How can a good exhibition stall design provide wide exposure?


Exhibition stalls are a vital weapon for businesses to promote their brand; and showcase their legion of products to prospective customers’ and partners at the exhibition.

A well-designed exhibition stall design will set apart your stall from other stalls at the exhibition event; lure a large number of visitors to your stall; and become the show-stopper of the exhibition event.


An exhibition is a platform where potential customers converge to buy or just to see what companies have to offer. Besides, it also offers your brand a broad exposure from exhibition advertisements through media to mouth-to-mouth publicity.

If your exhibition stall design is well-organized, it will help your brand to broaden its exposure to a wider set of audience interested in your brand.

Now, talking about the question – ‘How it can provide wide exposure?’; here are facts that tells what you need to do to exploit the exposure and gain maximum benefits.


To start with, you need to know who your exact audience are; and have the right set of exhibition goals to pursue and achieve. 

It must be remembered that not all exhibitions will be of the same kind. There are certain exhibitions that might be a good fit for some businesses only. Of course, such exhibitions might attract a large audience, but it does not indicate that all of the audience is ideal customers’.

Hence, when you look to take part in an exhibition, find out what kind of audience they will attract and whether they are the audience that you would like to reach out to. If they are not, then it is not the exhibition for your brand. Instead, try to take part in only those exhibitions which attracts an audience that will give you the best possible chance of increasing your brand visibility and getting quality business.

Once you’re clear on which exhibitions to attend, your next move must be to set your goals for the exhibition. That is, what would you like to achieve at the exhibition event and what is your target criteria for the exhibition. Some businesses might look to drive a certain amount of sales and similarly there are others that look to attract new customers and build long-term relationships with prospective customers. Likewise, there could be other businesses that look to get people on board and sign-up for an email subscription or newsletter subscription.

Eventually, whatever be your goals, make sure that those goals are clearly defined, tangible and sensible, something that is achievable. Setting the right goals for the exhibition will help to ascertain after the exhibition is over, whether your participation in the exhibition event was a success or not.


Now that you’re clear about your goals and which exhibitions to take part in, your next step should be to let your audience know about the same. 

Ideally, you should spread the word about your participation at the exhibition a couple of months before the exhibition event. This will help your audience to be better prepared to engage with your brand at the exhibition.

You can make your audience aware by 

  • Updating your website with basic information like the dates and times of the exhibition show.
  • Sending them emails. In case, you have a robust email subscription list, leverage it to remind the subscribers about your participation in the upcoming exhibition. 
  • Post on your social media accounts. Aside from posting about details of your participation at the upcoming exhibition event, you can also use the opportunity to offer to those users a special discount or deal and who share your posts or look to buy your products at the exhibition show.
  • Leverage the power of official Twitter hashtags of exhibition shows. This will help the users to connect during the exhibition show, an opportunity that can be used to connect with them. Likewise, you can have your own Twitter hashtag and use it in tandem with the exhibition show’s official Twitter hashtag to get your audience tweet about the exhibition and your stall design.


To stand out from the crowd, a good exhibition stall design should ideally incorporate features that are eye-catching and one-of-a-kind. The features can be anything from interactive elements like AR/VR, touch-screens, etc, to innovative flooring and lighting, and more.


There can be fewer better ways for a stall design to provide wide exposure than interactive elements. When you consider interactive elements, you will have many options to consider. 

However, just because there are so many options, it does not mean that all of them need to be integrated with your stall design

Choose those options that will enhance your stall design the best.



Augmented Reality will allow your brand to display information on products in a more interactive way than through catalogues or leaflets or even video presentation.

Some popular methods for displaying AR content include 

  • Smartphone’s & Tablet Screens: They can be used by users to access AR content on both Android and IoS, and through QR codes.
  • AR Smart Glasses: They allow the users to see their surrounding environment and the digital data superimposed on the background. 

Virtual Reality on the other hand, can create a stimulated environment of your stall, and transport the user to an artificial world where he/she will be able to interact with elements.

Some good examples of VR include:

  • Google Cardboard: It can effectively transform the user’s Smartphone into a virtual reality headset with the help of certain apps. 
  • Oculus Rift Headsets: It will transport the user into a highly realistic digital world through their vision. 


You can set-up tech kiosks with iPhones, iPads, or even a big touch-screen monitor for the visitors to introduce them to your brand. 

Additionally, they also help to tell the users on how to navigate through your stall; or offer content to be shared within the exhibition or through social media.


When you integrate QR codes with your stall design, it will extend your brand’s reach beyond your stall. You can create content or any kind of activities through QR codes which the visitors can access through their phones.

Similarly, you can use QR codes to provide a link to your digital stall or access to a game or make offers.


Photo booths are a great way to attract the visitors.

Setting up a photo booth in your stall will encourage the visitors to upload the photos to their social media accounts through either a QR code or an emailed link.


Visitors tend to remember and recall a brand if they are engaged in an immersive way by the presentation or host. 

For that to happen, ensure that you have a professional speaker or qualified sales personnel who understand and know all about your products/services. This will help to lure the audience to your exhibition stall and keep them engrossed. 


Often a much underestimated and overlooked elements, Lighting plays a pivotal role in your stall design’s visual appeal. 

By leveraging the right set of lighting with the correct intensities in an innovative manner, you can create the right mood for your stall. Also, you can even customize the lighting set-up to fit it better with the design theme or supplement the product line being featured.

Let us say, you are a company engaged in furniture items and displaying the latest of furniture wares at the exhibition. The appropriate lighting set-up for it would bright white light with a light pale color tone like yellow. They will help to brighten the aura of your furniture items. 

Lighting can also be used to light up important signages, or product samples in a way that will draw the attention of the audience towards them.


Social media is a powerful tool that when well-integrated with your stall design will provide it a wide exposure and facilitate robust visitor-engagement.

This will encourage the visitors to share their experience on their social media accounts. Additionally, it will also widen the exposure of your stall design and increase its reach in a way that will generate buzz around your brand.


With several exhibitors participating in an exhibition, it can become difficult for your stall to get noticed in the crowd.

To make your brand‘s presence felt and your stall design be recognized and recalled, you can print your business name and logo on a host of promotional items and marketing materials, like flyers posted in and around the exhibition venue; business cards distributed while networking; brochures and post cards as well as novelty items handed out to the visitors at the exhibition event itself; coupons handed out for exclusive show deals; and signage’s and banners for your exhibition stall.

Printing your brand’s name and logo on these promotional materials, will give your stall an additional heightened aura and ensure the visitors carry fond memories of it as well as the stall design after they leave the exhibition venue.

Your exhibition stall design can provide wider exposure to your brand if it guarantees ample space for visitor-engagement. Visitor-engagement can be facilitated from screening of products/services to product demonstrations, and more. All of these require adequate space and need to be taken into consideration when crafting an exhibition stall design.

Finally, your exhibition stall design should be backed by a robust follow-up strategy that effectively capitalizes on the exposure your stall design achieved at the exhibition. Like for instance, securing contact information of visitors for future marketing campaigns or offering special promotional vouchers to visitors who engage with your brand and stall design at the exhibition, after the exhibition show is over.

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