An exhibition offers a great platform for exhibitors to exhibit their offerings. This can be used as a valuable marketing opportunity to reach out to a diverse spectrum of audience that includes potential customers’.

Whether it is an exhibition in India or anywhere else across the world, a captivating exhibition stall design is a must. This will speak a lot about your brand. Besides, it will attract prospective customers’, cultivate leads, and enhance brand awareness. 

But creating such an exhibition stall design will be daunting, especially if you happen to be a first time exhibitor. However, hiring the exhibition services of a professional exhibition stall design company will make it a hassle-free chore. You stand to benefit from the skills of exhibition stand designers well-versed with the intricacies’ of stall design and the dos and don’ts of exhibition stall design.

Do’s & Don’t To Remember While Designing & Building Exhibition Stall

Exhibition stall design is a work of art that needs to be pursued with a lot of care and precision. 

Here are some do’s and don’ts that need to be kept in mind during the process of exhibition stall design.

Do’s For Exhibition Stall Design

1. Do have a clear goal

Different exhibitors have different goals. There will be some exhibitors who will be exhibiting for the first time and some who are veterans at exhibitions. The former category of exhibitors will mainly look to create a favorable impression on the audience; or showcase their products/services and introduce their brand to the audience; or raise and enhance brand experience.  

Likewise, the latter category of exhibitors will look to generate and cultivate leads; or achieve specific sales target and earn business. 

Hence, before working out the intricacies of your exhibition stall design, you need to have clear-cut goals. Just having a dazzling exhibition stall design will not help to achieve positive results overnight. It will only cast an effect for some time and then wear off. 

Having proper goals will give you a clear direction on what kind of exhibition stall design will best reflect the company at the exhibition; what kind of message it must transmit to the audience; and what you aim to achieve with the stall design. Overall, it must reflect your brand’s profile and vision; and personify your offerings in a way the audience will get the message instantly.

2. Do leverage available space to the maximum

At an exhibition, some exhibitors are allocated large spaces and others smaller spaces. 

Instead of working your mind over the size of the exhibition space, you should work on leveraging the allocated space to the maximum. If done accordingly, then it will not make much of a difference.

You can extract great results even with small exhibition booth spaces, if you

  • Have thorough knowledge about the stall’s dimensions. This will help you to understand where to display your offerings.
  • Consider its layout properly. Analyze how the visitors will move around the space and how they will interact with your brand. This will give you an idea on how to arrange your offerings, displays, and seating arrangements.
  • Use the backend of your stall as a meeting area. This will help to keep the entrance clear to incoming visitors. 
  • Ensure that there are no barriers at your stall’s entrance. 

Play safe by enlisting the expert exhibition services of a professional exhibition stall design company. This will help you to leverage the skills of certified exhibition stall designers who know what needs to be done to make even the smallest of exhibition stalls a standout.

3. Do ensure your stall design is unique

At an exhibition, there will be scores of exhibitors with their exhibition stall designs. Additionally, it can be chaotic at times, and visitors will get caught-up in the hustle-bustle of the show. 

To make your exhibition stall design stand apart from the crowd, do 

  • Include eye-catching graphics relevant to your brand. Graphics catch visitors’ attention more than words. Eye-catching graphics inclusive of large-scale images, vibrant colors, and attractive textures tend to draw visitors to the stall. 
  • Keep the design details at eye-level. This will help to make the text easily visible and readable to the visitors. Similarly, it will help to make the graphics easily recognizable.
  • Use proper visuals and animations as they effectively convey information to the audience. When visitors watch them, they tend to show more interest. 
  • Position the stall design at the right angle. This will help to make it easily recognizable to the visitors.
  • Ensure the highest standards of quality. Like for instance, make sure that the stall design has HD quality images rather than blurry images. 
  • Keep the stall design simple and impressive. Avoid getting too specific with the design or products. They tend to make the whole thing complicated and difficult for the audience to understand. 

Play safe by hiring the exhibition services of a professional exhibition stall design company. This way, you stand to benefit from the expertise of skilled exhibition stall designers who know what needs to be done, and when to effect alterations in the stall design. Eventually, you get an exhibition stall design that will make a strong first impression on the audience including prospective clients.

4. Do make maximum use of lighting/flooring

Good lighting and flooring can make a tremendous difference, if leveraged creatively. They can make even a not so impressive exhibition stall design look extraordinary. 

Modern lighting and flooring are highly sophisticated and come with ample options. They will not only add an aesthetic touch to your exhibition stall design but will also help to amplify your offerings in a way that will leave the audience spellbound. Besides, they will make your exhibition stall look spacious; and make it easy for the audience to find it and navigate through it.

Enlisting the expert exhibition services of a professional exhibition stall design company will give you access to the skills of certified exhibition booth designer who knows what kind of lighting and flooring will work best for your stall; how they should be lit and highlighted; how best they can be used in other ways; and what options will work best to highlight your products 

With an exhibition booth designer, you can highlight certain areas of the stall. Like for instance, product displays or branding. This will help to draw the eyes of the audience to the specific area. You can be sure to create the mood you would like on your stall. This can be especially beneficial if you’re launching a new product/service.

Signage too needs to be given its proper due. Clear and easy-to-find signage will help to make your stall easy to find and navigate.

5. Do offer a memorable experience

Participation in an exhibition is all about providing the audience a memorable experience. A memorable, engaging experience will make the visitors recall it and remember your brand long after the exhibition show is over.

This can be achieved through

  • Showcasing interactive displays, or presenting product demonstrations, or giving away branded merchandise.
  • Communicating with the audience. This will help to present your products/services effectively.
  • Staying abreast with the latest design trends. People like to see something different at exhibitions. When they see a unique stall design inclusive of interactive elements, they tend to patronize the stall. This in turn will fuel more visitor footfall at the stall.
  • Learning about other exhibitors at the exhibition. This will help to know about their earlier design works and how they work to craft impressive designs. The inputs gathered can be later incorporated into your own design.

Enlisting the exhibition services of a professional exhibition stall design company is advisable. This will help to get an experienced exhibition booth designer on board; and conceive an exhibition stall design that offers a truly memorable experience to the visitors.

Don’ts For Exhibition Stall

1. Don’t overstuff your stall design

Keep your exhibition stall design simple and pleasing to the eye. 


  • Choose colors that don’t reflect your brand profile and have no relevance to its products/services.
  • Infuse too much of fonts. Just one or a couple of fonts will be sufficient. The chosen fonts must be those that will make the text pleasant to the eye and read; and easily visible and readable to a person even from a distance. Avoid using cursive fonts in all caps as they sound disrespectful. 
  • Display excess of text on the graphics. This will only put off the visitors who generally show lack of interest in graphics with heavy information. Instead, display minimal of impactful graphics with brief, concise, and precise message of around 15-18 words that makes a powerful impression. 

2. Don’t stay too rigid to convention 

The traditional convention like approach does not cut ice with modern attendees. 

Instead they prefer a more revolutionary approach. They prefer your stall design incorporates elements that will inflate its appeal. This will keep them engrossed and also recollect it long after the show is over. 

Like for instance, having a unique wall display or touch-screen interspersed with eye-catching ingredients. Else, you can have your new product display dropped down from the ceiling. They help to not only keep the visitors enchanted but alsokeep the floor spacious and clear with minimal of barriers. This way, your exhibition stall will present a more inviting look, and the visitors will be able to move around comfortably while staying engaged with your brand.  

3. Don’t keep your stall congested

An overcrowded stall will tend to put off the visitors who will find it too nauseating to their liking. 

So, don’t 

  • Overcrowd your stall with excess of your offerings; marketing materials; etc. They tend to only overwhelm the audience. Instead, showcase only key offerings and minimal of marketing materials. 
  • Infuse your design with too much of information or images. They will make it look too repulsive. Instead, ensure it contains short and crisp information and minimal of large eye-catching images.  

The focus must be on your exhibition stand design. This will help to keep your messaging clear, crisp, and concise.  

4. Don’t ignore interest of your staff

There are some exhibitors who tend to focus only on their exhibition stall design and stall; and hardly bother about their staff and their requirements. 

Don’t ever make this mistake as neglecting your staff will only end-up in the visitors neglecting to notice your stall.   

Your staff acts as the face of your brand at the exhibition. It is they who work behind the scenes to engage the visitors and generate leads for your brand. Hence, their well-being and interests matter a lot. Ensure that their food and drinks are taken care of and that they have access to toilets and such likes as and when required. 

As the face of your brand, your staff must also be well-trained, well-dressed and well-mannered, and well-conversant with your brand and offerings; and welcoming to the visitors. If ensured accordingly, the visitors will leave your stall with a favorable impression about your brand.

5. Don’t forget to follow-up with contacts/leads

The exhibition is over. This does not however mean that your work is also over. Instead, it has rather begun in the real sense of the word.

Your staff needs to follow-up with the contacts and leads cultivated at the exhibition. The contact information collected from them must be now used to the maximum, with a proper plan in place on the right follow-up procedure. 

The follow-up must be done within 48 or 72 hours after the exhibition. It must be done through a personalized e mail or a phone call or a chat session. They help to keep the exhibition encounter still fresh and easily recalled. 

To be truly successful, your exhibition stall design requires meticulous planning with precise attention to detail; and clear-cut branding and marketing strategies that factors in the do’s and don’ts of exhibition stall design in India. This is best done by recruiting the expert exhibition services of a professional exhibition stall design company. If done accordingly, their exhibition stall designers will work to create a unique customized exhibition stall design that personifies your brand personality. At the end of it all, you can succeed in providing the visitors at the exhibition a truly memorable experience that will translate into leads, and business sales.  


1. What things are required for exhibition stall?

A. You will require a customized exhibition stall design; branding and marketing materials; lighting for creating a visually appealing display; comfortable seating area with furniture; and Wi-Fi connectivity inclusive of electrical outlets and extension cords.  This will make the stall inviting, attract visitors, and convey your brand message effectively.

2. What is the standard size of exhibition stalls? 

A. Exhibition stalls come in a range of varied dimensions, from 10×10 to 10×20, 20×20, and more. They are mostly built around the dimension of a 10×10 stall size which can be considered as the standard stall size, as they are designed to accommodate other exhibition stalls on the exhibition floor.

3. What are the essential elements of exhibit design? 

A. The essential elements include intuitive layout; meaningful graphics; crisp and concise text; proper lighting with matching carpet and flooring; furniture and on-brand accessories; storage area; and appropriate in-stall media. If leveraged creatively, they help to accentuate the stall design. The design will look distinctive and evoke a higher level of interest among the audience.

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