9 Clever Ways to Attract More People to Your Exhibition Stand


At an exhibition, there will be scores of exhibitors with each of them looking to attract more people to their exhibition stand. 

Now, in such a situation, how will you be able to attract the same people to your own exhibition stand?

This is where the challenge lies. You need to be smart and innovative in your thinking; and need to get a professional exhibition stand design company who can offer a complete range of exhibition services under one roof, on board.

You will gain access to top-notch skills of experienced professionals and also get the benefit of incorporating ways into your exhibition stand design that can help attract more traffic to your exhibition booth.

Ways To Attract More Visitors To Exhibition Stand

Exhibitions like all events tend to attract thousands of people. This will provide a fantastic opportunity for exhibitors to not just make their presence felt but also attract positive leads and facilitate positive conversions; and enhance brand awareness.

But with scores of exhibitors participating in the exhibition, how do your attract people to your exhibition booth? 

Here are nine clever ways to attract the appropriate audience to your exhibition booth.

1. Opt For Custom Exhibition Stand Design

The look and feel of your exhibition stand design plays a key role in casting a favorable impression on the audience. 

To ensure the same, 

  • Plan your exhibition stand process at least five months before the exhibition show day. This will give you sufficient time to arrive at the right design concept; work out the modalities; and finally, fine-tune the feel, look, and overall appearance of your exhibition stand.
  • Ensure the layout of your exhibition stand sports an inviting look. Herein, location plays a critical role. Make sure that your exhibition stand is located and well-positioned in a strategic part of the exhibition floor area. This will help to create a pleasant booth space with the right ambiance that will catch the audience’s eye and lure them to your exhibition booth.  
  • Infuse your exhibition stand design with attractive visuals that reflect your brand’s theme. The design theme should speak about your brand’s story and send across the right message about it to the audience. Additionally, ensure that the exhibition stand design with visuals can be easily and clearly seen even from a distance. You can make it even more visible by heightening its presence with an appropriate size banner.

Play safe all along by hiring a professional exhibition stand Design Company. This way, you will gain access to quality exhibition services and skills of experienced stand designers well—conversant with the contours of custom exhibition stand design. You can be sure to get a custom exhibition stand design that is unique with bold, striking graphics; and impressive text inclusive of an enticing message that will catch attendees’ attention instantly.

2. Give Your Exhibition Stand An Interactive Feel

People today prefer an exhibition stand design to be interactive that provides them an immersive experience. Thankfully, modern technology offers plenty of options that can incorporated as a part of the exhibition stand design and make it more eye-catching and immersive. 


  • Beacons; they transmit a constant signal that has been programmed into them, to other nearby smart devices in its range. THEY are useful for attracting attendees’ attention to a specific location; and navigate to your exhibition stand. Additionally, they can be used to share information among the attendees like promotion of offers or freebies or discount coupons. 
  • Multi-sensory installations; they help to create a sensory experience of sight, smell, sound, taste, and feel. This will leave a positive impression in the mind of the visitors’ and create a great experience that will be cherished and remembered for long after the show is over. 

Providing the attendees an immersive and mesmerizing experience with your exhibition booth will ensure it becomes the show-stopper of the exhibition and be easily recalled even after long the exhibition is over.  

3. Promote Your Exhibition Stand At The Event In Advance

Build-up hype to the big exhibition show day with a robust marketing campaign that will keep prospective customers’ informed about your presence at the exhibition.

Leverage marketing tools like 

  • Social Media; you can create a new page solely devoted to the exhibition, detailing your presence at the exhibition, and providing previews and hints about what is in store for the visitors on the exhibition day. Create a hashtag and use it all event-related updates on Facebook, Twitter, and other social channels.
  • Advertise about your presence in popular trade magazines. Additionally, check with the exhibition organizers whether there is an ad space available in the exhibition brochure or website. If there, use it to advertise your impending presence at the exhibition.
  • Email Newsletters; Give a full description of the exhibition and your presence in it. This should cover the days and timings; location of your stand in the exhibition; what you have to offer on the day; and so on. 

If you are offering a special offer for visitors at the exhibition, advertise it in your social media channels; trade magazines; and email newsletters. It will work to entice moiré of them to visit your exhibition booth.

4. Leverage Video Presentations

Attendees at exhibitions these days prefer video and audio presentations to in-person staff presentations.  

As technological devices, audio/video is flexible and versatile. Presentations on them will not only attract a lot of people and communicate with them but also help to create an impressive impact that will stay intact for days after the exhibition is over. 

Product demonstrations are a good example. They showcase a product from all angles and also explain about the merits of the product and how it can benefit those who buy it. 

Overall, what makes audio/video presentations so good is they can make an impact whether the attendees are present in the exhibition booth or not. The more impressive the presentations are, the more positive response they will elicit from the audience. They help to generate genuine positive leads that can be converted into customers.

5. Light Up Your Exhibitions Stand

Your exhibition stand will look divine if you light it up.

The right lighting will not only elevate its appearance a notch up but will also enhance its visibility and set the right mood to divert the audience’s attention towards your exhibition booth.

Your choice of lighting systems should be based on what kind of atmosphere you want to create for your exhibition stand. If you want your stand to project a warm and personal feel, then your choice should be dim and warm lighting. Likewise, if you want it to project a lively modern feel, then your choice should be bright, cool lights.

Modern lighting comes with many sophisticated options. If you want to illuminate your whole booth in warm orange lighting, ladder lights hanging from the ceiling will be a good choice. Likewise, if you’re looking to highlight better certain areas of your exhibition booth that showcases advertisement, then banners and lit signs will make for a good choice. 

For the best lighting effect, it’s recommended to get a professional exhibition stand design company to work on your idea of lighting. You will stand to benefit from the right exhibition services that will not only make your exhibition stand design look special and impressive, but will also help to illuminate your exhibition booth in a way that will instantly draw the attendees to it.

6. Provide Comfortable Seating Area

Exhibitions can get tiresome at times, especially if it happens to run late into the night. The hectic pace of the event can take a toll on the visitors as well as the booth staff members. 

The visitors get constantly peppered with scores of sales pitches and marketing messages. Similarly, booth staff members constantly work themselves up to attract the visitors and gain their appreciation. This can leave both of them tired after a certain point of time. 

This is where comfortable seating area with a welcoming environment, helps. 

Visitors are more likely to visit those booths that offer a comfortable seating area where they take rest and recharge their batteries.

Make your seating area more enticing by providing 

  • Refreshments and drinks. Free snacks and drinks like branded water bottles will make them feel at home. They will automatically open up on own and show abiding interest in your brand and offerings. This can be worked upon later to convince them to convert into customers. 
  • Free Wi-Fi connection. A free Wi-Fi hotspot with fast, free connection will draw the audience in droves. 
  • Free charging stations. Visitors will love it if your exhibition booth offers a free charging station that allows them to not only charge their mobile but also provides for free renewal of their mobile SIM cards.

Time spent at the seating area will also provide an opportunity to your booth staff to interact with them, and get them interested about your offerings. Positive interactions can lead to cultivation of new leads which can be worked upon later to convert into customers.

7. Offer Games & Competitions

Your exhibition booth will witness an increased footfall if it offers games and competitions. 

  • Interactive games that touches upon your brand and offerings. Branded games will energize the visitors to take part in them and eventually create a lasting positive impression on them. It will be even better if there are games competition with prizes for the winners and runner-ups. 
  • Freebies. They are a great way to promote your brand and market your exhibition booth. Fewer things can be better than branded merchandise as freebies. Like for instance, branded suitcase or carry-bag or tote bag, all of which can be used by the visitors to carry branded materials picked up at the exhibition. They all tend to  make an instant impact when compared to the usual routine freebies like branded diaries or branded pens or branded mugs/cups/bottles, or branded bags/caps, and such likes.  

Aside from the above, you can also get them interested about your brand by offering them comment walls or photo booths.

All of the above help to not only draw the visitors to your exhibition booth, but will also provide an opportunity to your booth staff to collect their personal data that can be later used to engage them after the exhibition is over and stay in touch with them. This can be done through personalized emails or phone calls or direct mail campaigns.

8. Make The Visitor Feel At Ease With Your Brand

Nothing can be compared to face-to-face encounter and interaction. Make the visitors feel at ease by presenting an amiable human face that personifies your brand.


  • Smiling. It helps to put people at ease instantly and perceive your brand as outgoing, friendly, and easily approachable. 
  • Ensuring your exhibition booth presents an open, approachable look. When its supplemented by your staff members standing around the perimeter of the exhibition stand greeting the visitors with a smile, will compel the visitors from just briefly looking at your exhibition booth to taking a good look around your booth and interact with your brand.  
  • Greeting passers-by. This is an opportunity that must be tapped by your booth staff and proactively engage them as much as possible. If done, it will make them feel enthusiastic about your brand and have a look around your exhibition booth.

A clever way of making your booth staff feel more motivated would be to take photos of theirs and your exhibition stand full of people for use on company social media channel. They can be leveraged later for aiding marketing efforts.

9. Give Your Staff Their Due

Your exhibition booth staff members play an important role that can be considered as equivalent to your exhibition stand and exhibition stand design. They work all day through the exhibition timings to attract as much as visitors as possible. Working behind the scenes, they make a tremendous difference to the visitors’ exhibition experience. 

They need to be on their toes, stay friendly and confident, and be presentable to the audience to lure the visitors to your exhibition stand. 

There can be no greater motivation for them than appreciation of their work and rewarding them for good performance. This will goad them to work even harder and stay driven throughout the exhibition show duration.

Aside from monetary rewards in the form of cash, they can be rewarded with gifts and a hike in their salaries. You can also have friendly competitions with prizes in the form of a free voucher to a movie or restaurant or a trip abroad; or an extended holiday after the exhibition is over. 

Before the exhibition begins, talk to the staff and explain what is needed of them; what they need to do to realize the company’s objectives and goals; and what benefits they stand to gain for good performance. A motivating pep-talk before the exhibition will make the staff more determined to do better and appreciate your brand’s investment in them. 

Finally, your best bet to attract more people to your exhibition stand would be to keep your exhibition stand design simple, clean, and as clutter-free as possible. It will strike a chord with the audience. This will make your task of engaging and convincing potential customers’ into your fold.


1. How can I make my exhibition stand attractive?

 Select the right exhibition stand build and design team to make an eye-catching interactive exhibition stand design; create the right ambiance in and around your exhibition booth; ensure eye-catching display of your offerings; and give the visitors what they love to have like giveaways, relaxed seating area, etc.

2. How do you increase footfall in an exhibition?

Start your marketing campaign early; adopt smart branding tactics; provide a comfortable seating area with tasty refreshments, drinks, etc; host interactive demos; and provide entertainment in the form of games, competitions, and freebies. Most of all, don’t forget to make your exhibition stand design as enticing as possible

3. How do I attract people to my Expo booth? 

There are many ways to attract people to your expo booth. Like for instance, keeping them engaged with games, competitions, and freebies; offering a comfortable seating area with free Wi-Fi, snacks, and drinks;  getting bloggers and online influencers on board to promote your expo booth; using in-house mailing lists to get-in-touch with existing customers’; playing a video show and offering something unique; and so on.

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