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Cheap Exhibition Stands – A Budget Exhibition Stands Guide

Have you ever attended a exhibition?

You should be aware of the expenditures associated with the design of innovative display booths. Every company wants to witness the best of the exhibition, but most exhibitors are hesitant due to financial constraints. Yes, you may believe that exhibition marketing is an expensive undertaking, as it includes everything from exhibition stand design to event logistics management.

Instead of being viewed as a cost, show costs should be viewed as an investment. However, it is not worthwhile to spend a lot of money on stands that do not provide a significant return. Even cheap exhibition stands with excellent planning will outperform large exhibition stands with insufficient planning.

To get the most out of the ROI for your cheap exhibition stands and inexpensive exhibition stands, it’s necessary to understand the aspects that could influence your budget list.

Factors Influencing Your Exhibition Budget

Budgeting entails more than just entering numbers on a spreadsheet; it also necessitates sound financial planning. Let’s take a look at the components that contribute to the creation of your exhibition budget before we divide it. This takes the stress out of putting together an exhibition budget.

1. Company Budget

 First and foremost, knowing the fundamentals of your company’s budget is essential. This is the most significant component for any show company. Choosing cheap exhibition stands will be a good choice.

2. The Exhibition’s Purpose

Outlining your company’s goals and marketing objectives is the first step in planning the financial foundation for an exhibition. Knowing exactly what you aim to achieve with exhibitions will assist you in properly managing your show costs. Because you know how many people you want to see the show, your budget will change. It’s critical to make a good investment in an exhibition stand design firm if you want to make the appropriate impact on your target audience.

Once you’ve figured out your budgeting procedure, you can start estimating the costs of your display stand. An Indian stand is a preferable option because it requires less capital and offers more flexibility.

Budget for Your Exposure (Budget Break-Down)

Creating an exhibition budget can be a difficult undertaking. If your strategy is sound, you may make a thorough budget bifurcation one of the show’s primary elements. Here are a few of the suggestions we have.

  • Location of the Exhibition

Finding the correct place for your best exhibition stands on the exhibition floor is critical not just for exposure but also for cost. The price of the stand will vary depending on its size and location. Choose a location that will assist you in achieving your goal. If you’re on a budget, you might go for shell arrangement space, which is less expensive. You can find out more about these variable stand charges by consulting the display manual or the show organisers’ manual. Set aside 30% of your overall money to find the ideal location for your exhibition booth.

  • Exhibit Booth

Any exhibition booth is the centrepiece of your exhibition marketing effort. Your stand design should take care to maximise your exhibition area and its influence on the attendees, based on the budget constraints of your show and the aim you have for the exhibition. You might rent a booth rather than owning one, which will save you money on repairs, renovations, and storage after the event. Make a list of all the characteristics of your exhibitions, such as accessories, lighting, and furniture.

(Assembly and disassembly) Service fees often account for 30% of your entire budget.

  • Staff at the Booth

Your booth needs a voice to be heard, and your stand personnel is your most valuable marketing asset. You have the ability to speak for yourself. As a result, you’ll need to budget for personnel costs. In addition to compensating your employees for their time, you need think about the following:

  • Employee education
  • Transportation
  • In the motel for the night
  • Food
  • Entertainment

Because your firm and brand will be representing the individuals who visit your booth, it is critical to invest in the proper employees. As a result, it consumes roughly 20% of your show’s budget.

  • Drayage and Shipping Costs

Transporting your stand can be a difficult task. Depending on where the event is held, whether it is a domestic or international exhibition, your shipping charges will vary. It’s crucial to be aware of the transit deadlines to and from the event. The cost of shipping is calculated based on your weight and the size of your stand. In addition, the expense of maintenance, which can sometimes outweigh the cost of drainage, is required for the unloading and carrying of your booth from and to the event. It covers ten percent of your overall display budget.

  • Advertising Expenses

Another important aspect of your exhibition strategy is event marketing. Make sure your promotional marketing includes the following:

  • Social media marketing
  • Promotions by mail
  • Gifts and Donations
  • Incorporated technology (for Demo Sessions)
  • Patronage
  • Contests and Quizzes

Promotional activities must be carried out prior to, during, and after the event. As a result, make sure that at least 5% of your budget is set aside for this.


Hopefully, this budget guide will assist you in planning your complete exhibition budget so that you may get off to a wonderful start with your best exhibition stands. Do get in touch with SOL for availing the best of stands for your upcoming exhibition. 

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