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The importance of design was best summed up by a software engineer and writer Joel Spolsky, who said, “Design adds value faster than it adds costs.”

Exhibitions’ and exhibition offer a wonderful platform for companies to not just showcase their latest offerings to the audience but also offer a robust platform to market themselves. 

To make their presence felt, it is important to show that their action speaks louder than their words. That action can be replicated in the localization of their stall design to reach out to the Indian audiences at first look.


The localization of  stall design  for Indian audiences will help brands to better connect with and engage them.

But the challenge lies in how to go about it. Here are some ways that can help to localize the  stall design  for Indian audiences; and market the brand and its wares effectively.

1. Stall Design Layout

Stall design as the first impression must catch the attention instantly.

Design layout involves a lot of factors ranging from graphics to text, illustrations, styles and shades, colors, and more. Considering that in India, a different kind of audience attends events and exhibitions, it is important to ensure that the design is kept as an extension of the brand and the theme it follows. At the same time, it is also vital to ensure that the design respects the cultural sensitivity of the Indian audience.

An ideal design would be one that is visually compelling and respectful of the cultural sensitivity of the Indian audience. The use of unnecessary elements that in no way reflects the brand’s theme or is demeaning to the cultural sensitivity of the Indian audience must at all costs be avoided.

2. Stall Design Text

Often, the significance of  stall design  text is overlooked and not given the due importance it deserves. 

In hindsight, it plays a role that is as important as the design layout. 

Make it count by 

  • Localizing the brand message with apt text in fonts and colors that not only display and present the text the right way to the audience but also creates a powerful first impression.
  • Using pop-up stands. They help to make the text visible and seen from as far as possible. 
  • Avoiding pushing of the text beyond the eye level; AND instead ensuring the text stays visible to the naked eye and not hidden. This means when someone from the audience passes by through your stall, the person must be able to instantly see and acknowledge the text message.

3. Stall Design Pictures and Images

A stall design needs to be dynamic in its look and presentation. To make it so, pictures and images need to be an integral part of it.

They can be effectively integrated only when the quality of the images is of a high caliber and their size, shape, and scale are of the appropriate level, well within the stall design layout. 

Avoid the use of pitchers if their presence is not exactly required. They should only be used if you are offering product offerings. When used, they should be used effectively else they will have no value. 

4. Stall Design Hues and Shades

Hues and shades play a critical role in design. The way they are used, integrated, and presented ultimately will decide the effectiveness of the  stall design  and the impact on the audience.

The better they are infused into the stall design, the more impactful will be the stall design on the audience. It is important to get them right and make sure that they are used in the design appropriately; else the beauty of the stall design will get diminished. 

It is also important to get the right mix in terms of materials and patterns. When the natural and man-made materials are combined with the right textures in the exhibition stall, the  stall design  will look interesting. This will get the visitors to talk about the look of the stall design and its positive impact on their psyche.

A beautiful  stall design  with the right hues and shades will make the audience recognize it instantly and enter your stall to spend time to see it.

5. Stall Design Should Be Flexible and Realistic

Not every stall design can be called ‘creative’ in the real sense of the word. It may not be the most perfect as well. 

Hence, it’s best to get a  stall design  that is realistic. This should represent your brand and portray the products/services of your brand. 

Additionally, it should also be flexible with more options and inclusion of elements that can be added or even removed. Exhibition stalls normally come in three sizes – 10×10; 10×20; and 20×20. If the stall design is designed for all the three types, the design can be leveraged for different purposes. You also get the option to try them out for different design layouts and find out which among them best fits your stall design layout.

The best  stall design  is one that

  • Is visible from all the sides. This will help to accommodate more visitors at your stall.
  • Creates a real-life experience. This will attract visitors on the basis of the products it displays and markets to sell.

Finally, it is important to save on cost, and also time by considering hiring an event marketing company that will take care of every aspect of marketing your stall at the exhibition. This will not only help you to get the benefit of professional event marketing solutions but will also help you to conduct the best event marketing campaign that incorporates customized elements in your  stall design . Simultaneously, your marketing team will be able to focus on other aspect of marketing activities that’s important.


Getting the stall design right is important if you want your brand to make an impact at the exhibition.

Localization of the stall design in line with the aspirations of the Indian audiences with creative use of features, colors, lights, and so on, will ultimately deliver the perfect experience for your Indian audiences.

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