendees well-hydrated showcasing your commitment to attendee wellness and sustainability.  
  • Reusable sustainable bags. They are environmentally friendly and promote environmental consciousness. Simultaneously, they also market your brand on the go.
  • Branded apparel. High-class branded clothing items like T-shirts or Caps or Track Suits are not only of use to the attendees but also get them to play the role of walking brand ambassadors. 
  • Mobile Phone Cases. They are trendy, compact, and functional that constantly reminds the user of your brand during daily mobile phone use.
  • Seed Packets. When you hand branded seed packets to attendees, they showcase your commitment to sustainability and encourage the attendees to plant seeds, and forge a green connection with your brand.

Exhibition giveaways have significant value. Hence, it’s important to prioritize swag quality and functionality with attendee preferences. They help to optimize brand visibility and ensure lasting impact.

Combining the best 2 side open stall design idea with a creative strategic approach will imprint a lasting impression on attendees, build positive brand recognition, and generate qualified leads.

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